best online banks

The 10 Best Online Banks – December 2023

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With more online banks available now than ever before, finding the best online bank has never been easier. In this article, we’ll explain how online banks work, whether or not…
5-year CD rates

The Best 5-Year CD Rates in 2023

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Compare 5-year CD rates: We track the highest paying, nationally available 5-year CDs from federally insured banks and credit unions. Below we list the 60-month CDs in our database, ordered…
Best 4-year CD rates

Best 4-Year CD Rates (December 2023)

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Compare 4-year CD rates: We track the highest paying, nationally available 4-year CDs from federally insured banks and credit unions. Below we list the 48-month CDs in our database, ordered…
Best 3-year CD rates

Best 3-Year CD Rates (December 2023)

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A 36-month CD may be ideal for those with short to intermediate-term cash needs. Below we list the best 3-year CD rates in our database, ordered from highest APY to…

Apps & Tools

Best Mint Alternatives

The 9 Best Mint Alternatives for 2023

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Mint may be a popular budgeting tool but the best mint alternatives offer up stronger platforms with more advanced features.
best cash back apps

The 10 Best Cash Back Apps of 2023

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If you want to earn extra cash on the things you spend money on anyway, then a cash back app might be for you. These apps take your everyday spending…
CD calculator

Simple CD Interest Calculator

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This simple CD interest calculator will estimate the amount of interest you’ll earn on a CD. It covers CD terms ranging from 3 months to five years. How to Use…

Credit & Debt

buy a house with bad credit

How to Buy a House with Bad Credit

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Homeownership is part of the American dream, but buying a house can be incredibly expensive. According to the National Association of Realtors, the median home in the United States hit…
what is a good credit score

What is a Good Credit Score?

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It seems like a simple question at first. What is a good credit score? But what seems simple on the surface is often more complicated underneath. That’s true when it…

Latest Articles

Lower life insurance premiums

7 Ways to Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums

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Life insurance is one of those necessary evils in our lives. Much like all insurance products, many of us need it, but we want to pay as little as possible…
best second chance checking accounts

7 Best Second Chance Checking Accounts of 2023

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I’ve had a checking account since college, and frankly, it’s hard to imagine living without one. For some people, however, getting approved for a traditional checking account is impossible. And…