highest interest rates

The Highest Interest Rates for April 2024

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The Federal Reserve last raised interest rates by 0.25% on July 26, 2023. The hike is an effort to help bring inflation down. While higher interest rates are not great…
best IRA CD rates

Best IRA CD Rates for April 2024

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I recently learned that my father has decided to cash out his UPS pension. The immediate question from my dad was, “How do I avoid paying taxes on this thing?”…
best online banks

The 10 Best Online Banks – April 2024

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With more online banks available now than ever before, finding the best online bank has never been easier. In this article, we’ll explain how online banks work, whether or not…
best bank bonuses

Best Bonuses for Business Checking Accounts in 2024

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Business owners know that every dollar counts. Now that you have some cash flow, your deposits and expenses mustn’t get mixed up with your personal expenditures. A separate business checking…

Apps & Tools

best mint alternatives

The 10 Best Mint Alternatives for 2024

Posted on has been a good budgeting tool. I have used it myself from time to time. Unfortunately, however, has closed for good, and the transition for users to CreditKarma…
best money apps for kids and teens

The Best Money Apps for Kids and Teens in 2024

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I grew up learning many financial lessons from my parents. Unfortunately, most of these were learned by watching my parents make bad decisions that I was determined not to repeat…

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How to Qualify for the Lowest Mortgage Rate

How to Qualify for the Lowest Mortgage Rate Possible

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After falling for decades, mortgage rates have risen significantly over the past year. Granted, it’s still nowhere near the 15% or more consumers paid on 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages in the…
Which credit score do mortgage lenders use

Which FICO Scores Do Mortgage Lenders Use?

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As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been on a refinancing binge. My wife and I have refinanced our home twice in the last 12 months, and my business partner and I…
how to create a CD ladder

How to Build a CD Ladder in 4 Easy Steps

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Creating a Certificate of Deposit (CD) ladder is a savvy financial strategy that combines the safety and predictability of traditional CDs with the flexibility and higher yield potential of staggered…