10 Valuable 401(k) Tips to Help New Grads Invest Better

So, you just graduated college and landed your first “real” job. Congratulations! Now, you get to start working toward the fun parts of adulting, like figuring out how to invest for retirement. Sure, it may feel like you’ve got forever to save. But retirement will be here sooner than you think… and the earlier you […]

5 Quick and Easy Ways To Start Your Christmas Saving Plans Now

I know, I know, Christmas is months away. Exactly half a year away, in fact. So, why are we talking about it right now? Well, it’s because way too many Americans go into massive amounts of debt for the holidays — precisely because they don’t start thinking about them now. Not convinced that you need […]

How Do I Check My Child’s Credit Report? (And Why You Need To)

In all the little details of parenting, one thing you may not have had to ask is how do I check my child’s credit report? After all, why would you? They’ve never used a credit card before, right? That may be true. But that doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t used your child’s credit. You may think […]

32 Super Easy Home Maintenance Tips That Will Save You BIG Money

*Please note that Dough Roller has no affiliation with the videos included in this 12-part series. We’ve simply selected what we think are the best videos available on YouTube for each of the home maintenance topics discussed below. There’s no doubt about it, being a homeowner is a big job. If you’ve rented in the […]

24 Resources for Anyone Considering Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is never a comfortable topic, particularly if you’re the one considering filing for bankruptcy. When the debts are piling up, and you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, bankruptcy can be a viable option. The key is to thoroughly understand the bankruptcy process. This includes knowing which debts you can […]

How to Create a Bare Bones Budget

Have you ever been in a financial situation where you had just enough money to squeak by every month? I have! Maybe you’re on maternity leave and dealing with a significant pay cut for a few months. Or maybe you’re dealing with a spouse’s job loss, or have lost some of your own freelance or […]