How to Make a Six-Figure Salary and Still Be Broke

It doesn’t matter how high your salary is if you’re plagued by debt and huge expenses. Time to get out of the “broke mindset” once and for all. When you think of the word “broke” what comes to mind? For me, it’s college-student life with a beat-up car (if any at all), ramen for dinner […]

Is it Better to Earn More Money or Spend Less?

If someone earns a million dollars a year, you may call them rich. But, if they also spend a million dollars a year, then they’re broke. So, ponder this, is it better to earn more money or spend less? Here’s why you may want to aim to be wealthy instead of rich. When you hear […]

10 of the Weirdest Taxes You’ll Ever Pay

Move over latte factor… a bagel for breakfast may be to blame for emptying pockets in New York. The bagel alteration tax is just one of the 10 weirdest taxes you’ll ever pay. Most people are familiar with common taxes: income taxes, sales taxes, and additional taxes on products like cigarettes and gasoline. But you […]

8 Best Ways to Invest $1 Million

If you have $1 million to invest, the options can be endless. Below, we’ve sorted through the most financially-savvy moves you can make. It may seem like you’ll never have $1 million to invest, but if you invest consistently over decades, you might build up that much wealth more quickly than you’d think. And if […]

How to Invest $100k – Best Trusted Ways

Looking for the best ways to invest $100k? The guide below will provide a number of trustworthy methods. If you’ve got $100,000 available to invest, you’re doing better than the vast majority of Americans. The median American household currently only has about $11,700 between their bank accounts and retirement savings! So you’re definitely in a […]

How to Invest your First $1k

Investing your first $1,000 well can be the first step to future financial success. Follow our guide to learn the best ways to get started. If you’ve just gotten your first $1,000 that’s free to invest, you might be freaking out a little bit. What are you going to do with that money? And how […]