Debitize Review – Reap Your Spending Rewards Responsibly

Finally, an end to the credit or debit question. Use both! Find out how you can easily reap your credit card spending rewards and avoid paying interest in our Debitize review. Table of Contents What is Debitize? Debitize Features Pricing and Fees Signing Up for Debitize How Often Does it Sync? What About Security? Mobile […]

10 Online Budget Tools

Tracking your spending for even just one day is a real eye-opening experience. You probably spend a lot more than you think you do. One way to keep a handle on those bills in your pocket is to use one of these 10 budget tools. There are plenty of online budget tools available to help […]

Policygenius Review – One Stop Shop for Insurance

Policygenius promises to offer insurance for life and everything in it with an easy application process. In this Policygenius review, we put it to the test. Table of Contents What is Policygenius? Who Created It and Why? Policygenius Features Policygenius Pricing and Fees Getting Started Security Mobile Accessibility Customer Service Policygenius Pros and Cons Alternatives […]

Comparing the 6 Best Tax Software Programs

With the right software, filing your own taxes can be easy and affordable. But with so many DIY options, how do you choose? Here we’ll compare the 6 best tax software programs to help you find your perfect fit. In 2016, 43% of tax filers used a digital tax preparation tool. Being that was a […]

Why are Millennials Using Prepaid Credit Cards?

Millennials are making their mark by doing things differently. But while their intentions may be good, the millennial way may not always be the best way. So why are millennials using prepaid credit cards over traditional credit cards? And is this a wise choice? Headlines about millennials “killing” various products and industries are so common […]

5 Financial Perks of Having Kids

Not having children can save you money, but so can having them. Here are 5 financial perks of having kids. There’s no doubt that having kids can be expensive. In most areas of the country, childcare costs almost as much as rent–sometimes more. And kids come with other costs, too. From diapering tiny bums to […]