Are Robo-Advisors Worth It? 5 Reasons NOT to Use One

In 7 Simple Reasons Why You Should Use a Robo-Advisor, we made the case for why and how a robo-advisor can work for you. But are robo-advisors worth it? Despite their rising popularity, they’re not the perfect investing platform for everyone. In this article, we’ll look at five reasons you should not be using a […]

How a Taxable Investment Account Can Make You a Better Investor

Early retirement has become a popular financial topic in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want to pack it in early and start enjoying the good life while you’re still young and healthy? But as attractive as the idea seems, there are a few obstacles that don’t get a whole lot […]

7 Simple Reasons Why You Should Use a Robo-Advisor

It’s the big investment question: should you use a robo-advisor? They’ve been growing in popularity over recent years, but is that reason enough for you to use one? The short answer is yes. Robo-advisors aren’t for everyone, but you may decide to give it a try, based on your individual investment needs. I’ve found that […]

Why a Solo 401(k) is the Best Retirement Plan for the Self-Employed

If you’re self-employed, you have several retirement plan options available to you as an individual or small business owner. The best retirement plan for the self-employed, though, is probably the Solo 401(k). Also called an individual 401(k), it has similar advantages to the traditional, employer-sponsored 401(k) plans available to large companies. However, it brings with it […]

Why Stocks Are the Best Hedge Against Inflation

A general assumption has formed among many in the personal finance realm that stocks do well during times of low inflation, and commodities are the go-to investment during times of high inflation. But is this even true? While there’s a case to be made for holding commodities during times of high inflation, long-term performance strongly […]

Is Juggling Multiple IRAs Actually Working Against You?

It’s entirely possible that many of you are walking around with multiple IRAs in your portfolio. This is especially true if you have worked for several employers over the years, with a retirement plan at each. As you left each employer, you may have set up a separate IRA to take the retirement plan rollovers, […]