Everything You Need to Know About the Inverted Yield Curve

Interest rates behave in normal patterns. But sometimes they misbehave. One of these events is known as an inverted yield curve. It may not be anything you’ve ever heard of in the past, but if you’re an investor, it can have a significant impact on your portfolio. What is an Inverted Yield Curve? In the […]

Discover Cashback Debit Review – Earn Cash Bank on Debit Purchases

Best known for its industry-leading credit card Discover it® and some of the highest paying deposit accounts available, Discover also offers its Discover Cashback Debit Account. And it’s well worth checking out. About Discover Cashback Debit Account Discover Bank is an online bank providing one of the most attractive checking account offers in the industry. […]

DR Podcast 304: The FIRE Movement – Financial Independence, Retire Early

  If you’ve spent much time reading financial blogs, you’re probably at least remotely aware of the FIRE Movement. “FIRE” is the abbreviation for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It’s a popular topic and even a dominant theme on financial blogs. Table of Contents What is the FIRE Movement? FIRE by the Numbers How to Reach […]

Personal Capital vs. YNAB – Which Will Best Benefit Your Financial Life?

You’ve likely noticed several personal finance tools available on the market. So how to you know which one to choose? Depending on your financial path, one of these may be the best fit to benefit your financial life. Here’s a look at Personal Capital vs. YNAB. Table of Contents About Personal Capital About YNAB Pricing […]

Personal Capital vs. Quicken – Which is Best for Wealth Management?

Both of the money management tools are great for your budget. Only one is best for overall wealth management. Which would you put your money on? Personal Capital and Quicken are two of the most popular financial platforms available. Both have extensive budgeting and personal financial management capabilities. And while Quicken offers limited investment features, […]

Fidelity Investments Review – For Self-Directed Trading and Managed Options

Do you prefer DIY investing, robo-advisors… or both? Here’s what Fidelity can offer for you. If you’re a self-directed investor, looking for a comprehensive investment brokerage firm that offers all the tools and investment options you need, look no further than Fidelity. The company offers you the ability to trade just about any securities you […]