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If you are over 65 and are looking at your health insurance options or you need a life insurance policy, the options can feel both limiting and confusing. Coverage Coach simplifies things for seniors. We looked into the online marketplace that seeks to help seniors.





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  • Made for anyone over 65
  • Great for seniors without life insurance
  • Helps those who don't want to spend hours searching

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Once you hit your golden years, finding health insurance coverage (or enough health insurance coverage) can be confusing and difficult. In addition, finding a life insurance policy when you’re 65 or older is possible but usually expensive. CoverageCoach helps with all of those things – focusing on people who are over 65 who need Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Insurance or a life insurance policy later in life. In this review, I’ll outline what CoverageCoach is, how they might be able to help you, and whether or not you should give them a try.

What is CoverageCoach?

CoverageCoach is an online insurance marketplace that specializes in insurance options for those over 65. This includes Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Life Insurance. CoverageCoach specializes in coverage for those over 65.

According to their website, they have worked with insurance providers for decades, and the core of their business is to help consumers make more informed decisions about insurance.

The basic process is simple. First, explore the different products available. Next, CoverageCoach collects some very basic information about you to determine if they have products that are a good fit and if so, which ones. Finally, they connect you directly with an insurance provider that can offer a solution for you–and you can do this quickly and easily over the phone.

CoverageCoach Features

CoverageCoach offers three main products – Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Life Insurance. In addition, they provide in-depth articles on these topics.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage replaces Original Medicare, giving you expanded coverage on things such as prescription drugs and hospital visits. Many people over 65 prefer Medicare Advantage since it gives you more coverage than Original Medicare, though it has drawbacks; compared to Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, Medicare Advantage includes copays and coinsurance costs. CoverageCoach connects you with health insurance providers that provide Medicare Advantage at an affordable cost.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance (also known as Medigap) helps expand your coverage if you’re on Medicare by covering more out of pocket costs through financial assistance. You’re able to keep your original Medicare coverage but have the added benefit of choosing your providers and sites of care, and you can go to a specialist without needing a referral. Like Medicare Advantage, CoverageCoach helps you find providers for this type of specialized insurance. There are some limitations to Medigap, though, and you can read more here.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance pricing and availability changes once you hit 65. If you don’t have a policy that carries you into your retirement years, you should consider one. CoverageCoach helps connect you with a provider that guarantees acceptance on a life insurance policy. CoverageCoach offers Final Expense Insurance–meaning you’ll be covered for things like funeral costs. Additionally, if you already have a life insurance policy, you can purchase supplemental coverage.

Coach’s Corner

One of my favorite parts of CoverageCoach is their “Coach’s Corner”–which is an in-depth section of their site that provides free content related to Medicare and Life Insurance. You can brush up on what you need to know prior to getting a quote or use articles like “How do Medicare Deductibles Work?” to better understand what you might pay under a Medicare policy.

CoverageCoach Pricing

CoverageCoach is free to use–after all, it’s a marketplace connecting seniors to health and life insurance policies. The pricing of the policies that CoverageCoach connects you to depends on a variety of factors. The benefit of using a marketplace like this instead of going to individual sites is that they take your information and narrow down your list of options to get you some of the best pricing available. To truly understand the costs, your best bet is to get a free quote through CoverageCoach to get a sense of what you’d pay for each of the products available.

Signing Up for CoverageCoach

Signing up for CoverageCoach is really easy. The first step is to determine if you want life insurance or Medicare supplemental coverage. Let’s assume you’re considering Medicare. First, check out the comparison tool CoverageCoach provides to determine which option is best for you:

Say you want a Medicare Advantage quote since that’s the best option for you. Click “Get a Medicare Advantage Quote” below:

Then you’ll be asked to enter some very basic information, including your name, phone number, and email address:

After you enter your information, click “GET A QUOTE” and you’ll be shown this confirmation screen:

That’s it. From there, a certified insurance provider will contact you directly to talk about your options and their pricing.

CoverageCoach Security

CoverageCoach takes privacy and security seriously. You can read their entire Privacy Policy for the granular details, but in short, they have security measures in place to protect your information from being stolen. That said, like any other company, nobody can 100% guarantee against fraud.

In addition, CoverageCoach is transparent about how they share your information. They provide it to other organizations to help connect you to suitable insurance providers. One thing I appreciate is the “In short” piece above every section, so you can cut through the legal jargon and understand what they’re actually saying.

Mobile Support for CoverageCoach

CoverageCoach is fully accessible from a mobile device or tablet. Remember that they won’t be underwriting your policy, they’re simply a conduit to an insurance provider and product. So there’s no dashboard or logins. That said, the site looks clean on mobile and you can do everything you need from your smartphone.

CoverageCoach Customer Service

You can’t contact CoverageCoach via phone, which is disappointing, but they make it easy to get in touch with them in other ways. First, you can submit a secure message through their contact form. They’re also on social media–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Though, unsurprisingly, they’re not very active on these channels.


  • Limited scope, focused specialty — I like how CoverageCoach doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. They have a limited number of products geared towards an underserved audience (those over 65).
  • Easy process — Getting in touch with insurance specialists is very easy. You have to fill out some incredibly basic information, and an insurance company will contact you directly. This saves a lot of time and hassle since they come to you.
  • Lots of helpful content — I love the Coach’s Corner. For someone who doesn't know a lot about Medicare or life insurance (particularly after 65), the Coach’s Corner offers up some excellent content to help you learn more about what you need.


  • No pricing — While the Coach’s Corner is helpful in giving general pricing, CoverageCoach doesn’t give super specific price ranges on the products they connect you to. Yes, it varies, but having ranges would have been great.
  • Unknown providers — After you submit your information, CoverageCoach just tells you that someone will be in contact with you. This is fine, but it would be nice to see who the insurance companies are that they work with. Many marketplaces will give you options to choose from and you can take the next step, which I like more.

Alternatives to CoverageCoach

For Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Insurance, the primary alternative to CoverageCoach is just finding a policy directly through You can go to their website, enter your zip code, and find providers in your area to contact directly about a policy.

The downside is there’s more work on your end, versus having someone just contact you directly and make the process smoother. That said, it wouldn’t hurt to compare through this avenue.

For life insurance, I recommend looking at Policygenius. They’re an online marketplace that connects you to life insurance providers so you can pick the one that works best for you. You can also read our complete review of Policygenius for more information.

Who is CoverageCoach For?

CoverageCoach is best for those at least 65 who are on Medicare or need Medicare coverage. CoverageCoach makes it easy to connect you to providers that specialize in these products so you don’t have to hunt down the right one–they come to you.

The other group that will benefit from CoverageCoach are those who are looking for a life insurance policy later in life. If you have a policy already, it may not hurt to see if you can get additional coverage now that you’re older. And if you don’t have a policy but need one, CoverageCoach specializes in connecting you to providers for older people.

That said, if you’re under 65 and need health insurance or life insurance, I’d probably just look at Policygenius.

Bottom Line

For those looking at Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement insurance, CoverageCoach is one of the easiest ways to find the policy you need. Some won’t be thrilled with the lack of control since their providers contact you directly, but if you’re looking for a fast process it’s the way to go. Make sure you check out CoverageCoach for more information and to get a free quote.

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