Liberty Tax Review – Quick Option for Filing Your Taxes Online

Preparing your taxes can be complicated. And if your math is off, you could get hit with fees. That’s why it’s important to choose your preparer carefully. Liberty Tax promises to get the math right the first time and if you get slapped with any penalties or interest from the IRS, they’ll reimburse you. We’ll […]

The 10 Best Ways to Get FREE Flights

Why pay for a plane ticket when you can get one for free? And it’s probably easier than you think. Are are 10 of the best ways to get free flights. Want to travel, but don’t want to shell out hundreds for plane tickets? I don’t blame you. With rising airline rates, the plane ride […]

M1 Finance Review – Robo Advisor with a Twist

When you’re ready to begin investing, you usually have to make the choice between a robo advisor and a traditional broker. But what if you could have both? Find out if this robo advisor with a twist is right for you in our M1 Finance review. Have you ever found yourself investing with a robo […]

4 Best Credit Cards for Black Friday 2018

What do expert Black Friday shoppers have that you need? The perfect card. Find out why these are the 4 best credit cards to have for Black Friday 2018. I love Black Friday. It’s almost like waiting for Christmas, but instead, you wait for deals. As you get older and you need to buy gifts […]

Ultra FICO Score – Coming in 2019

What would you do to increase your credit score? Would you hand over the keys to your financial vault–your bank account–and allow the credit companies to judge your money management skills? You might be able to next year. Here’s what you need to know about the Ultra FICO score. When it comes to evaluating credit, […]

How The Midterms Will Affect The Stock Market (And Your Wallet)

When political shifts occur, it’s natural to wonder what will happen in the wake of change. Here we’ll discuss how the midterm election could affect the stock market, and how it may impact you as well. Americans are waking up to a new stage in the political cycle; Republicans kept the Senate, but Democrats retook […]