Why Buying an Online Business Could be a Good Investment

Do you dream of owning your own business but don’t know how to make it happen? What about buying one that’s already made? Here’s why buying an online business could be a good investment. Table of Contents An Online Business Provides Passive Income Appreciation in Value Liquidity Scalability No Physical Location Needed Low Overhead = […]

10 Ways to Get the Best Return on Your Investment

Investing is the easy part. Finding the best return on your investment is a bit more challenging. Here are 10 ways to get the most out of your money. Table of Contents Consider Giving Peer-to-Peer Lending a Chance Invest by Purchasing Real Estate High-Interest Savings Accounts Are Safe and Worth Considering Buy Long-Term Stocks for […]

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Your Wallet?

All aboard! We’re navigating you through uncharted water. Here’s how the longest government shutdown in American history may impact your wallet and what you can do about it. Table of Contents Impact on Tax Returns Tips for Government Employees Affected Tips for Government Retirees General Tips to Budget for Emergency Scenarios Bottom Line We’ve reached […]

A 7-Step Guide to Building Your Ultimate Emergency Fund

Last year, a survey conducted by Bankrate found that showed most Americans have less than $1,000 saved for emergencies. What would you do if you lost your job and had less than $1,000 to your name? Odds are, you’d start racking up debt or ask someone to borrow money until you can get back on your […]

8 Tax Benefits for Buying and Owning a Home

Home is where the heart is… and the tax breaks. Here are 8 tax benefits for buying and owning a home. I recently took a new job in another state, which caused me to sell my home and find a place to rent. I’ve now been renting for over a year and must say that […]

7 Passive Income Ideas for 2019

So you want to make more money but you don’t have time to take on another job. There’s a solution: it’s called passive income, and we have 7 great ideas on how you can get started on growing your fortune in 2019. According to CNN, more than 44 million Americans now have a side hustle […]