Investing in Sin Stocks

Sin stocks may be frowned upon, but provide excellent investment opportunities. Are they worth it for the average investor? Creating part of your portfolio with sin stocks can be a profitable investment strategy if you do it the right way. Be aware that these stocks generally attract a lower number of investors, as many people […]

4 Best Credit Cards for Black Friday 2019

What do expert Black Friday shoppers have that you need? The perfect card. Find out why these are the 4 best credit cards to have for Black Friday 2019. I love Black Friday. It’s almost like waiting for Christmas, but instead, you wait for deals. As you get older and you need to buy gifts […]

How to Invest in Art

Art investment is no longer the domain of eccentric art aficionados or connoisseurs of fine art. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to use it as a way to diversify investments. Table of Contents More Mainstream Than Ever Before Low Correlation – A Superlative Aspect of the Art Market Dazzling Returns Examples of Lucrative Sales How […]

Best Luxury Credit Cards

The three cards on this list offer perks you won’t find elsewhere. But these luxury cards aren’t for the average spender. Let’s find out if one of these cards belongs in your wallet. Table of Contents What is Luxury Card? What Types of Credit Cards Does Luxury Card Offer? Benefits Included for All 3 Luxury […]

Is Your Big Emergency Fund Holding You Back?

It’s critical to set aside an emergency fund, but what is the optimal amount to have? Believe it or not, having too much may be hurting you! Table of Contents Drawbacks of an Excessively Large Emergency Fund How a Large Emergency Fund Could Keep You from Growing Your Wealth How to Calculate the Optimum Size […]

DR Podcast 301: A Guide to Tax Loss Harvesting

Tax loss harvesting can be a smart tool for investors. But first, you have to learn how it works. Here’s our easy guide to tax loss harvesting. Table of Contents What Is Tax Loss Harvesting? A Practical Example How Tax Loss Harvesting Works Things to Keep in Mind With Tax Loss Harvesting Pros and Cons […]