Should My College Student Have a Credit Card?

Although most college students are officially adults, not all of them are ready for the responsibilities of a credit card. Here are important things to consider when helping them decide whether or not they’re ready for their own. Ten or twenty years ago, credit cards weren’t much of a problem for most college students. But […]

How House Hacking Works

If you don’t want to compromise on location, your dream of owning a home could come with a nightmare of a price tag. But, don’t give up. You can still make your dreams a reality with these hacks. Here’s how house hacking works. As more and more cities experience booming housing costs, individuals who work […]

How to Create a Family Vacation Budget (and a Free Vacation Budget Planner Spreadsheet)

Build memories with your kids that will last a lifetime without breaking the bank. Here’s how to create a family vacation budget that’s worth writing home about. Vacationing together can help you unwind, reset sometimes tense parent-child relationships, and strengthen family bonds. And more Americans seem to be remembering that. From the late 90’s until […]

Christmas Savings Plan – 6 Quick and Easy Ways to Start Saving for a Debt-Free Christmas

Why think about Christmas in July? Because it’s not enough to wish away debt. You have to start stashing cash in your stocking now. Here are 6 quick and easy ways to start saving for a debt-free Christmas. I know, I know, Christmas is months away. Exactly half a year away, in fact. So, why […]

6 No Limit/High Limit Prepaid Debit Cards

Looking for a prepaid card with sky high limits? Your search ends here. We have a list of 6 no limit/high limit prepaid debit cards. When it comes to prepaid debit cards, one of the biggest headaches can be limits on the balance you can carry. If you’re having your paycheck automatically added to the […]

4 Financial Fireworks to Light on the Fourth of July

Does your bank account spark joy? If not, it may be time to burn up your old money habits. Here are 4 financial fireworks to light this 4th of July. Since it’s the start of the second half of the year, July is a great time to do a financial mid-year checkup. Even if you’ve […]