How to Live on a Budget with 4 Valuable Lessons

The concept of budgeting is, honestly, so very simple. Money comes in and money goes out. The money that comes in is your income, and the money that goes out makes up your expenses. The primary goal of budgeting is making sure that whatever money goes out never exceeds that which comes in. See? Easy. […]

Should Your Next Home Have An HOA?

If you’ve ever bought a home–or considered buying one–you know there are dozens of questions you must answer in the quest for finding your perfect place. In order to calculate how much you can afford, you’ll need to understand how much to budget for the variable additional expenses associated with owning a home. They can range […]

How to Ditch Your Home Phone for Google Voice

Do you really need to keep your telephone landline? This seems to be a question that is on many people’s minds these days, especially with the prevalence of cell phones. More and more households are choosing to shift from a traditional telephone landline to wireless service only. For most, it is simply more cost-effective to […]

13 Alternatives to Paychex and ADP

As a small business owner, your primary focus is selling your passion and building your business. Since many small business owners simply do not have the necessary time to dedicate to HR and payroll management, they utilize outsourcing services. ADP and Paychex are the industry leaders in this arena. They provide comprehensive business solutions to […]

How to Budget for Family Travel and Vacations

The work-life balance is a constant struggle for Americans. In fact, according to a Glassdoor survey in 2014, the average employee “only takes half of his or her eligible vacation time/paid time off.” Why is that, do you suppose? Vacations have been linked to reducing employees’ stress, improving productivity, and other health benefits. However, 63% […]

How to Turn Your Vehicle Into a Smart Car and Save Money

Everyone wants to save money, especially on the things that we use daily. Our cars are a big part of that, and often take up a notable portion of our budgets. But did you know that you could turn your vehicle into an internet-connected smart car for around $60, which could then save you money? […]