best cash back apps

If you want to earn extra cash on the things you spend money on anyway, then a cash back app might be for you. These apps take your everyday spending and translate it into perks, discounts, and even cash.

But it can be hard to know which cash back apps are worth it, which vibe most with your lifestyle, or which perks each offer. We compiled a list of the top ten cash back apps, from those that pay you real cash, to those that clip coupons for you, and even those that offer payment protection on past purchases.

The Best Cash Back Apps

Cash Back AppPayout Method
Capital One ShoppingGift Cards
MyPointsGift Cards
SwagbucksPayPal, Gift Cards, Sweepstakes & More
FetchGift Cards
RakutenPayPal & Check
IbottaBank Account
DoshVenmo, PayPal & Debit Card
HoneyPayPal & Gift Cards

1. Capital One Shopping

capital one shopping

A rewards app powered by Capital One, Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that automatically looks for savings and coupons when you shop online. 

Add the extension to your browser and the tool looks for discounts on things you’re already shopping for. Then click on the free tool and it searches through more than 30,000 online retailers for coupons, rewards, and the best prices when you’re ready to buy. The tool also sends you price drop alerts for items you’ve saved to your Watchlist, another helpful feature. 

Who hasn’t been ready to purchase something online, only to be indefinitely sidetracked, looking for a coupon code that works? Capital One Shopping takes the guesswork out of discount codes. Once you’ve installed the tool, it automatically applies discount codes that work at checkout. 

Finds the best prices for itemsThe mobile app isn’t as convenient as the browser extension
Automatically applies working discount codesNot great for shoppers outside the United States
The browser extension, so you don’t have to go to separate sites

The app is best for – Capital One Shopping is ideal for someone who wants to save a few bucks on everyday purchases by utilizing the tool’s automatic coupon code and discount features, or those who shop at the thousands of Capital One Shopping retail partners.

Think brands like AllBirds, Bloomingdale’s, Chewy, CB2, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Worth noting, that you don’t need to be a Capital One customer to use Capital One Shopping.  

Payment & payout methods – You can add major credit cards to your Capital One Shopping account to seamlessly make purchases. Redeem your rewards for gift cards at Capital One Shopping’s partner retailers

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2. Earny

earny app

If you hate waiting around for sales before you buy, then Earny is the cash back app for you. Not only does it help you earn up to 20% cash back when you’re shopping online, but it also will automatically claim your refund if the price of something drops after you buy it.

Here’s how it works — add the extension to your browser, or download the app (iOS and Android compatible). Then, create your account and link your email account. This is where many users may get hung up, since you may not want to link your primary email account to a third-party service. You might consider using an alternate email, or one used primarily for subscriptions, newsletters, and online shopping.

Earny also offers cash back for late Amazon packages, and partners with more than 5,000 retailers. Plus, the more you use the Earny app, the more rewards you’ll earn. Redeem those rewards for cash back, or Visa or Amazon gift cards. 

To claim your Earny earnings, you’ll need at least $15 in cash back earned. Then you can cash out via PayPal and receive your funds 5-10 business days later. 

Does the legwork of taking advantage of price protection programs for youCosts $19.99/annually
Monitors pricing trends and provides price alertsFor Earny to work, you have to link your email account, plus your Amazon account
Offers cashback for Amazon late packagesAt least $15 is required to redeem cash back
Partners with popular retailers

The app is best for – Earny is best for those who shop online frequently, but aren’t great at sale shopping, since it offers users built-in price protection. It’s also great for those who frequently shop on Amazon since you can earn cash back on late packages. 

Payment & payout methods – Earny links your credit card to both process your annual payment and monitor your purchases for price drops. Link your PayPal account to redeem your cash back balance.

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3. MyPoints

mypoints app

With MyPoints, you’ll earn points for grocery and online shopping, or for completing surveys, or playing online games.  This rewards app helps you find sales and coupons at retailers like Macy’s, Home Depot, and Old Navy, plus earn cash back on your purchases. Scan your grocery receipts to receive cash back, or earn points for signing up for services like Hulu, Disney+, or Hello Fresh. 

Or, you can use the app to complete retailer surveys or play free online games, trivia, puzzles, or bingo. This is what the app is known for, earning cash for completing surveys, with more than 20 million active users. 

The redemption process is fairly seamless. In most cases, once you get 700 points you can redeem your points for a gift card.

Easy-to-use app makes it easy to earn pointsTakes time to earn significant cash via surveys
Helps find sales and coupons at major retailersBest for those with free time to complete surveys or play games to earn points
Easy redemption process

The app is best for – MyPoints is best for someone who wants to earn rewards when they have a few minutes to do simple tasks.

Payout methods – Payout comes in the form of gift cards from partners.

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4. Swagbucks

swagbucks app

Swagbucks is another app that allows users to earn points and rewards for completing simple actions; things like surveys, games, and recruiting new users. Signing up is simple: fill out information about yourself, and then you’ll be invited to new surveys or other actions. Once you’ve completed them, you’ll earn points, which you can redeem for gift cards from more than 200 retailers. 

You can also use this tool to earn cash back when you shop at retailers like Gap, Amazon, Walmart, and more. Get Swagbucks via a browser extension, or download the app for Android or iOS.

Various ways to earn points, such as surveys, games, or watching videosPayouts on actions can be small
Various options for payoutsSurveys come with disqualifiers
Earn cash back on shopping at stores like Gap, Amazon, Walmart, and more

The app is best for – Swagbucks is ideal for those who want to earn a small amount of money each month for completing simple tasks. It also works well as a cashback tool via retailers like Macy’s, Amazon, Gap, Walmart, and more.

Payout methods – Payouts from Swagbucks come in various forms: via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, prepaid Visa gift cards, cryptocurrency, sweepstakes entries for gifts and cash prizes, or, if you’re old-school, with a paper check in the mail.

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5. Fetch

fetch app

Available via Android or iOS, Fetch is another popular cash back app. Simply snap a photo of your receipt, then shop for personalized offers or redeem points for gift cards from popular retailers.

Fetch is fairly user-friendly. The camera tool and e-receipt tools are on the home page. You can also link with your email account to automatically import purchases. There’s also a referral program, so you can earn points when you invite friends.

You have up to 14 days to submit receipts from all your favorite retailers. Another perk? Fetch automatically applies your rewards to any qualifying items it finds on your receipts.

User-friendly app with a camera button on the home pageOnly redeem for gift cards
Upload receipts up to 14 days after purchaseRewards are low, by comparison
Automatically applies your rewards to any qualifying items it finds on your receipts

The app is best for – Fetch works well for those who want a fairly easy way to earn points and rewards for purchases they’ve already made or simply for everyday purchases.

Payout methods – Begin redeeming rewards when you have 3,000 points. Rewards are limited to gift cards, and there’s a 72-hour waiting period from redemption to receiving your reward.

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6. Rakuten

rakuten app

Formerly Ebates, Rakuten is one of the most popular cash back apps, and with good reason. With more than 15 million users and cash back options at more than 3,500 stores, users earn up to 20% cash back, or an average of $63.50 per user.

Getting started is simple. Sign up within 30 seconds, then start shopping either via, the app, or via the extension. Once you’re ready to cash out, get paid via check or PayPal.

Partner retailers include Walmart, QVC, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, PetSmart, Nike, Sam’s Club, and more. Rakuten also works with in-store purchases, and new users earn a $10 welcome bonus once they spend $25 within 90 days of membership.

The brand’s referral program is also fairly hefty—earn $30 per referral.

Members earn up to 20% cash backCashback is only paid out quarterly
More than 3,500 partner retailersSome products, even at partner retailers, might be exempt
High referral reward

The app is best for – Rakuten is easy to use and ideal for those who want real cash back, not rewards, on purchases from thousands of retailers. It’s also easy to monitor your earnings and when to expect your next payout via the app. 

Payout methods – Rakuten doesn’t require you to convert points to rewards or cashback. Instead, you get actual cash back, either via PayPal or check.

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7. app is a coupon and cash back app that saves you money via printable coupons or cash back. Download the app or use the website to find deals on groceries or other everyday purchases.

You can either browse directly for coupons for specific items, or upload your receipts after shopping to save. You can also sort directly for cash back options via the website. It’s an online version of manually clipping coupons.

A major plus? You can also link a store loyalty account to your account, essentially doubling your rewards.

Get coupons for items you buy anywayCash back offers are limited
Ability to link store loyalty card to your account Can only print coupons via the website
$5 welcome bonus when you redeem your first cash back offer.No in-store barcode scanner

The app is best for – is for those who use coupons (or want to use them more effectively) for purchases. It’s also great for those who want the ability to earn cash back with no minimum balance required for redemption.

Payout methods – Link your PayPal with your account to get paid.

8. Ibotta

ibotta app

Ibotta is a free cash back app that is easy to use, and easy to cash out. What more could you ask for in a cash back app? First, download the app or browser, then select the offers you’d like to activate. Then link your bank account and start earning 30% cash back with thousands of retailers.

Want to cash out? Withdraw funds whenever you’re logged in. The main difference with Ibotta is that you have to find reward offers before you go shopping and activate those rewards for the app to work, so there’s an added step.

Earn up to 30% cash back Must link a bank account
Use on your phone or via a browser extension on your desktopActivation is required before shopping
Flexible cashout options

The app is best for – Ibotta is best for those who want to earn cash back on purchases, but don’t mind searching for offers and activating before shopping.

Payout methods – You must link your bank account with Ibotta to redeem your cash back.

9. Dosh

dosh app

This cash back app is growing rapidly and with good reason. That’s because it’s a simple, set-it-and-forget-it means of earning cash back on your purchases. Here’s how it works: download Dosh, then connect your bank card(s). Shop with your card in-store at partner retailers, then watch as cash back is automatically deposited into your account.

Once you earn $15 cash back, redeem it via direct deposit, PayPal, or Venmo. You can also donate to your favorite charity. Dosh helps you earn cash back at brands like Lyft, Costco, Disney+, Tile, Shake Shack, American Eagle, and more. You can also use Dosh when you book hotels, plus earn rewards for referrals.

Dosh is free unless your account is inactive for 12 months or more, then it deducts a $4.99 service fee from your account.

Easy setup and automatic depositsOnly available in the United States
PayPal and Venmo options for redemptionNot compatible with all cards
Earn cash back when you book hotelsMust use a debit card as a credit card to earn rewards

The app is best for – Dosh is best for those who want to automatically earn cash back when they shop, dine, or book hotels. It’s an easy way to take advantage of cash back rewards, without the legwork. It’s not ideal for those who pay in cash, however.

Payout methods – Link your debit card, Venmo, or PayPal accounts with Dosh to earn cash back.

10. Honey

honey app

Honey is a PayPal extension, so your rewards are limited to the payment app. But that’s not to say you should dismiss it. Download the free app and immediately start earning PayPal Rewards points. Activate your cash back offers, then redeem for cash, via PayPal, or PayPal shopping credits.

Honey boasts an impressive 4,500 participating retailers, though cash back is available only on eligible items. Use Honey either via the app or the browser extension. It also automatically applies coupon codes to your purchases and sends you price drop notifications on your Droplist, or a list of items you’re keeping an eye on.

And you don’t have to be a PayPal member to use it, though it certainly streamlines the process.

Easy setup and redemptionRewards are earned only on eligible items at participating retailers
Automatically applies coupon codes
Sends price drop notifications for items on your Droplist

The app is best for – Honey is ideal for those who want to find the best price on an item, but don’t necessarily want to spend the time looking for discount codes or watching for sales.

Payout methods – Link your PayPal account to redeem rewards there, or you can choose the gift card option.

Why You Should Use Cashback and Reward Apps

You’re leaving money on the table if you aren’t using cashback and reward apps. Many of these apps are free to use, and they can help you get rewards or even cash for purchases you’d make anyway.

Many of the apps on our list require little to no effort. You’re online shopping for something, may as well a little cash back while doing so.

How We Chose the Best Cash Back Apps

We reviewed more than two dozen cashback apps for their ease of use, programs, and other factors. We tried to take into consideration different styles and needs so that almost anyone can find an app on this list that fits their situation.

The best cash back apps are the ones that are as close to free as possible (most on our list are free) and that offer a variety of payout methods. You’ll find apps that reward you with checks, PayPal, gift cards and other options.

Finally, we looked at ratings to make sure the app is widely used and safe to use. It’s not fun to spend time to save a little bit of money here and there only to not be able to cash out when the time comes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there limits to the amount of cash back I can earn?

Each app above has different limits set to both the amount of cash back you can earn and the amount of your payout request. If you decide to make a BIG purchase, make sure to check the terms of the app first to ensure you’re getting a full reward.

Can my earned cash back expire?

Yes. Some apps require you to remain active to cash out. If you do not use an app for more than 12 months, your account can be closed to pay attention to the cash back app rules.

There’s also a chance that the app your using decides to close it’s doors so the smart idea is always to cash out as soon as you’re eligible.

Final Thoughts

Cash back apps are an easy way to earn money on purchases you’re going to make anyway. Many of these apps require you to do next to nothing to earn cash back, a major plus for those who don’t have time to hunt for discount codes or shop sales. 

But cash back apps aren’t an excuse to blow your budget in the name of earning rewards or saving money. Your best bet is to avoid impulse shopping and only use your cashback app on purchases you’ve already planned to make.

Choosing a cash back app or browser extension depends on your shopping habits, whether you want your rewards in the form of gift cards or cold hard cash if you’re loyal to a specific brand, or if there’s an app that works well with your rewards credit card. In the end, it’s about utilizing the tool that makes sense for you so that you can get more bang for your buck.


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