With rewards websites like MyPoints, people are learning a quick way to make a few extra bucks with little effort at all. What is MyPoints, how does it work, and bottom line, does it really work at all? Let’s find out.

MyPoints Overview

Unlike other rewards websites that are less than legit, MyPoints has been here since 1996. That’s almost 25 years of solid reputation under its belt, earning MyPoints points for street cred. But even without that kind of a name, you can tell that MyPoints is a solid deal. Signup is free (a good indication that MyPoints isn’t in it for the money!), there are tons of ways to earn points, and redeeming your rewards is possible through a truckload of venues.

Signing up With MyPoints

Signup is as easy as 1-2-3 with MyPoints. Just fill out your email address, name, and birthday. You’ll be asked for your zip code because MyPoints is only available in the States and Canada. If you’re outside of these borders, tough luck. Just kidding. You can still get a MyPoints account, but you might not be able to access all of the deals that are running at a particular time. Still, it seems worthwhile to go for the deals that are available to you.

Once you enter your details, MyPoints will send you an email to make sure you’re really who you say you are. Follow the confirmation link in the email, and you can get started with your MyPoints rewards sprint right away.

How You Earn Money With MyPoints

One of the best parts of using MyPoints is that you can start earning points as soon as you sign up. There’s no waiting period, and you don’t have to make any deposits, which is really great since that’s what you signed up to do.

The way you actually make money on MyPoints is simple. In fact, there are multiple ways to do this (but the good news is they’re all simple!). Here are just some of the offers MyPoints gives its members for racking up the big bucks fast:

Watch a movie

This one’s nice and simple. Click on a video, watch it through to the end, and earn rewards instantly. Different playlists will reward you with a varying number of points, but watch out because some have a daily cap on the amount of points you can earn. And since you can do this from any device, at any time, and anywhere, you can really accrue a ton of points (especially if you have a long, boring commute to fill up).

Play games

Another easy option is to play popular games online. Some of these games will earn you massive rewards points. And the best part is you’re actually playing while you earn! So, the next time somebody calls you out for playing around on your phone, you can just tell them you’re hard at work!

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Read emails

You know those ridiculously annoying emails you get from sites you signed up for who knows how long ago and can’t remember why you would sign up for them anyway? Usually, they just get deleted or sent to spam thanks to a handy filter. But don’t relegate MyPoints emails to your trash because inside is a gold mine. In fact, just for opening some of these emails you can earn points. That was easy!

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Go shopping!

Are you a shop-o-holic? Then you are going to just love this MyPoints offer. Anytime you shop at one of the MyPoints retailers, you will automatically earn rewards points. Each store has a different point value. MyPoints has teamed up with some of the biggest name brands including Old Navy, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Target to name a few. You can even shop online with Amazon, eBay, and others, and earn MyPoints rewards points. Members will also earn rewards points for shopping on more local sites like Groupon.

By the way, something members will appreciate is that MyPoints recently increased the points earned for some of the most popular stores like Office Depot and Best Buy.

Ask a question

Wondering who the fifth Beatle was? Want to find out the best way to make shrimp parmesan at home? Need to get the lyrics down to that song that’s been bouncing around your head all day? Head online; it might just earn you MyPoints rewards points. That is, when you use the MyPoints Yahoo! Search engine, you can earn points just for asking questions. Guess mom was right.


Last but not least, MyPoints has the familiar surveys-points structure in place. You take a survey through the MyPoints market research program, and you earn points in relation to the survey level involved. This is a great option if you enjoy voicing your opinion, and since it’s a survey, your voice has to be heard! Surveys take just a few minutes to fill out, so you could potentially earn hundreds of points an hour using this one method.

MyPoints can also be earned by using printable MyPoints coupons, referring a friend, and more.

Redeeming Your MyPoints Rewards

Once again, MyPoints really outdoes the competition in the points redemption department. For one thing, you can redeem your MyPoints rewards points right away. You don’t have to wait days or even weeks for them to clear like you do with other companies. That’s a major plus since it means that members can take a quick survey, watch a video, or play a game, and instantly earn cash. Something to think about the next time you’re strapped for cash and you’ve gotta have that Wendy’s S’Awesome Bacon Cheeseburger!

MyPoints rewards points can be redeemed in $5 increments, which works out to 700 rewards points. And best of all, there are so many ways to redeem your points (more on that in the next section), that anyone can find something to do with them. So, your points don’t just sit there and expire without a practical use for them.

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What can MyPoints Rewards be Redeemed for?

MyPoints has a huge list of redeemable items, making these points more lucrative than many other survey rewards sites. A popular way to redeem these rewards points is by getting gift cards for some of the most popular restaurants and retail stores on the market. Over 70 brands are partnered with MyPoints, so you can almost definitely find something that you’ll enjoy spending the money on. MyPoints also has a Shop In-Store option that’ll let you quickly scan your receipt into the system to redeem MyPoints rewards points.

Alternatively, you can use your rewards points as travel miles using your United Mileage Plus account. This is a great option if you’re planning a trip and want to save some money. Finally, you can just ask MyPoints to do a direct deposit into your Visa prepaid card or PayPal account. That translates to direct cash at the end of the day.

MyPoints Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use: Immediate access to surveys

  • Daily deals: You an find great deals to earn an impressive number of points

  • Easy redemption: Lots of flexible redemption options

  • Mobile accessibility: Fabulous mobile app for easy point earning and redemption

  • Deals are not available everywhere: You can sign up for an account if you live outside the U.S. or Canada but deals may not be available to you.

  • Points cap: There may be a cap on how many points you can earn per day. Be sure to read the fine print before you watch videos, fill out survey, etc. to make sure there’s not a points cap.

Bottom Line

MyPoints is a pleasure to work with. It’s easy to use, has tons of deals and ways of earning points, and even has a fantastic Android and iOS-compatible mobile app that’ll let you earn points wherever you go. Add to that a killer redemption plan and convenient redemption methods, and there’s no question about it. MyPoints earns full points in our book.