How FOMO is Making Millennials Poor

Do you suffer from FOMO? It could be affecting you financially! The fear of missing out–FOMO–has a big influence on spending in the United States. When you see your friends and family having a great time, spending on travel and eating out, it’s hard to feel good about staying home. On top of that, when […]

How to Pay Your 30-Year Mortgage in 10 Years

Paying off your 30-year mortgage in a third of the time is more possible than you think. Here’s how. A home is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you make. As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll need to borrow in order to get the capital needed to buy a house. Many […]

How to Navigate Your Finances through Divorce

Going through divorce means rebuilding your life–and your finances. Knowing what to do and working with the right professionals can make the whole process go smoother. No matter the circumstances, divorce can be difficult. Not only are you dealing with an emotional situation, but you also have to handle logistics and finances. I’ve been through […]

11 Scary Money Mistakes to Avoid this Holiday Season

Trick or treat! It’s pumpkin-everything and sweater weather time. But beware, this cozy season is dressed to deceive. Here are 11 money mistakes to avoid this holiday season. For many of us, the holidays kick off with Halloween. Let’s be honest, the beginning of October is basically the start of holiday season in my household. […]

The New American Dream

Many millennials have a new idea of the American Dream, one that centers around financial independence. How attainable is it? We’re used to hearing about the “traditional” American Dream. Big house in the suburbs with a high-end car. All this achieved, of course, after attending college and getting a degree so you can settle into […]

How Becoming a Widow Affects Credit

No one wants to deal with credit issues following the death of a spouse, but widows need to be aware of certain financial realities. One of the hardest experiences in life is losing your partner. Becoming a widow comes with a great deal of emotional hardship. Unfortunately, widows are also likely to experience financial setbacks […]