Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens Working Abroad

For any U.S. citizen living and working abroad or even just collecting a foreign paycheck, the simple rule is you still have to pay your taxes. But there’s more you should know – here’s our tax guide for U.S. citizens working abroad. Living and working abroad can be a great experience. You meet new people […]

7 Tax Benefits for Married Couples

For richer or poorer, till tax season do you part? Wait, there’s no need to file separately. Here are 7 tax benefits for married couples. When deciding to tie the knot, you don’t often sit down and work out the tax benefits for married couples. However, as you consider your finances as a couple, one […]

42 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $15

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a thoughtful gift. To prove it, here are 42 Christmas gift ideas under $15. Are you struggling with your Christmas list–and budget–this year? It’s common around the holidays to worry that you won’t be able to meet expectations or that you won’t be able to find […]

6 Steps to Score Online Savings on Black Friday

Three key ingredients can make or break your Black Friday–computer, credit card and coffee. And you don’t even need to leave home! Here are 6 ways to score online savings on Black Friday 2018. Black Friday gets a lot of hype: getting up in the wee hours to wait in line for the best deals. […]

8 Ways To Budget This Thanksgiving Dinner

Don’t be a turkey this year. Choose your bird wisely because the cost might surprise you. That’s just one of 8 ways to budget Thanksgiving 2018. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s all about family, friends, and food. I love the feelings of gratitude and camaraderie that come after consuming a delicious meal with some […]

9 Places to Find Discount Gift Cards

For those looking for an easy and inexpensive holiday gift, gift cards are a great option. To save some money, here are 9 places to buy discount gift cards online (#1 is our favorite). Gift cards are increasingly popular as gifts because they offer the recipient the chance to choose something that he or she […]