These 5 Apps Will Make Sending Money Simple

Sending money to friends and family is not always easy. With these 5 apps, however, you can transfer money, in many cases totally free. When is the last time you went out to a restaurant with a group of friends or colleagues, and everyone at the table pulled out cash to settle their part of […]

How to RAM Your Way to a Successful Retirement

Planning for retirement is complicated. Whether you have just started your career, or are counting the days until your co-workers send you off with a “Happy Retirement” cake, you need a plan. The trouble with planning for something with so many variables is that it can often be overwhelming. Chances are you have questions. How […]

Should You Pay for TransUnion’s Credit Monitoring Services?

Do you know your credit score? Chances are, one of two things happened when you read that question. Either your score came immediately to mind, or you felt a sharp twinge of guilt. After all, you really should know your credit score, and you’ve been meaning to check it… When it comes to credit, there are […]

What to Do When Your Employer’s Retirement Plan Sucks

Maybe you are the person who eagerly devours benefit booklets and paperwork first thing when you get a new job. Or perhaps you’ve been at your office for 10+ years and you just realized that you should probably start saving for retirement. Regardless, at some point you are likely to be faced with the task […]

9 Things to Consider When Combining Finances

When it comes to personal finance, we all do things a little differently. After a few years, our money habits can become more like money rules, and staying open minded to new ways of handling our finances can be tough. Even the more flexible among us can still struggle with financial changes. Still, though managing […]

Why You Need to Worry About Asset Protection Planning

At its core, asset protection planning is about keeping your money and property safe from those who might take it from you via the legal system. Commonly, people engage in asset protection planning to minimize risk of loss from potential litigation, divorce, or to protect against would be creditors. In this article, we’ll cover asset […]