Game apps that can earn money

Are you looking for ways to accelerate your side hustle savings? With game apps that pay real money, it’s possible. From Swagbucks and MyPoints to Mistplay, Publishers Clearing House, Long Game, and Givling – there are a variety of options available.

In this article, we’ll show you how these apps can help you maximize your earnings while unlocking rewards or even winning cash prizes. Let’s explore the possibilities of using game apps that pay real money today.

Overview of the Best Games Apps That Pay Real Money

AppBest For
SwagbucksWide variety of earning methods
MyPointsRedeem points for cash off purchases at select retailer websites
MistplayEarn rewards for playing phone games
Publishers Clearing HouseGiveaways and sweepstakes
GivlingPeople with student debt

1. Maximize Your Earnings with Swagbucks

  • Where to play: iPhone, Android, and
  • How much can you earn: $2 to $4 per hour
  • How much does it cost to play: $0 for most games. Some have cash entry costs.
  • Payment method: PayPal. You can also redeem for other rewards like merchandise and gift cards.

Swagbucks is a great way to maximize your earnings for retirement. It’s an app that pays you real money for playing games, taking surveys, and shopping online. All you have to do is sign up with your email address and start earning points (or “SB”) that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

Swagbucks offers incentives for everyday activities like browsing, watching videos and buying items online. For example, when you shop at Amazon through the Swagbucks portal, they will give you SB points in return which can then be exchanged for cash or gift cards. Plus if you use their mobile app while shopping in-store at select retailers like Target or Walmart they will also reward SB points.

You can also earn extra SB by completing daily polls and surveys as well as participating in special offers from companies such as Nike and Sephora. And if none of those options appeal to you there are still plenty of ways to get rewarded with Swagbucks – including playing trivia games on their website or downloading their game apps where users compete against each other for real prizes.

You can also take advantage of the Swago board, a fun way to rack up even more rewards by completing tasks around the site such as watching certain videos or visiting certain websites within a given time period. When all squares are filled out on the board users will be eligible for bonus SB points which can then be used towards future purchases.

Maximizing your retirement savings can be easily achieved by taking advantage of the rewards available through Swagbucks. With MyPoints, you can now get rewarded for playing games and completing surveys online.

2. Get Rewarded with MyPoints

  • Where to play: iOS, Android, and
  • How much can you earn: $2 to $4 per hour
  • How much does it cost to play: Free
  • Payment method: PayPal and gift cards

Are you in search of a way to be rewarded for gaming and completing assignments? MyPoints is the perfect app for you. With MyPoints, you can earn points by playing games and completing tasks. You can then redeem those points for real money or gift cards. Plus, it’s free to join so there’s no risk involved.

MyPoints offers an array of gaming apps that pay real money when you win. From classic card games like Solitaire and FreeCell to arcade-style cash tournaments, there’s something for everyone on this platform. There are also several legit game apps available in the App Store and Google Play Store that pays real money when you play their virtual currency or make in-app purchases.

You don’t even have to spend any of your own money if you don’t want to – there are plenty of free apps out there too. You can choose from hundreds of premium games such as Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush Saga, Words with Friends 2, Wordscapes Uncrossed and many more which offer rewards when completed successfully. The best part is that these rewards come in the form of cash prizes or other goodies like Amazon Gift Cards which makes them totally worth it.

If luck isn’t on your side, try taking a spin at online gaming with MyPoints to potentially win big while having fun. Whether it be slots or poker tournaments – with MyPoints – you could potentially win big while having fun at the same time. And lastly, Apple Pay allows users to make secure payments directly from their iPhones so if winning isn’t your thing but spending is, go ahead and give it a try today.

MyPoints is a great way to get rewarded for your online activities.

3. Unlock Rewards with Mistplay

  • Where to play: Android
  • How much can you earn: $3 to $5 per hour
  • How much does it cost to play: Free
  • Payment method: Gift cards

Mistplay offers an exciting way to make money while having fun – simply play games and get rewarded with real cash prizes, as well as unlock special offers. It’s an app where you can play games and earn rewards in the process. With Mistplay, you can get rewarded with real cash prizes and unlock special offers as well.

You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy this app either – there are games of all types available on Mistplay, from puzzles and word games, to action-packed adventure titles. You can also find card games like Solitaire or Blackjack if those are more your style. Whatever type of game you prefer, it’s likely that Mistplay has something for everyone.

Mistplay is a cinch to operate and comprehend the incentive system. Every time you finish a game or challenge in Mistplay, you’ll be rewarded with points that will eventually accumulate into bigger rewards like gift cards and even cash. All these points add up quickly too – so before long, your wallet will start getting heavier with each successful playthrough.

If retirement planning involves growing your savings through playing video games, then consider giving MistPlay a try today. With exclusive offers and bonuses such as extra coins or bonus spins on slots machines available to those who reach certain levels within the game, sticking around longer will reap greater benefits than those who jump ship after only a few rounds. It’s easy to use and understand how the rewards system works so you can start earning points quickly that add up over time into bigger rewards such as gift cards or even cash prizes.

Unlocking rewards with Mistplay is a great way to increase your chances of winning real money. Next, let’s explore how you can win big with Publishers Clearing House.

4. Win Big with Publishers Clearing House

  • Where to play: iPhone, Android, or
  • How much can you earn: Highly variable
  • How much does it cost to play: Free
  • Payment method: Cash and gift cards

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a great way to win big. With the PCH app, you can enter sweepstakes and earn cash prizes, gift cards, and other rewards. In addition, the PCH app offers a variety of engaging mini-games to play that can accumulate points redeemable for additional rewards.

The key to winning with PCH is entering as many sweepstakes as possible. Increasing your entries in each sweepstake boosts the probability of success. No cash is needed – just put in the effort and devote some time. To maximize your earnings from the PCH app, try setting aside some time each day specifically for playing games and entering sweepstakes on the app.

Another way to increase your chances of winning with Publishers Clearing House is by taking advantage of bonus opportunities whenever they become available. Take advantage of these special promotions and events to gain extra points – don’t miss out. These bonus offers may not always be around so take them when they come up.

Finally, one last tip: keep an eye out for special giveaways on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter too – these often offer additional ways to score points which could lead to bigger wins down the line. So follow their accounts and stay tuned into what’s happening on those platforms as well.

Publishers Clearing House offers a great opportunity to win big with their sweepstakes and lottery games. With that in mind, the next heading will focus on growing your savings with Long Game.

you have to put in your savings, you might earn more from a higher interest rate account than from playing the Long Game app games.

5. Win Cash Prizes with Givling

  • Where to play: iPhone and Android
  • How much can you earn: Variable
  • How much does it cost to play: Free ($.50 per play after two free plays per day)
  • Payment method: Cash and payments toward your student loans

Givling is an innovative game app that rewards players with real money for completing trivia questions and puzzles. With Givling, you can win cash prizes while helping others in need. Givling offers a unique opportunity to boost your retirement funds without having to expend much effort or time.

The first step to winning cash prizes with Givling is signing up for an account. To begin playing, you’ll need to provide your name, email address, and date of birth. Once you’ve created your account, Givling offers daily trivia challenges and puzzle games to test your knowledge.

Once you’ve registered with Givling, it’s time to get the game going. The daily trivia challenge will give you three multiple-choice questions about various topics such as history, science, pop culture, and more. Each correct answer earns points which accumulate over time until they reach a certain threshold when they become eligible for a cash prize drawing. Moreover, there are opportunities to gain extra points by completing timed quizzes or competing against other participants in tournaments and head-to-head contests.

In addition to earning points through trivia challenges and puzzle games on Givling, users also have the opportunity to donate their earnings directly towards paying off student loan debt or mortgages of individuals who are struggling financially due to COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts This is another great way that users can help those in need while still earning some extra money themselves – it’s truly a win-win situation.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions about playing games to earn money.

Can you use a rewards credit card with these apps and websites?

Yes, if an app lets you earn money by shopping, you can usually use a rewards credit card alongside the app. This is a good strategy for doubling up on your earnings. You’ll get points in the app or website for shopping with one of its partners and earn cash back, points, or miles from your credit card.

Are these apps worth the effort?

The reality is that most apps that pay you to play games pay very low amounts or only offer a small chance of getting a big payout. If your primary goal is to make money, these apps probably aren’t worth the effort. Working more hours at your regular job or working on a side hustle is likely to be more lucrative than playing these games. However, if you’re looking for a way to have fun and earn some pocket change, these apps can be an excellent way to do that.

How do these apps make money?

If an app is paying people to play games, that money has to be coming from somewhere. These apps make money in a variety of ways. Some apps will get paid by game developers who want more players for their games. By referring you to those games, the app gets a referral fee. Your reward is a cut of that fee. Other apps show advertisements or let users pay to play games. They use the money from ads and paying users to fund prizes for everyone.

How We Came Up with the List

We considered two primary factors when designing this list: how much you can earn and if the app is fun to use.

The point of this article is to list apps that you can use and games you can play to earn some extra money. If you can’t make any money or take hours to earn pennies, you might as well be playing a different game that you enjoy more.

The games that reward you also have to be fun. It isn’t worth the effort to slog through something that isn’t fun for a reward of a few pennies. There needs to be a good mix of potential reward and entertainment to make these apps worth using.

Other factors, such as user reviews and experience, as well as how easy the app is to use, also played a role. No one wants to use a broken or out-of-date app to try to earn rewards because the annoyance of dealing with a faulty app isn’t worth it.

Scams to Watch Out For

Unfortunately, there are lots of scams in the market of games that pay you to play.

One good sign of a scam is games that make you pay money before you can participate. At best, these games are gambling, and highly-skilled players are likely to have a huge advantage. You’ll be more likely to lose money than make it with these games. At worst, these games will take your money and make it almost impossible to earn rewards or cash them out.

Some apps that give you rewards for playing other games on your phone also try to steal your data. Be very careful about which applications you install on your phone and follow security best practices. Check the reviews for apps before you install them, and don’t give them more access to your device than is absolutely necessary.

Are These Apps Safe?

While there are many scams in the getting-paid-to-play market, not all of them are scams. The apps on this list are perfectly safe to use and a good way to earn some extra cash by gaming.

Use your best judgment and do your research before installing any app or giving the app access to your device and you should be safe to game and earn some cash.

Bottom Line

Playing game apps that pay real money can be a great way to supplement your retirement savings. Swagbucks, MyPoints, Mistplay, Publishers Clearing House, Long Game and Givling are all excellent options for earning extra cash with minimal effort. Whether you’re looking to win big or just add some extra funds into your portfolio each month – these platforms offer the chance to do so in an entertaining and rewarding manner.

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