How to Install and Use a Firefox Add-on

Firefox Add-ons are free pieces of code that enable you to extend and customize Firefox. There are literally thousands of Add-ons available from the Mozilla website, and many of them can help you manage your money, comparison shop, and invest smarter. So I thought I’d put together a short video to show how to install and use Add-ons.

As an example, we’ll take a look at an Add-on developed by the folks at Price Protectr, a free comparison shopping site that can track the price of just about anything you can buy online. If the price goes down, Price Protectr will send you an e-mail to let you know. So here’s the video, followed by some links of money related Firefox Add-ons to check out.

Installing and Using a Firefox Add-on Video

Money Related Firefox Add-ons

And as promised, here are some links to lists of Add-ons that can help you spend, manage and invest money wisely:

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  1. I’ve been using quite a few firefox add ons myself and they are great. The add ons are a big reason I use firefox. A couple of months ago all my add ons stopped working at the same time. I tried many things but eventually what worked was uninstalling FF and then installing it again.

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