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Getting a home and car insurance bundle can save money, but not always. Below, we'll help you learn whether you should bundle and our top insurance picks.

When you have a home and a car, getting insurance is a requirement. Your insurance policy can help you avoid unmanageable costs if something happens to your home or car and you can’t afford to replace it. For a monthly premium, you can reduce your risk in the event something happens.

However, paying insurance premiums can feel expensive. One way to get a cheaper rate is to bundle your insurance policies. If you buy a home and auto insurance bundle, you can receive a discount of up to 10% or more, depending on the company and other factors. If you’re trying to figure out if you can save money, here are the best home and auto insurance bundles.

Best Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Overview

BrandBest ForBundle Discount Amount
GabiPrice comparisonSave $825 a year on average
State FarmOverallUp to 15%
NationwideDiscountsUp to 25%
ProgressiveComparisonAverage of 12%
USAAFull serviceUp to 10%
AllstatePersonal serviceUp to 10% off auto premiums; up to 25% off home premiums
Liberty MutualA second chancen/a

Best Home and Auto Insurance Bundles

Choosing the best home and auto insurance bundle requires some shopping around. Contact different insurers and compare coverage options as well as costs. Here are some of the best home and auto insurance bundles.

State Farm: Best Overall

One of the largest insurers in the country is State Farm. The company is also known for its customer service and claims process. State Farm also offers the ability to bundle home and auto insurance. In addition to offering a variety of discounts on separate auto policies, State Farm also offers bundling discounts.

There are thousands of State Farm agents all over the country, and they offer major policies to meet a variety of needs.

Nationwide: Best for Discounts

Another well-known company that offers home and auto insurance bundles is Nationwide. In fact, there’s a lot of flexibility in the different discounts available. It’s possible to bundle other types of insurance, including boat insurance, with auto and home policies.

Nationwide is also known for its service, low prices and discounts, even though the company isn’t particularly known for good customer service.

Progressive: Best for Comparison

One of the most famous companies is Progressive, and they offer discounted home and auto insurance bundles that can save you money. Progressive is known for providing quotes for other insurers as well as offering quotes for their own policies. It’s a way to get a feel for what’s available and perhaps get a discount as well.

USAA: Best Full-Service

For those who qualify for an account with USAA, this can be one of the best places to get a home and auto insurance bundle. The credit union is known for its good service and wide range of products. In addition to providing discounted bundles, USAA members can also take care of other banking needs.

The main downside to USAA is that membership is limited. You have to be a member of the military, a veteran or a military family member in order to join the credit union and access the coverage.

Allstate: Best for Personal Service

While other companies offer the possibility of bundling more than one type of insurance, Allstate limits it to two policies. You might be able to add a third policy to your home and auto bundle with other insurers, but Allstate won’t allow you to bundle more than two policies–and one of them has to be an auto insurance policy.

Allstate generally gets good marks for customer service and is known for its personal touch.

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Liberty Mutual: Best for a Second Chance

For those who have had trouble getting coverage in the past, Liberty Mutual can be a good choice. In addition to offering a range of insurance policies, Liberty Mutual also provides a discount if you bundle home and auto insurance.

Realize, though, that even with a home and auto insurance bundle discount, the cost of insurance coverage with Liberty Mutual can be higher. However, if it’s difficult to get coverage elsewhere, Liberty Mutual might be your best option.

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Bonus Option #1: Policygenius

Shopping around at each of these companies for the best insurance could take more time than you have to spend. Instead, you can visit Policygenius.com and let this time-saving tool do the work for you. Policygenius can compare policies for home and auto and even mix and match options to find the best deal for you. According to Policygenius, customers using their service have saved an average of $1,167 per year. Read all about Policygenius in our full review.

Compare Insurance Rates

Find the best insurance rates with Policygenius today

Bonus Option #2: Gabi

Gabi _210x100If you already have an insurance policy and want to see if cheaper options are available, Gabi can take care of that. They’re a licensed insurance broker available in all 50 states that compares rates from up to 40 different insurance providers to find the cheapest option. Users simply need to link or upload a PDF of their current policy, then Gabi takes care of the comparisons and offers users the best rate for their existing coverage. If you like what you see, switching policies is made easy because it’s handled internally through Gabi. On average, the company says its customers save $825 per year.

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Bonus Option #3: Young Alfred

Young Alfred is an insurance comparison site that can help you view quotes from some of the top insurers in the nation, such as Progressive, Travelers, and Lemonade. You can compare many types of insurance, including home and auto insurance bundles.

One unique feature of Young Alfred is its free risk report tool. This tool analyzes your property and tells you what the highest risks in your area are. For example, it might find that the most common issues in your neighborhood are related to mold damage and bursting pipes.

This lets you save more money by customizing your insurance coverage, paying only for the protection that you need.

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Should You Bundle Your Home and Auto Policies?

As you decide whether to bundle your home and auto insurance, it’s important to consider your personal needs and compare your options. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself before you decide whether to bundle.

Is It Really Cheaper?

The first question to consider is whether the best home and auto insurance bundle is actually less expensive than getting two separate policies from different companies.

In some cases, even with a discount, getting a bundled policy isn’t also the least expensive option. Before deciding to bundle, it’s important to compare your options from various sources. Figure out how much it costs to get separate policies from different companies, then compare that to a bundle package. You might find, in some cases, that bundling won’t actually save you money.

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Do You Have a High-Risk Asset?

Sometimes, you might have a hard time insuring an asset that’s considered risky. It might be a motorcycle or a boat, or maybe you have a high-risk home. If you’re willing to bundle your policies, you can build a deeper relationship with an insurer and potentially get the coverage you need. If you want motorcycle coverage, but you’re having a hard time getting it, getting a home and auto insurance bundle might give you an opening.

Sometimes, it’s less about the cost and more about your long-term needs. It might be worth it to pay a little more for a bundle at a specific policy in order to get preference for higher-risk insurance.

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Would It Be More Convenient?

Finally, decide if it would be more convenient to have your policies bundled with one company. If there’s not a big difference in price, it might be worth it to pay a little more to have one bill for your property insurance. Carefully consider your preferences and needs and what is likely to work best for your situation. If a bundle streamlines your bills and your finances, helping you better manage your money, it might make sense to bundle.

Bottom Line

The best home and auto insurance bundle is the one that allows you to accomplish your goals. Figure out what coverage you need, and comparison shop to see which companies offer you the best value for your money — even if the premium isn’t the lowest.

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