Top 10 Black Friday Apps for Your iPhone

If Steve Jobs had wanted to get a great deal on Black Friday, how would he have done it? He wouldn’t have camped out all night to be the first one in line at Walmart, or even an Apple store for that matter. No, he would have put the technology he created to good use. And that brings us to the the top 10 Black Friday iPhone apps.

In what has become a yearly ritual, major retailers will be offering incredible bargains on the day after Thanksgiving (and Cyber Monday, as well). If you participate in this madness, then you’ve probably wondered whether you have in fact found the best deals. To help you sort that out, we have come up with a list of iPhone applications that can move you to the head of the line, digitally speaking at least. With today’s technology there is no need to page through multiple newspapers and clip coupons because the special Black Friday deals are literally a click away.

Check out the Best Black Friday Apps for Your iPhone!

TGI Black Friday

The TGI Black Friday App allows you to view Black Friday ads for all the major retail stores before they even hit the newspaper. You can get frequent updates about your favorite retail stores, access downloadable PDF scans or coupons, elect to receive push notifications that alert you when a new ad is posted, as well as the ability to search over 10,000 Black Friday deals across all stores and categories. Plus, you can share the great deals you find via Facebook and Twitter, email your shopping list of individual deals to yourself or to others, and compare prices of certain items to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Black Friday by Brads Deals

If you know anything about the website then you know it houses all the latest deals and coupons. Brad’s Deals is your one-stop source for the latest coupons and deals from thousands of leading retailers. If you are already a fan of this site, then chances are you are going to become a fan of the BradsDeals App, too. With this app you can plan out your shopping itinerary by mapping out the stores and products you want to check out on Black Friday. You have access to pre-released ads for major retail stores and you can view all the popular Black Friday deals. The unique feature with this app is that you can also view the top deals found on the daily deal sites like

Black Friday Ads is an online coupon site that gives you everything you need to know about the best deals around. Shoppers can save money by using the helpful tools and features the site has to offer. Their Black Friday Ads App helps you create and manage all your Black Friday favorites. The app gives you access to the actual store ad in a PDF format. If you want to share these deals with friends or family, you can email the ads right from the app and Tweet your findings or share on Facebook. This app works in conjunction with Deal Taker and will give you access to all their recent coupons and deals.

BF Black Friday, aka “The Offical Black Friday 2011 Website for Black Friday Deals,” aims to serve one purpose: to help better our Black Friday experience. Many of the special Black Friday ads aren’t listed in the newspapers until a few days before the event, but you can find many of the deals ahead of time on the internet. The BF Black Friday App compiles all the online deals into one handy dandy app and makes your shopping experience much more manageable. You can browse ads by store or category, read the latest sales news and create your own shopping list to take with you when you are out and about. There is an advanced filtering and search option which allows you to narrow down your search for specific items, you can cross compare items and prices between stores, and receive updates letting you know when new ads are released and special online sales go into effect. You can also register with and sync your shopping list to their site.

Amazon Mobile

The Amazon Mobile App is perfect for those that don’t want to fight the crowds and would rather shop from the comfort of their own home. This app allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users to quickly search, shop, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases on Amazon. The Amazon Mobile App includes shopping features that allow users to scan a barcode, take a photo, or type a search, to quickly compare prices and check availability. Amazon customers have full access to their existing cart, wish lists, payment and shipping options, order history, 1-Click settings, and Prime membership benefits, just as they do on the web. The Amazon Mobile app lets you search the monster online retailer for products, either by scanning a barcode or by manually entering the item that you’re looking for.

Black Friday App

The Black Friday App is another convenient iPhone app that helps you save money this holiday season. The app allows you to browse leaked and verified Black Friday ads right from your phone. You can save items to your shopping list, go right to the retailers website to buy online or use the store locator, use the search feature to find exactly what you are looking for, and share all the great Black Friday ads and deals with your friends on Facebook and twitter. This app is put out by the very reputable and addictive Dealnews site. This is a great tool for searching for a particular product or product category.

Black Friday Ads – Smart Aisles

Not only does the Smart Aisles App gather the best deals, but they also rank them for you. They have developed their own ranking algorithm that calculates rankings based on deal discount, lowest history price, customer reviews and deal sharing. Since the best deals out there aren’t always based on the lowest price or the largest discount, Smart Aisles combines all these factors to rank each deal. This allows you to easily cruise through the deals and select them based on the ranking they received. You can access coupons right from the app, and when you are ready to checkout, just hold your phone to the cashier and they can scan your coupon.

Black Friday – Fat Wallet is one of my favorite deal seeking sites, and they have now taken the best deals and made the accessible from your smartphone. The Fat Wallet app takes the best deals and makes them better by offering easy-to-use shopping solutions to help you search and find the right things at the right price, right from your handset. You can sort through deals by store or category, filter stores or category by brand, price range, rebate, doorbuster, online availability, and free shipping. You can search by phrase and even reference individual deals for comparison. You can receive push notifications each time a new store ad is released, and you can always share the great deals via email or text flag deals as favorites and save your shopping list at

Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy is not specifically a Black Friday App. But it has developed a reputation for finding the best deals online and in the stores, so it’s just what Black Friday shoppers need. This app allows you to scan a barcode on an item or simply search for it, and the app will check online prices as well as local stores. This baby can even tell you if an item is in stock. If the item is sold out at one location then this app will help you find the next best price. The slick interface is easy to use and with it you can create lists of items you found and sync them with DropBox or export them for later use.

Black Friday Survival Guide

The Black Friday Survival Guide App is another app created especially to help you navigate through Black Friday. You can get breaking news and leaked ads as they go live as you search for the latest, greatest deals by store or category. You can view discounted products and prices, plus you can choose to receive notifications as sales are posted. To help you stay organized you can create your very own shopping list and sign up for exclusive emails updates. You can check out their website BlackFriday for more news and information.

Happy Shopping!

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