2013 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule

Each year, several states in the U.S. have a sales tax holiday weekend – or sometimes a whole week! Some states offer two or three different sales tax holidays over the year, often focused on different types of items. Sales tax holidays are an especially big hit around back to school season, and are a great way to save as you stock up on school supplies or clothe your kids for the coming school year.

In 2013, we’ve seen some changes in sales tax holidays. Vermont, for one, may be getting a tax holiday, but the legislation is still pending. Illinois, on the other hand, recently opted to drop its tax holiday.

This schedule gives you the latest information on sales tax holidays nationwide. A few of the states have not released their sales tax holiday dates as of this update (June, 2013), but look for more information on specific dates in the future!

State2013 DatesItems ExemptMaximum Cost* (Per Item)
Alabama (Back to School)8/2 - 8/4Computers$750
School Supplies$50
Alabama (Hurricane Preparedness)2/21-2/23 (2014)Supplies$60
Arkansas8/3-8/4Clothing and Footwear$100
Clothing Accessories and Equipment$50
School Supplies, School Art Supplies and School Instructional MaterialsNo Limit
Connecticut8/19 - 8/25Clothing and Footwear$300
Computers and Accessories$1,000
School Supplies$20
Georgia10/4-10/6Energy Star and WaterSense Products$1,500
Florida8/2 - 8/4Clothing, Backpacks, and Footwear$75
School Supplies$15
Computers and Accessories$750
Iowa8/2 - 8/3Clothing and Footwear$100
Louisiana5/25 - 5/26Hurricane Preparedness Items$1500
Louisiana (Personal Property)August; Dates ForthcomingTangible Personal Property$2500
Louisiana (Firearms)September; Dates ForthcomingFirearms, Ammunition and Hunting SuppliesNo Limit
MississippiJuly; Dates ForthcomingClothing and Footwear$100
Missouri (Energy Star)4/19 - 4/25Energy Star Products$1500
Missouri (Back to School)August; Dates ForthcomingComputers and Accessories$3500
Computer Software$350
School Supplies$50
New MexicoAugust; Dates ForthcomingComputers$1000
Computer Hardware$500
Clothing and Footwear$100
School Supplies$30
North Carolina8/2 - 8/4Computers$3500
Computer Supplies$250
Instructional Material$300
Clothing and Footwear$100
School Supplies$100
Sports Equipment$50
North Carolina (Energy Star)11/1 - 11-3Energy Star ProductsNo Limit
OklahomaAugust; Dates ForthcomingClothing$100
South Carolina8/2 - 8/4Clothing, Footwear, School Supplies, Bed and Bath Linens, and ComputersNo Limit
Tennessee8/2 - 8/4Computers$1500
School Supplies$100
Texas (Energy Star)5/25 - 5/27Air Conditioners$6000
Other Energy Star Products$2000
Texas (Back to School)8/16 - 8/18Clothing, Footwear, Backpacks and School Supplies$100
Vermont8/10-8/11 (Proposal Pending)PendingPending
Virginia5/25 - 5/31Generators$1000
Hurricane Preparedness Items$60
8/2 - 8/4Clothing and Footwear$100
School Supplies$20
10/11 - 10/14Energy Star and WaterSense Products$2500

* The spend limit is for each item sold. This means you can buy multiple items and pay no sales tax as long as each one is below the limit set by the state

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