Plastic Jungle $25 Gift Card Giveaway x 2!

Congrats to our two lucky winners … Steve Capell and Ginger! You’ll be contacted by Plastic Jungle in the next 72 hours, so make sure to be on the lookout. Thanks to everyone for entering!

Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards -PlasticJungle.comWhen you think of the proper time to buy someone a gift card, three occasions probably come to mind.  Whether it’s someones birthday, a holiday, or just a special day in someones life, (like a wedding or anniversary) gift cards can make a great gift, if you can find the perfect fit.

Then there’s the other side of the equation.  What happens if you receive a gift card from someone that you have no intention of using?  Well, you can either pass it along to someone else OR visit and sell it for up to 92% of the face value.  If you haven’t heard of Plastic Jungle, they’d kindly like to introduce themselves by offering a $25 Gift Card to two lucky readers!

The variety of gift cards that Plastic Jungle offers ranges from restaurants to movies then back to department stores.  The business model for a site like this is simple.  Buy gift cards for a discount and sell them for a discount, remembering to make a very small profit during the process. Whether it’s buying the gift cards directly from the merchant and earning a commission on the sale or buying them from the public, Plastic Jungle can only thrive with a market, built by consumers just like you.

In order to enter the Plastic Jungle $25 Gift Card Giveaway, all you need to do is visit, then come back here and leave a comment, letting us know the gift card that you want to win!  Perfection is the mastering of simplicity right?  Please don’t try to spam the comment box with different email addresses, anyone leaving more than one comment from the same IP address will have their comments disqualified.  Two weeks from today (August 13th), we’ll announce two lucky winners, who must be located in the United States. Plastic Jungle will then contact you and you’ll have 30 days to respond.

  1. Visit
  2. Remember the gift card that you want to win
  3. Leave a comment on this post, with a valid email address and the name of the gift card you have selected
  4. Check back to on August 13th at 8am ET to see if you’ve been selected as a winner

As an added bonus, when you shop or sell with Plastic Jungle, shipping is always free.  Yes, we’re probably only talking about the cost of a postage stamp but when you trying to make a profit on a $25 gift card, losing 2% simply to a stamp and envelope can sting just a bit.

Truth be told, it’s been a while since I’ve visited Plastic Jungle but with the amount of time I spend at the movies, I think I’ll be making a fairly large purchase on AMC gift cards.  If I can save 14% on something I know I’m going to use, why wouldn’t I?

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62 Responses to “Plastic Jungle $25 Gift Card Giveaway x 2!”

  1. Ellen Butera

    It’s a good idea – I like the site and it is a creative method for for non-profits to make money for good causes.

    I would love the Whole Foods Gift Card – but I don’t think they have one for $25 .00! So as a second choice I’d take any of them!! Thanks for all the great tips!

  2. Shannon Child

    Nice variety of businesses…I spend far too much of my own money at PetSmart, and would be happy to say “I’ll use this Gift Card” instead of “Can I put $20 on Visa, write a check for $40, and use cash for the remainder?
    Broiling in Texas,

    • I didn’t mean to enter that. Please delete or disregard as an entry. I know you aren’t doing daily tweets as an entry – just got mixed up with some of my others. Sorry!

  3. Mike Miller

    I have sold & purchased on PlasticJungle many times. Much easier than listing your GCs for sale on an auction site. After all related fees, you net about the same. I love I would love a home depot GC to work on some important projects! Enjoy, Mike

  4. Ann McElhinney

    Sears is my favorite gift card because my husband spends a fortune on tools there. Thank you for introducing me to PlasticJungle! I had no idea something like that existed.