Where to Get the Best Deals this Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is all about the deals. Everyone is looking for the best deals on gifts and the trappings of the holidays. So, where should you go to find the best deals of the holiday season?

That depends on what you’re looking for. But here are a few things to try as you shop around for the best prices on everything from food to gifts to decorations:

Amazon Lightning Deals

If you want to get some truly amazing deals during the holiday season, check out the Amazon Lightning Deals. Amazon offers limited quantities of certain items at deep discounts for a short period of time. The good news is that you can look ahead to see what deals are coming up, so it’s possible for you to plan ahead when something you want is set to go on sale later in the day.

Amazon Lightning Deals are especially good for movies/entertainment, children’s toys, small consumer electronics, small appliances, and jewelry.

Walmart’s Low Prices

Walmart has a history of low prices, and the deals during the holiday season are no exception. Walmart is known for offering discounts in the store and online. You are likely to find the best deals on toys, large consumer electronics (like TVs), and on computer products. You can also find good deals on holiday decor and sporting goods items. Finally, Walmart offers online specials during the holidays.

Best Buy’s Online Price Match

In an attempt to remain relevant (and avoid going the way of Circuit City), Best Buy has been changing things up. One way is by offering aggressive deals during the holiday season.

Low Price Guarantee   Best Buy

Best Buy’s local stores are often willing to match Internet prices. If you go in with proof of a lower price you found on the Internet, Best Buy is often willing to match it.

This might work at other retailers as well. Retailers recognize that showrooming — the practice of visiting a brick-and-mortar store to see the item before ordering it online at a lower price — is a problem. As a result, many retailers are willing to match the price listed online to keep you from leaving the store without spending any money. Best Buy is at the forefront, with one of the more flexible online price matching policies.

Your local shops might be willing to price match as well. Give your retailers a chance to earn your business this holiday season as well. Besides, you might be able to find something more unique at a local retailer.

Your Local Grocery Store

Check with your local grocery store to find out whether you can earn a free turkey or other free groceries this holiday season. Many grocery stores allow you to earn points toward purchases of holiday food items throughout November and December. Stock up on the items you’ll need (often on sale), and rack up the loyalty points. Find out when you need to use them to claim your free items.

Some local stores also offer discount “holiday meal” packages. You can buy all of the fixings together, in a package, for less than buying the items separately. If you want to save money on food, check with your local grocery store to see what specials and rewards programs are part of the holiday season.

Gift Card Granny and Plastic Jungle

If you are looking to give gift cards this holiday season, gift card exchanges like Gift Card Granny and Plastic Jungle are good places to start. You can buy gift cards for about 12 percent (or more) off their face values.

Similar sites, like City Deals, also help you find discounted gift cards and gift certificates. While Gift Card Granny offers national chain gift cards to retailers and restaurants, you can find more local flavor at City Deals, including gift certificates to smaller restaurants at a discount. In some cases, it’s possible to use a gift card discount site to save 50 percent or more off the face value of a gift card. You can find links to these and other gift card sites here.

What’s your favorite place to look for holiday deals?

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