Father’s Day: 20 Great Gift Ideas Under $100

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 19th, which means you have just over one week to find Dad a gift he will love. ::cue panic::

No worries, we’re here to help!

(As an aside, you might be surprised to learn that Father’s Day wasn’t even an official holiday until 1972. The concept can be dated back to around 1910 when the people of Spokane Washington wore roses to church in honor of their fathers.  With Mother’s Day having just been made an official holiday, the group from Spokane tried to have the same done with Father’s Day, but without any success.  The idea of recognizing fathers was laughable to many and although Presidents like Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge attempted to recognize the day, Congress would have none of it.

It wasn’t until 1966, when then-President Lyndon B. Johnson officially recognized Father’s Day, that people thought of it as a holiday.  Six years later, Father’s Day was added to the calendar, falling on the third Sunday in June.)

This Father’s Day, make sure you let Dad know how much you love him by getting him something great.  If you need help, we’ve come up with 20 great Father’s Day gift ideas under $100, and you still have time to snag each of them.

1. Omaha Steaks – The way to a man’s heart is said to be through his stomach, and Dad would probably love to test that theory.  Is he big into grilling or just, like most men, a fan of good food? Either way, one great option would be to purchase a sampler pack from Omaha Steaks. They offer signature steaks, burgers, dogs, bacon-wrapped scallops, pork chops, potatoes… the list is long and if you find a Father’s Day coupon code, you can save a good amount of money on your purchase. You can set delivery for an immediate date or one in the future, depending on when you think Dad would like to receive the package (you could also have it arrive in time to cook Father’s Day dinner for him). Order by 6/14 for standard Father’s Day delivery, or through 6/17 for rush shipping.

Bonus: The book Meat was written by Pat LaFrieda, one of America’s premier butchers. It includes tips for preparing beef, lamb, pork, veal, and poultry. It also features tales from the meatpacking business, as well as 75 family-old recipes sure to please his taste buds. The book would make the perfect accompaniment to his steak order, too! Buy it on Amazon with Prime shipping, and you won’t have to worry about it arriving in time.

2. Golf Accessories – One of the best ways to bond with Dad is to take him out for a round of golf.  If you’re not the golfing type, don’t worry, you can still find great deals on balls, shoes, hats, gloves, personalized tees, and pretty much anything else that has to do with the sport.  GolfBalls.com is an excellent source for anything golf-related that you could want, and many items are even available for personalization. Personalized orders ship within 48 hours and non-personalized ship within 24, so order by 6/15 and choose expedited shipping to be sure they arrive in time.

Alternative: If he already has too much gear, simply grab a gift certificate for a round at a course near you. He can pick his own tee time, and maybe even golf a course that he wouldn’t otherwise pay to play.

3. Sports Tickets – Another great way to spend time with Dad on Father’s Day is to go to a sporting event together.  In June, you’re usually limited to baseball but if you look hard enough, there are probably a few amateur teams in your area that play other sports.  You could also plan ahead and snag him tickets to his favorite football team’s season opener. To find seats at sporting event near you, you can visit StubHub.com or even check out eBay for local auctions. You can print e-tickets for almost all listings, too, and many venues listed have parking passes available, as well.

4. Shave Club Membership – If your dad is still using razors each morning, and paying an arm and a leg for the cartridges, the Dollar Shave Club is a great alternative. It’s a subscription club that will send him four razor cartridges and a complimentary handle, then four more cartridges each month (or every other month, if you’d prefer) for a very reasonable fee. There are three blade options at different price points, ranging from $3-9 a month with shipping. This is considerably less expensive than grocery store razors, and Dad won’t have to worry about running out. Purchase the Father’s Day gift set and his order will be packaged in a luxurious gift box. You can even add things like shave butter, soothing lotion, and have it all gift wrapped. Orders placed by 6/11 should arrive by 6/19. You can also sign him up for a membership to be delivered at a later date.

Alternative Option: If you’d rather treat dad to a one-time shave, The Art of Shaving is the best choice. They have locations across the country, usually in malls, and offer gift certificates. He can pick up a shaving kit, complete with badger brushes and cream, or be treated to a luxurious, hot lather/straight razor shave by a skilled barber. It’s quite the treat and something most men have never experienced.

5. Fishing Equipment – Although I’ve never been a great fisherman, I understand how some enjoy it so much.  The idea of getting away from life, even for just a few hours over a weekend, seems impossible in this day and age, but you can offer Dad just that.  Whether it’s a new fishing pole or rod, extra line, lures, or a brand new tackle box, you can help him enjoy his hobby even more.  If you can schedule a few hours to spend on the water with Dad, you’d make it an extra special gift.

6. High Tech Earbuds – Whether Dad is into hiking, mountain biking, jogging, or just likes to listen to music while mowing the lawn, a pair of wireless headphones/earbuds is an excellent gift idea. There’s no messing with wires, most come with multiple fit options, and you can find some great choices on Amazon with Prime shipping. Some, like the new Jaybird Sport Freedoms, run higher than $100, but are worth it if Dad is into the newest and best gadgets — they even come with an app so he can customize his sound preferences. Whether he’s tinkering with the car or wants to watch a show during his next flight, his can still listen in peace.

7. Pocket Watch – At first, I wasn’t sure about adding this gift to the list because it’s somewhat outdated, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt it belonged.  Even though the use for a pocket watch is limited, the idea of this timepiece has little to do with actually telling time.  An engraved pocket watch is a very heartfelt gift and the symbol it represents is worth more than just the price tag.  Finding one can prove to be a bit more difficult than a modern wristwatch, but if you visit GuntherWatch.com, you’ll see hundreds of pocket watches for under $100.

8. Restaurant Gift Cards – If you can’t have the food delivered to Dad, then the next best option is to have Dad delivered to the food.  Gift cards to local chain restaurants like Chili’s and TGIFriday’s are a great idea as well as more secluded and personal restaurants in your area.  Does he have a favorite steakhouse in town, particularly one he rarely splurges on? Call ahead and make a special reservation for him, even pre-ordering a nice bottle of wine. Many high-star restaurants will add your credit card to the reservation, so Dad can order what he likes and you can still foot the bill from afar. You might score double points here because Dad can use your gift to take Mom out and now you have two parents that love your gift!

9. Magazine Subscription – Whether your dad has a particular hobby, such as woodworking or rebuilding cars, or just enjoys keeping up with sports, a magazine subscription is a fun gift that keeps on giving. With thousands of magazine titles, you’re sure to find one topic that Dad is interested in and would enjoy reading about on a regular basis.  Subscriptions are very inexpensive and if you have a look at BlueDolphin.com, you might even find one that you’d like to read, too.

10. Movie Gift Cards (Netflix, Redbox, AMC Theaters) – Taking Dad, or the entire family, to the movies is a great way to spend any Sunday afternoon.  Every movie theater in the country sells gift cards at their box office so if you want to take Dad out, buy the gift card ahead of time and suggest he “treats” everyone!  Redbox kiosks can be found at most gas stations, grocery stores, and even some fast food chains, and DVDs are only $1.50 a day (even for the brand new releases). You can buy him an e-gift card online, which he can redeem at any location. On the other hand, you could always sign Dad up for a Netflix subscription, which he can also access from his iPhone or iPad and watch his shows on the go.
11. Camping Trip – Camping is a great way to bond with your dad while being active, and Father’s Day is the perfect weekend to bring in the camping season. Preparation is simple: load the car with your tents, sleeping bags, pillows and overnight accessories, some swim gear, fishing gear (if you have it), food, and matches to make a camp fire. Check out the best camping sites in your area and head out. This is guaranteed to be an adventure and a way to show your dad just how much you care, while managing to snag some much-needed quality time with him. Visit LLBean.com to purchase anything you might need for the trip.

beer cap map12. Beer Cap Map – Is Dad a fan of local breweries and craft beers? A Beer Cap Map is a unique gift idea for his man cave, and makes a great conversation piece. You can purchase a country map or individual states, depending on his style, and they now offer both finished wood and steel versions.

Bonus: Gift the map to Dad along with a sampler pack of microbrews, so he can begin filling up his new decor piece.

13. Sunglasses – Summer is upon us, and a nice pair of shades are appreciated by everyone. If Dad is a golfer, fisherman, or other outdoor sports guy, he would particularly enjoy a pair of polarized lenses. The Sunglass Hut has a great selection and can be found all across the country. They also offer gift certificates, if you want to let him pick his own pair.

14. Anything from Brookstone – Brookstone is by far one of the best places to find unique gifts and innovative items for dad on Father’s Day. From electronics to sleep solutions, massage chairs to motorized tie racks, you certainly won’t be at a loss here. Visit Brookstone.com to learn more and pick out a really interesting gift for dad.

15. Accessories for the Barbecue Grill – It is a rarity to find a dad who doesn’t like to cook on the pit. Give your dad a gift he can enjoy using when he cooks such as a barbecue tool set or a grill brush. Some vendors will even personalize the gift with a set of initials, or you can find a local gift shop that does engraving and have it done in an afternoon. (The Uncommon Goods BBQ Briefcase is a neat collection, complete with a handy carrying case to keep everything together.) Even giving dad a set of sauces or marinades that he can use when grilling is a great idea, and many areas have local spice shops where you can find unique blends or even mix your own in-store.

16. Massage – Who ever said that men don’t like massages? Sure, this may be a more typical gift for Mom, but men also need some time to unwind and de-stress. A one hour gift certificate to the local spa could do the trick, and it’s something that he would more than likely never buy for himself. (My dad, for example, went to his first Swedish massage — a Christmas gift from me — and fought tooth and nail the whole way. He felt so great afterward, though, that he now has a membership package to that same spa.) One afternoon of relaxation, limited interruption, and no iPhone is sure to reinvigorate him, and may be something that he didn’t even know he needed.

17. Iced Coffee/Whiskey Chiller– This gift idea is great for all dads, whether they are a fan of iced coffee, cold lemonade, or a chilled, aged whiskey. The HyperChiller is a neat little shaker with a subzero core, that chills your drink of choice without diluting in less than 60 seconds. Just keep the shaker’s core in the freezer, pour in your hot or room temp liquid, and let it do the work. It’s also great for cooling down wines before dinner (maybe a slightly cooled pinot noir to accompany his Omaha steaks?). The parts are machine washable, reusable, and can be found on Amazon if you want it as quickly as tomorrow.

18. Wine/Beer of the Month – For those dads that enjoy their wine or beer, have you considered a 6-month or one-year membership to a wine or beer club? By joining on behalf of your dad, he will have the opportunity to try different wines/beers on a monthly basis. Some clubs even offer micro-brews as part of the sampling. You might want to make sure to run this one by mom first.

19. Dress Accessories – Does Dad wear a suit, or at least a dress shirt, to work everyday? He could probably use a little something extra in his closet. One unique, versatile gift idea is a set of stainless steel collar stays. These will not only keep the collar of his dress shirt from curving, but they can also be personalized with messages or just his initials. Also, while it is certainly the “safe” gift, there is nothing wrong with a beautiful tie. Nowadays, ties can be outrageous and wild, so be sure to decide whether you want to go for the conservative or the fun look. While you you are at it, you may even want to match the tie with a great looking dress shirt, if the budget permits.

Want to spend a little more for a very special tie? Nordstrom carries a line of pure silk paisley ties by Ermengildo Zegna. Each one is handcrafted and silk screened, so they are each slightly unique from one another. The price tag isn’t cheap, but this is sure to be the statement piece on his tie rack.

 20. A Home Cooked Meal – Last but not least, dads also want to be catered to, even if they don’t admit to it. Why don’t you plan a special meal that includes his favorite dishes — maybe lobster or steak, a Caesar salad, fresh vegetables — and surprise him? Afterwards, a great walk for some tasty ice cream will be the perfect way to end the evening. Bon Appetit!

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  1. I was glad to see movie/restaurant gift cards on the list. It’s a great combo! I like doing this for various friend/family members. Also, consider finding out your dad’s favorite old TV show from when he was younger. A lot of these shows are now being released on DVD or BluRay. I give my dad a season or two of Seinfeld every occasion he needs a gift and he definitely loves it.

  2. My dad is getting older and I have found that the best gifts are those that bring back memories of times we spent together when I was younger. Photos nicely framed or a special token that I saved from childhood returned means a lot to him.

  3. You could order a photo-sculpture be made of a favorite pic! : I’ve come across the product where you upload your favorite pic and your Photo is then Cut Out from durable acrylic to Create a One-of-a-Kind Fathers Day gift, a photo-sculpture! Thats not all, you may Choose 5 forms for it : a Sculpture with Stand, Magnet, Pin, Ornament, or Keychain
    Its price $15


  4. For Father’s Day gift I’d recommend a customized Father’s Day card, an unique and beautiful one, which expresses your sentiments and love for your Dad.

    Why a customized one? Because in my experience the gifts most treasured are the ones which have been customized specifically for the person, making it a truly unique gift, one that cant be bought straight off the shelf in a market.

    A card can be held in one’s hands and can be treasured on one’s desk or even the mantelpiece.

    And you know, even if you buy a gift for Father’s day, I’d recommend you to buy a Father’s day card alongwith it! It makes that difference!

    A hand-picked collection of Father’s Day cards

  5. icIncome

    How about a share or two of stock in a corporation? I think my dad would enjoy that! 🙂 I usually just pick up a stock suggested at icincome.com and then go from there. Think about it…tie, makes you nothing, but a stock?? Well, that might make you nothing too. :-))

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