A Great Alternative to Buying Expensive Cameras, Lenses and other Photography Equipment

It happens every time we go on vacation. I plan on buying some high quality lenses for my Nikon D70, which are as impressive as they are expensive. As we get closer to the vacation, however, I get cold feet because of the price tag. We’re talking lenses that cost nearly $2,000. And so I don’t buy the glass, and end up with mediocre pictures from places like Paris and London. Well, not this time, I told myself. So last week I went out and spent over $1,500 on a Nikon lens lense. I know, I know, that’s crazy. So first let me show you the lens, and then I’ll explain how I got it for $210!


As I said, my camera is a Nikon D70, which as of today costs $749 at Amazon. I’ve had this camera for about three years and love it. There are more expensive digital SLR cameras available with more features, but the D70 has been perfect for me. The problem is, it comes with an 18-70 lens that is really mediocre.


So, the lens I’ve wanted to buy for some time now is the Nikon 70-200 F2.8 with Vibration Reduction. Now this is a beautiful lens! It can take great pictures in low light, and the images are crystal clear. It’s automatic focus in quick and quiet. And the Vibration Reduction allows you to take pictures at a focal length of 200 without a tripod.

Now I know this isn’t a photography blog, so let’s get to the important question. How did I get this lens for $210? After buying the lens for over $1,800 at Penn Camera (I didn’t get it from Amazon because I waited until the last minute!), I learned that Penn Camera rents photography equipment. For $210, I can rent the lens for two weeks. The cost is $35 per day, or $105 per week. Now renting won’t be for everybody, but it was perfect for me. I don’t need this lens lense to snap pictures at a family reunion or at the holidays. I just need it for special events like vacations. Penn Camera is in the Washington, D.C. area, but I bet you can find camera shops where you live that rent equipment. When we get back from our vacation, I’ll post some pictures so you can judge just how well the lens (or the photographer) performed.

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