A Frugal Way to Buy a Mac or iPod

I‘m a Mac addict. And now that Macs use Intel chips and can run Windows, I’ll never buy another PC again. A few months back I bought a 20″ iMac and saved $200. How? I bought a refurbished iMac directly from Apple. It came with the same warranty as a full-priced iMac, was shipped to my home in three days, and has worked great. To my surprise, a lot of Mac addicts that I know had never heard of buying a refurbished Mac. It’s really simple.


Go to the online Apple Store and scroll down to the bottom left sidebar and you’ll see links under “Special Deals.” Click on the Refurbished Mac link and you’ll see a current selection of discounted laptops, desktops, and other products. One that caught my eye was the 23″ flat-panel Cinema HD Display for $749, which sports an original price of $1,999!

You’ll also notice that Apple sells refurbished iPods. You can get a 4GB Nano, originally priced at $199, for only $129. This beats the price I paid for a Nano at Costco a few months ago. If you’ve bought a refurbished Mac or iPod, let me know how it’s worked for you.

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