5 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Girlfriends and wives are eagerly awaiting their chocolates, flowers, and that romantic candlelight dinner.  Boyfriends and husbands are struggling to plan the perfect evening, waiting until the last minute to book a restaurant and cringing at the cost of it all.

We’re going to try to help you gentlemen out with this perpetually challenging holiday.  We’ve wracked our romantic brains to come up with five cheap ways to show your Valentine what she means to you.

Spa Day at Home

I think it’s a universal truth that women love going to spas. Some enjoy the therapeutic effect of pampering themselves with the ladies for a day.  Others enjoy just the simple pedicure.  Whatever they prefer, I don’t know a woman who would turn down a spa treatment.

Unfortunately, spa treatments can be quite expensive.  For a cheaper option, why don’t you create an at-home spa day for your mate?  Fill a basket with inexpensive bubble bath, a facial mask, and scrub.  Light some inexpensive aromatic candles; scatter some flower pedals in the entrance-way, and let her relax.  To top it off, heat up some soft towels in the dryer for her to dry off.  Not only is this less expensive than paying for a spa treatment, but it also has a more personal touch to it.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Being a stable, responsible partner in a relationship can be a very good thing.  Stability is the reason many people enter relationships in the first place.

However, most people who have been in relationships know that stability and predictability can also lead to boredom.  This Valentine’s Day, why not spice it up a bit by doing something your partner would never predict?

Look up a local dance studio with a good reputation.  Book a 2-hour, one-time salsa or tango dancing lesson together.  She will never see this coming, unless, of course, you already take dance lessons.  It won’t matter if you aren’t any good at dancing either.  She will undoubtedly appreciate the gesture.

Note Why You Love Her

This one might be more cheesy than you can handle, but that just means the memory will stay in heart for years to come.

Spend a day or two writing small notes that start “I love you because…”  After you have a collection of 20 or 30 notes, buy some balloons, fold up the notes, and insert them into the balloons.  Blow up the balloons and spread them throughout the bedroom.  She will likely be shocked to find the room filled with beautiful balloons.  Pop one and give her your thoughtful note.  She will enjoy popping the rest and will be warmed by the notes inside.

Prepare a Home Cooked Delight

Stirring up a home-cooked dinner for your special lady might seem like a typical Valentine’s Day gift, but men rarely follow through on this one.  They procrastinate until it’s too late, then simply make a dinner reservation.

But cooking dinner for your girlfriend or wife can be easier than it sounds.  There are tons of easy recipes available online. Remember that she doesn’t care what you make.  It’s the effort and thought that count.  Set the table elegantly, light a few candles, and turn on some romantic music.  Make sure you serve her a glass of wine while you finish up the cooking.  If you’re feeling bold, buy strawberries and melt some chocolate chips for a sweet, delicious dessert dip.

What is Valentine’s Day Without Flowers?

Despite your budget limits, it’s not wise to leave your gal as the only one in the office who didn’t receive flowers on Valentine’s Day.  Fortunately, there are ways to avoid paying exorbitant prices for flowers on February 14.  It does require a bit of planning though.

Buying from supermarket florists rather than on-line or stand-alone shops is generally less expensive.  To save even more money, order your flowers two weeks in advance and pay up front.  Another trick that might seem a bit out of the ordinary is to get other guys who want to order flowers to join you and place a “bulk” order with a florist.  This way you can command a discount on such a large order.

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  1. This Valentines day I prepared a home cooked meal for my boyfriend and incorporated his gift in with it. I got him a TY KU Sushi and sake bomb kit, complete with everything you need for the perfect night in. I then made home made sushi and we enjoyed sake bombs after, just the two of his. He got to keep everything to use for another night too

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