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If you’re looking to save money shopping either online or in person, Coupon Cabin could be the “one-stop shop” you’re looking for. This service has it all: online coupons, printable coupons, searchable sales, and members-only deals.

With the overwhelming number of deals, sales, and coupons available today – especially for online purchases – it’s no wonder consumers are looking for options to organize it all. Coupon Cabin fits the bill.

How it Works

You can find some basic deals on Coupon Cabin’s home page without even signing up. You’ll also get access to daily deals and markdowns from the home page, and you can activate these deals without signing up for a membership. As you can see from the screenshot below, the deals are pretty good.

CouponCabin Coupons Coupon Codes Printable Coupons

Besides this, you can search for your favorite types of deals or retailers in the top-of-page search bar. This will let you in on sales, coupons, and other deals from that retailer:

CouponCabin Coupons Coupon Codes Printable Coupons 3

Old Navy Coupons Save 15 w 2015 Promo Codes

Besides searching by brand name or retailer, you can also search for specific items. For instance, a search for “jeans” brings up a bunch of sales and coupon codes that you could use for jeans. Note that these aren’t sales just on jeans, but could be larger sales (like the one from Banana Republic pictured below) that you could use to buy jeans if you wanted.

CouponCabin Coupons Coupon Codes Printable Coupons 5

Women s Jeans Coupons CouponCabin

You can also choose to browse coupons, deals, cashback, and members only sections:

CouponCabin Coupons Coupon Codes Printable Coupons 7

Within these sections, you can separate results by stores or category. If you’re shopping for a winter coat but don’t have a particular store or brand in mind, this function let’s you shop around.

Sorting offers by category also lets you drill down into more specific options. For instance, you can find offers for free shipping or freebies in any category. These broad categories give you both specific coupons and coupons or deals that could be used for items within that category.

For instance, when you click the “Jewelry and Watches” category option, you might see a deal specifically for a jewelry store like Zales as well as a coupon code covering a jewelry purchase at a department store like Macy’s.

Other coupon options to shop include Black Friday, which is, of course, seasonal, printable coupons, grocery coupons, and freebies. You can also check out deals, which shows current sales for which you don’t need a coupon.

Deals Find Big Discounts on Top Selling Products CouponCabin.com

Using the Deals and Coupons

Using CouponCabin’s deals and coupons is pretty simple. Deals are typically ongoing sales on certain items at retailers. Just click the button on the card, go to the retailer website, and take advantage of the deal. You could scan the deals and then go to the retailer site directly, but you may qualify for cash back if you navigate through CouponCabin’s links.

Using a coupon is just a bit more complicated. Just click the “Get Promo Code” button, and it’ll spit out a popup window that will let you copy the coupon code. Sometimes there are multiple codes for a single deal, and it’ll let you know that too.

Members Only Deals

What are the “Members Only Deals” on CouponCabin? These are limited-time, limited-number offers that reward members with great deals. They activate at a certain time of day and are often limited to just the first twenty shoppers who use the code. Here are some examples:

Earn Cashback at Your Favorite Stores CouponCabin

According to the “Members Only” section, these coupons can be stacked with nearly any other coupons for the same stores or brands. So, you could net some serious savings at your favorite stores if you pay attention to these coupons. You just have to be around to snag them as soon as they go live.

One caveat: The Members Only Deals don’t give you an up-front discount at the online checkout. Instead, they are a cash back offer. CouponCabin pays out cash back monthly by check or PayPal to members who sign up.

So if, for instance, you used the $10 off a $20 purchase deal from Target pictured above, you would still have to pay the full $20 (or more) up front at Target.com. But when it’s time for your CouponCabin cash back payout, you’d get $10 added to that payout.

This can actually be a great way to stick to your budget. You can’t spend any more money than you’ve got available, even if you’re netting some great deals. Then, you’ll get money back after the fact, bulking your bank account back up.

Additional Cash Back

You may have noticed that the CouponCabin offers – even those that aren’t exclusive to members – often say something about cash back. That’s because the website has linked up with 3,000 partner sites to offer cash back on purchases.

Once you join, you can set up an account to get cash back. When you buy from a partner site through CouponCabin, they’ll get paid an ad fee because you clicked through one of their links. They share the love by giving you cash back on your purchase in the form of a monthly check or  PayPal deposit. You can also choose to split up your cash back between a charity and your own bank account.

Many of the CouponCabin coupons and deals include cash back offers. However, you can also shop at some retailers through the site and get cash back at any point. For instance, L.L. Bean offers 3.5% cash back right now, and Nordstrom offers 4% cash back. So, even if your favorite retailer isn’t running any great specials or coupons at the moment, you could still get cash back when you shop through CouponCabin.

Occasionally, cash back deals do stack on top of promotions and coupons. Each individual offer card will tell you whether or not the promotion also qualifies for cash back. So you’ll always know ahead of time what the full deal will be.

Your Dashboard

When you sign up for the cash back program or become a member of CouponCabin, you’ll get a nifty little dashboard that shows deals picked for you, pending cash back, and lifetime cash back.

My Pending Cashback CouponCabin

As you can see, the dashboard lets you track your clicks, your next payment, and your payment history. If you’re a frequent shopper at particular stores or for particular brands, you can follow those stores or brands in the favorites tab. This gives you a one-stop shop to scan the deals you’re most likely to love from your dashboard.

Coupons at CouponCabin Codes Grocery Printables Samples Deals

Once you select your favorites, you’ll get a quick listing of the deals at those stores on your favorites tab.

Coupons at CouponCabin Codes Grocery Printables Samples Deals 2

This makes it easy to track not only your cash back totals, but also deals on items you might purchase already.

CouponCabin Sidekick

The CouponCabin Sidekick is a browser extension plugin. It basically sits in your Firefox or Chrome browser, and will alert you with a slim bar at the top of the page if it notes any deals on sites you’re already browsing. It will also automatically activate certain members only and cashback deals at member sites, so you don’t have to navigate back through CouponCabin.com to take advantage.

The CouponCabin Sidekick. Chrome Web Store

This is quite a helpful little plugin to have if you’re using the site to get cash back and save money already, but don’t want to check in all the time to find new deals.

The Bottom Line

Between the deals, coupons, and cash back, this is really a pretty slick way to save. It has some of the benefits you’d get from credit cards with the cash back without any requirements to go into debt. You can, of course, pay for your purchases however you choose and in whatever form the retailers accept.

Of course, as with other coupon sites, it’s important to stick to your budget even when you spot an excellent deal. After all, you’re not really saving money if you’re splurging on an item you wouldn’t have bought had it not been on sale. As long as you’re smart about the deals you take advantage of, and if you check in with CouponCabin each time you’re already shopping with a major retailer, it can definitely be a great tool to help you save money while you shop.

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