50 Unbelievable Things You Can Buy For $5

Five dollars doesn’t go as far as it use to. Or in the words of Yogi Berra, “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” But it turns out that you can buy (and sell if you are so inclined), some unbelievable stuff for just $5.

The following list of 50 items for sale for $5 are real and are for sale right now online. Each item is written as it is advertised, but keep in mind, these are not items being sold by the Dough Roller. So who is selling them and where can you buy them? Good question, so make sure you read to the end of this article for the answer.

  1. I will write anything of your choice on my face with a Sharpie for $5
  2. I will sing a song over the telephone for $5
  3. I will design you any type of outfit (Even with what you have at home) for $5
  4. I will go to the movies with you for $5
  5. I will try your ipad app and give it a honest review for $5
  6. I will cycle naked around London and send you a photo to prove it for $5
  7. I will teach you Samba for $5
  8. I will create five names for your business for $5
  9. I will provide a reminder service for a month for $5
  10. I will be your virtual assistant for a day for $5
  11. I will design a website for your business for $5
  12. I will make you a PowerPoint Presentation for $5
  13. I will reserve you a place in the afterlife for $5 (DR Note: I believe this job has already been filled.)
  14. I will write a love letter for you to send to your love for $5
  15. I will smoke a newport 100 cigarette while feeding a snake and send you a video for $5
  16. I will tell you honestly whether you are pretty or butt ugly for $5
  17. I will send you a different chuck norris joke every day for a week for $5
  18. I will not moon the amtrak train that goes by my house every day around 4pm for $5
  19. I will write your resume for $5
  20. I will translate an English text (up to 500 words) to German for $5
  21. I will write travel or other quality articles for blogs or web sites for $5
  22. I will read any Shakespeare play and turn into a 5 minute play for $5
  23. I will create a WordPress blog for $5
  24. I will get you an extra 1000 followers to your Twitter account for $5
  25. I will tell 12,000+ facebook friends about your page / group for $5
  26. I will suggest five ideas that will jump start your marketing strategy for $5
  27. I will record your company’s phone tree and greeting for $5
  28. will sing and play for you a half-english, half-italian accordion song about whatever or whomever you want for $5
  29. I will answer any AutoCAD question for any release for $5
  30. I will provide step-by-step instructions so you can build your own PC for $5
  31. I will solve your computer problem for you for $5
  32. I will sing Happy Birthday to someone in Hebrew for $5
  33. I will send you a hogwarts acceptance letter for $5
  34. I will put any message you send me in a bottle and put it in the gulf of mexico for $5
  35. I will draw a 5×7 portrait of anyone you know. for $5
  36. I will help you stage your home to get a quick sale for $5
  37. I will help you plan a backpacking trip to europe for $5
  38. I will create a 1 week exercise program for $5
  39. I will help you plan out details of a themed wedding for $5
  40. I will help you rationally argue with pro-Sarah Palin freaks for $5
  41. I will give you parenting advice for $5
  42. I will teach you five self defense moves with a broom stick for $5
  43. I will put your wish note at The Western Wall in the holy city of Jerusalem for $5
  44. I will try to explain anything science related for $5
  45. I will plan and book your entire vacation, soup to nuts, anywhere in the world for $5
  46. I will find a long lost Friend or Relative for $5
  47. I will show you how to extract DNA from vegetables for $5
  48. I will make a crossword puzzles from the word list you send for $5
  49. I will teach you how to win your girlfriend back for $5
  50. I will pray for you every night for a month for $5

As you can see, some of these items might be useful, while others . . . well, not so useful. So where do you go to buy (or sell) these and thousands of other items for just $5? The site is called Fiverr and describes itself as “The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.” It includes reviews of the listings from those who have purchased in the past.

So if you need something done or want to sell your time, Fiverr might just be your answer.

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