DR 007: How to Retire at Age 30 [with Mr. Money Mustache]

Imagine working hard for all of nine years. And then at the ripe old age of 30, you and your spouse retire to start a family. While it may sound like a fairy tale, that’s exactly what an engineer named Pete did.

Pete is better known as Mr. Money Mustache. We talk a bit about blogging. Pete has done a masterful job marketing his blog by doing one thing–writing content that people are hungry to read. He talks a bit about how he did it.

Then we turn the interview to the main topic–how he retired at age 30.

Topics Covered in this Podcast

  • How Pete was able to graduate with a degree in engineering with absolutely no debt.
  • How he went from having a degree, a backpack and a bike, and then retired 9 years later
  • What he did to keep expenses down early in his career.
  • How he saved as much as 65% of his 5-figure salary.
  • How renovating his own home helped him retire early.
  • How rental income helped Pete save more money for retirement.
  • How saving 50% of your income will enable you to retire in 17 years.
  • How to “build your frugality muscles.”
  • How Pete invested his money for retirement and why he doesn’t invest in bonds.
  • What the rent-to-price ratio is and how to use it to evaluate a rental property investment.
  • The 25x rule of retirement spending from stock investments.
  • What the Rule of 752 is and how it can help you better understand the real cost of “small” expenses.

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

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16 Responses to “DR 007: How to Retire at Age 30 [with Mr. Money Mustache]”

  1. Nonhlanhla fortunate sithole

    I’m so glad to hear a good news like this one,I wish I can always receive an interview like this,woow ,woow, I’m happy to hear about this story,wish everyone can learn how to manage debt and how can we use money, save,budget and not to be in debt all the time,Thank you.

  2. Found your blog by accident, thankfully. I enjoyed this interview. It was so intriguing that I didn’t mind it was an hour. Some of the topics were over my head, but two things stood out loud and clear: 1) Being rich has more to do with attitude than money. 2) It’s never too late to get it together financially. If I can’t retire early, I can ensure my children can (retire being defined as not needing to work). Regards!

  3. Thanks Rob for the fantastic podcast. I enjoyed hearing Pete’s voice and putting a voice to the writing I read over on his blog. It was nice and long which was great compared to some of the other news coverage I’ve seen. There were a couple of parts that really stood out to me that I wish everyone would listen to.

    Currently on my way to ER (25 now), with a rental property, high savings and a hobby blog on the side.

  4. Greetings Rob,
    I enjoyed the interview with the ‘Stache. His message of frugal living, aggressive savings, and cost-effective investing is on the money. There is so much more to life than working for money. In an age of financial fatalism, he encourages people to take control of their financial lives…IT CAN BE DONE!

    Thanks for doing the interview and I look forward to reading your blog,

  5. Is there a way to find this podcast on one of the podcast apps or to download it and listen to it on my phone? I use doggcatcher, and I tried to click Download, but that just plays it in another tab

  6. Great podcast and some awesome information. I still cannot believe he lives on $25,000 p/yr. As someone who also lives in the DC metro area, I probably spend 3 to 4 times that a year. And I consider myself pretty good with my money. Lots of lessons to learn!

    • Rob Berger

      Mike, here they are in a nutshell:

      Rule of 752: Multiple how much you spend each week on something (e.g., Starbucks coffee) by 752 and the result is how much you could have had after 10 years had you invested the money instead.

      Rule of 25x: Assuming you’ll live off of 4% of your nest egg each year, you need 25 times your annual expenses in savings to retire.

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