What is Leap Life?

Leap Life Insurance isn’t an actual insurer itself. Instead, it’s an agency that hooks up customers with quotes for various life insurance agencies. You can apply online for an instant decision on a no-medical-exam policy or talk to a licensed life insurance specialist to get more in-depth about a policy that suits your needs perfectly.

Leap Life uses a combination of online tools and personalization that helps you find the term life insurance policy that works best for you.

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Leap Life Options and Features

Leap Life Insurance specializes in only term life insurance, which is the best option for most consumers. They offer insurance policies from various companies, including Lincoln, Assurity, Prudential, Protective, Pacific Life, and TransAmerica.

When you fill out their preliminary application for life insurance, Leap will give you the best coverage option from the most affordable company on its list. But you can also check out other options if you want a specific insurance carrier.

Leap Life Pricing and Fees

As with all life insurance products, Leap Life connects you with products that vary in price depending on your personal circumstances, life insurance needs, and coverage preferences. They say quotes range from just $14 per month on up from there. When I ran through the process, I got quotes from Assurity that are below:

Leap Life Insurance Quote

Your specific pricing will depend on all these factors, so it could be wildly different from what you see here.

One thing to note, though, is that you won’t have to pay Leap Life anything for getting you the insurance policy. Insurance companies like Leap get payment from the insurers when they connect customers to the right insurance policy.

Leap Life does focus on working with insurers known for their low life insurance rates. That said, they don’t get quotes from every potential company. So if your goal is to find the absolute lowest price, you may also want to look at other brokers to have a broader variety of life insurance companies.

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Applying for Life Insurance

The quickest option for Leap Life is to fill out their quote form, choose the coverage you want, and then go through the application for the no-medical-exam life insurance. A policy without a medical exam can be a good option if you want to get your coverage started quickly. But if you’re in excellent health, you might actually miss out on potential savings without a medical exam. If an exam proves that you’re in above-average health, you may qualify for even lower rates.

With Leap Life Insurance, you can also call in to speak to an agent and apply over the phone. This can be helpful if you aren’t sure what you need when it comes to coverage or which company you should go with.

The application process can take less than 10 minutes, but that depends on the coverage you’re applying for and your specific health factors. Bottom line: You’ll have to provide Leap Life with lots of personal information to get a life insurance policy. But that’s just how it works!

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Leap Life Security

Leap Life notes that third parties may collect your data from their site. Still, since you’re applying for a life insurance policy with them directly, you probably won’t get a million emails from life insurance companies like you do when you fill out a preliminary application with an aggregator service. They use standard security protocols and encryption to keep your information as safe as possible.

Mobile Accessibility

Leap Life doesn’t have an app, but they have a very mobile-friendly site, so you can definitely do the application process online.

Customer Support

Many online life insurance brokers only give you phone access to their support people as a last resort. But with Leap Life, you can do that if you prefer to talk to someone about your policy rather than doing the whole process online. They offer a customer support number right upfront if you want to speak to an agent. And their agents are available by phone or email whenever you have questions about the process. Leap Life also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Pros and Cons

  • Offers a variety of term life insurance policies: Leap Life Insurance can give you access to a variety of term life insurance policies at various rates, so you can choose the policy that works best for you.

  • Various ways to apply: With many online brokers, you have to fill out all your data through the online system, but with Leap Life, you can do the whole process over the phone if that’s your preference.

  • Highly-rated partners: Leap Life Insurance works with many life insurance companies, all of which are highly rated in the industry.

  • No-exam policies: If your goal is to get term life insurance coverage as quickly and easily as possible, Leap Life makes it simple by offering a lot of options for no-exam policies.

  • Doesn’t offer term life insurance online: While term life insurance is the best option for most people, some people may still need a whole life policy. You can’t get those with Leap online, so you’ll have to either call them or look elsewhere.

  • Doesn’t give you quotes from every possibility: As with all brokers, Leap will give you quotes from the companies that it partners with. This is a lot of companies, but definitely not all of them. So be aware that you may not be getting quotes from all potential insurers when you work with Leap.


There are plenty of online life insurance brokers. There are specific life insurance companies that let you apply for their policies directly online. To ensure you’re getting the best possible quotes, you might run your personal information through a couple of different brokers before you decide who you will ultimately work with. Take a look at these alternatives.


Bestow Life Insurance

Bestow offers quick and affordable term life insurance policies without a medical exam. You can obtain a term life insurance quote in minutes through an online application. It allows you to complete the entire process online to get term life insurance without leaving your home once. Your life insurance coverage also goes into effect as soon as you’re approved.

With Bestow, you get quick coverage without a medical exam, a wide range of term lengths, and reliable customer service (they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau).

The cons are that you can’t add riders to your coverage, and you may not get the most personalized plans if you’re looking for complex coverage due to your unique personal situation.

However, if you’re a healthy person who wants term life insurance coverage hassle-free, then Bestow could be the better alternative for your situation.

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Policygenius is an online comparison tool that allows you to get life insurance quotes from various insurance providers in one place. It doesn’t just pass you off like a traditional aggregator would. They will walk you through the life insurance purchasing process.

Policygenius will ask you many questions about your personal situation and then share customized life insurance quotes for you to review.

It also offers helpful guides and information on life insurance so that you can learn more about the topic and make an informed decision.

Policygenius is perfect if you’re looking to shop around for a life insurance policy you can customize to your unique lifestyle and situation. You’ll have access to comprehensive coverage and options that fit your budget.

The cons are that they don’t work with all life insurance providers, and you may need to provide additional information when you leave the website to purchase your insurance policy.

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Sproutt Life Insurance

Sproutt aims to match you with a life insurance policy that fits your lifestyle. It allows you to compare life insurance policies across multiple providers until you find the best coverage for your unique situation.

Sproutt will ask you questions so that you can obtain a personalized quote. You can then fill out an application and get approved for life insurance in real-time. Your coverage can then begin as soon as your online payment goes through.

A con? It isn’t the best option if you’re unhealthy or looking for a shorter term since you have to commit to at least five years. It also doesn’t work with all insurance providers.

It’s a viable life insurance option for young and healthy folks. It has live agents that can guide you through the process, and you don’t need to get a medical exam to get approved for life insurance.

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Who is Leap Life For?

Leap Life is a great option for those who are in the market specifically for no-exam term life insurance policies. It’s an especially smooth application process if you already know what you want and are ready to choose a policy and run with it.

Bottom Line

With all the online life insurance brokers proliferating these days, it can be hard to know what sets one apart from another. Leap Life’s easy access to brokers by phone is a great option if you have questions about which policy is best for your particular needs. And it’s another excellent option to make sure you’re getting the best possible quotes for life insurance, too.


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