Paying for auto insurance is almost always a balancing act between getting the coverage you need and the best deal possible. As you age, this remains true. In fact, in some cases, you might end up paying higher insurance premiums.

Finding the best auto insurance for seniors is about comparing costs and taking steps to reduce your costs. If you’re looking for the best companies, here are some places to start.

Best Auto Insurance for Seniors

Some of the best insurance companies out there include the following three insurers, who can provide you with decent coverage at a reasonable price.

1. The Hartford

With excellent ratings and a number of discounts, The Hartford can be a good choice – if you live in one of the 41 states (and the District of Columbia) where it’s available. One of the nice benefits of The Hartford is that there is a defensive driver credit that can be of use if you’re a good driver.


One of the main limitations to USAA is that it’s only available to military members, veterans, and their families. However, if you’ve served our country in the military, this can be some of the best auto insurance for seniors. USAA is known for its customer service and the auto insurance options are widely praised.

3. Amica Mutual

This is a lesser-known insurance company that is starting to gain some attention for its solid customer service and claims processing. Plus, for those who are tech-savvy, the website is easy to use. You won’t find many local branches, though, so if you prefer the face-to-face aspect of insurance, this might not work. There are a number of discounts available, making this a potentially good choice for those on a fixed income.

Cheapest Auto Insurance for Seniors

If you’re looking for the cheapest auto insurance, comparison sites like The Zebra might be able to help you find what you need. However, it’s important to note that auto insurance premiums are based on a number of factors, including your driving history and location.

So, there can be a difference of hundreds of dollars per year, depending on all the factors. It’s a good idea to get a quote for your insurance and compare options before making a decision.

Here are the five cheapest auto insurance policies for seniors, according to The Zebra, along with the overall annual average premium.

  • GEICO: $493
  • Progressive Insurance: $618
  • State Farm: $1,048
  • Allstate: $1,047
  • The Hartford: $1,301

Before you choose the cheapest auto insurance for seniors, though, it’s important to make sure you have the coverage you need and check for other perks and options. In some cases, the cheapest might not be the best auto insurance for seniors.

Best Auto Insurance for Seniors in Selected States

Sometimes, the best auto insurance for seniors is more about what state you’re in. In some cases, you might find better deals. Make sure to carefully compare options in the state you live, as well as looking at companies that have a bigger national presence.

California Auto Insurance

When comparing auto insurance plans in California, it’s important to carefully consider the options and meet the state-required minimums. Consider the following options:

  • Best Overall Satisfaction: Esurance
  • Best Customer Service: Mercury
  • Lowest Premiums: Mercury
  • Best Online Experience: Progressive

Its also worth noting that Allstate and State Farm both have competitive insurance policies in California, providing additional options to consider.

Florida Auto Insurance

Many seniors retire to this state, which makes it especially important to find the best auto insurance in Florida. Here are a few things to consider before you move forward.

  • Best Overall Satisfaction: USAA
  • Best Customer Service: Allstate
  • Lowest Premiums: Hanover
  • Best for those with a less-than-perfect record: Infinity

One of the interesting quirks about auto insurance in Florida is the ability to self-insure if you meet net worth requirements.

Illinois Auto Insurance

Looking for the best Illinois auto insurance can be a daunting task, but here are a few places to start:

  • Best Overall Satisfaction: Auto Owners
  • Best Customer Service: Country
  • Lowest Premiums: Metromile
  • Best for those with a less-than-perfect record: Dairyland

One of the interesting perks of Metromile is the fact that the actual miles you drive are taken into account, so that can be very cheap auto insurance for seniors who only drive occasionally. Liberty Mutual and State Farm are also viable choices for Illinois insurance for seniors.

Michigan Auto Insurance

While this state isn’t generally considered a retiree destination, it’s still a place where senior auto insurance is needed. Comparing Michigan auto insurance requires a little work. Here are a few places to consider, depending on your needs:

  • Best Overall Satisfaction: Auto Owners
  • Best Customer Service: USAA
  • Lowest Premiums: SECURA
  • Best for those with a less-than-perfect record: Nationwide

Like some other states, Michigan allows insurers to consider your credit situation when making decisions. You can also consider Allstate and Liberty Mutual if you’re looking for companies that offer wider coverage and perks.

New York Auto Insurance

New York is one of the more expensive states when looking for insurance. However, it’s still possible to shop around and get the most affordable New York auto insurance possible. Here are some of the top choices for insurance in New York:

  • Best Overall Satisfaction: Allstate
  • Best Customer Service: New York Central Mutual
  • Lowest Premiums: GEICO
  • Best for those with a less-than-perfect record: Preferred Mutual

Other insurance choices that might be worth checking into, depending on where you live, include Liberty Mutual and Progressive. You might find lower monthly premiums, as well as access to a variety of options.

North Carolina Auto Insurance

North Carolina auto insurance takes into account a number of factors, like other states. However, this state also has a safe driver incentive plan designed to penalize unsafe drivers. So, here are some solid places to start when looking for insurance:

  • Best Overall Satisfaction: North Carolina Farm Bureau
  • Lowest Premiums: State Farm
  • Best for a perfect record: Allied
  • Best for those with a less-than-perfect record: State Farm

You can also find reasonable deals for Allstate and Liberty Mutual when purchasing auto insurance in North Carolina.

Ohio Auto Insurance

Buying auto insurance in Ohio is essential, thanks to the random selection program they use. Each week, registered vehicles are randomly selected and their drivers must show proof of insurance. You could experience suspension if you don’t provide proof.

Here are some of the best places to look for insurance if you live in Ohio:

  • Best Overall Satisfaction: Cincinnati Insurance
  • Best Customer Service: USAA
  • Lowest Premiums: Grange Mutual
  • Best for those with a less-than-perfect record: Merchants Auto Group

In addition to this local-heavy list of insurers in Ohio, you might also look into State Farm and Allstate. There are some fairly low premiums in Ohio, making it one of the places for the cheapest auto insurance for seniors.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

There are a number of locally-based auto insurance options in Pennsylvania that might be looking into as a senior. Here are a few options to consider, depending on your situation:

  • Best Overall Satisfaction: Erie
  • Best Customer Service: Plymouth Rock
  • Lowest Premiums: Harleysville
  • Best for those with a less-than-perfect record: Harleysville

In addition to looking at these local options, national choices like Allstate and State Farm might also provide some solid choices. Also, be aware that Pennsylvania is one of the states that allow insurance companies to consider your credit history when setting premiums.

Texas Auto Insurance

With the best Texas auto insurance plans, there’s a little more access to different types of insurance. The five best options in Texas include:

  • National Surety Corporation
  • Allstate
  • Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company
  • Hartford of Texas General Agency
  • Progressive County Mutual Insurance

All of these options have relatively low premiums and a high level of customer service satisfaction. Plus, some of them have more local solutions to insurance.

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Final Thoughts

Once you find an insurer and policy that works for you, take some time to shop around again in about a year or so to see if you can find an even better deal. It’s worth it if you can save money. Even saving just $100 for the year is great–that’s like getting a $100 bill for your birthday! So remember to compare quotes and take your savings to the bank. Your nest egg will thank you.


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