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The Netflix free trial coupon allows you to enjoy Netflix movies for free for two weeks one full month. We used it when we started our Netflix subscription a couple of months ago, and so I wanted to pass it on to the Dough Roller community. The great thing about Netflix is that for less than the price of a movie theater ticket, you can enjoy unlimited DVD rentals each month.

Here’s a link to the Netflix free trial code: 1-month Netflix Free Trial.

Having used this code before, there are some common questions that come up about the Netflix free trial offer. Let’s take a look at some of those questions, beginning with how you sign up.

How to get started with the Netflix free trial

Using the link above, go to the official Netflix Free Trial Page. There you’ll see a yellow box where you input your e-mail address and create a password to get started. On the next screen, you choose between one of three plans. With each plan you get unlimited DVD rentals. But you can choose how many DVDs you can have at one time. Although you won’t have to pay for these plans during the 2-week trial, Netflix shows you the cost of each so you can make an informed decision. Here’s what the screen looks like:


Once you select your plan (which you can change at any time), you’ll need to enter the address where the DVDs will be send and your credit card information. Your membership begins as soon as you click on the “Start Membership” button at the end of the process, so make sure you select some DVDs to rent right away to take advantage of the free offer.

Why does Netflix need my credit card for a free trial?

This is probably the most frequently asked question about the Netflix two week offer. There are two reasons why Netflix needs your credit card. First, it acts as a deposit against the DVDs they send to you. Otherwise, some folks could just keep the DVDs and Netflix would be left trying to track them down. Second, if you decide to stick with Netflix after the trial offer, they have you credit card on file to begin your paid subscription.

It’s worth noting that prepaid credit cards cannot be used with Netflix. They need a credit card to secure against the potential loss of the DVDs should somebody decide not to return them.

How do I cancel the Netflix free trial?

If you decide you don’t want to continue with Netflix after the 1-month trial, canceling is easy. To cancel, click on “Your Account” on the Netflix website and follow the simple cancellation instructions.

Is shipping free?

Yes. It’s free both ways. Netflix has created a pretty ingenious way to ship DVDs. The postage paid return envelope is part of the packaging you’ll receive when your DVD arrives. It’s easy to pop the DVD into the return envelope to mail the DVD back to Netflix.

How soon will I get my first DVD?

This is another amazing aspect of Netflix. According to its website, 97% of its customers receive their requested movies in one business day. Netflix manages this by having over 100 shipping points nationwide. In our experience, Netflix lives up to its claim.

How long can I keep the DVD?

As long as you want. There are no due dates or late fees. But keep in mind that you won’t receive another DVD until you send the one you have back. We are on the 1-DVD at a time plan, so we watch the movie and get it back to Netflix as soon as we can.

Article comments

Rona Whitney says:

I already have a Netflix plan, but I want to give my father a plan as a Christmas gift, and the movies need to go to an address in a different state. I need to pick his movies for him because he doesn’t have access to a computer. How can this be done? Can I have two memberships under the same email address?

Darla Wallace says:

Just sign your dad up for a free email account yahoo, hotmail.. etc and use that for the account.

MaryAnne DiVincent says:

I’d like to give a six month subscription to netflix as a gift, is it possible to do that.

make your own beats online says:

Hmmm, is Netflix available also in Asia?

Renee says:

I am on a trial membership and the movies that I can stream are mostly not current. Is there another plan that has more currenmt films.
Also, can I change to a 2 dvd trial membership at this point? How do I access the mail dvd’s?

Leann says:

Why is it that I need a deposit if all I want is the streaming part of netflix? I feel this is a total and complete scam! They keep rejecting my credit card! It’s not a prepaid card either. If i want to try out Netflix for the 1 month free trial, I shouldn’t have to pay a deposit until my one month “free” trial is up. Not happy with netflix at all!!