Net10 Promo Codes, Deals and Coupons

Net10 promotional codes offer great savings off of an already low cost alternative to costly cell phone contracts. A reader brought Net10 to our attention recently, so we thought we’d add Net10 to our list of promo codes and regularly update the list as new deals become available. By the way, here’s what the reader had to say about Net10:

Great article with lots of great tips. I actually did most of them last year when I decided to finally move away from AT&T to the more affordable prepaid market. I did research, compared, and ultimately went with Net10 because of their .10 a minute slogan that I had to test out for myself – and being without a contract sounded pretty sweet as well. Luckily, Net10 ended up being a great choice that has helped me save more than $65 a month with their pay-as-you go minutes – prefect for the low level cell user. I’ve had such a positive experience that I purchased a $29 Motorola phone and minutes card for my grandmother and with a few minor tech bumps, she is really happy with the phone. The calling network is very dependable and while I wish the phone selection was larger, its very affordable and no contract drama. I will say prepaid really isn’t for everyone, but I think Net10 is a great choice for a back-up phone or someone who really needs to save and still have quality service.

If you’re not familiar with Net10, it’s slogan is “No bills. No contracts. No overages. no evil.” With that said, here are the current promotions:

Net10 Promotional Codes and Deals

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7 Responses to “Net10 Promo Codes, Deals and Coupons”

  1. I got Net10 initially as a back-up phone, but since I usually don’t use more than 100 minutes a month I decided to stick with Net10 when my contract ended. The nice thing about prepaid is you can always get more minutes if you need them. I don’t save as much as $65 a month, but I’m saving more than $30. Doesn’t sound like much until you realize that adds up to more than $360 a year. I also like the fact that you can make international calls for just 15 cents a minute with Net10.

  2. Jennifer Leigh

    Good article and GREAT promo codes! I’ve used Net10 for quite some time now and it has been a wonderful experience. It is saving my daughter and I so much and we can stay connected for a great low price. Prepaid is the smart way to save and everyone should try out Net10 🙂

  3. Lisa Jones

    I got Net10 for the simple reason that there is no contract. What is very nice is that my kids cant run up a bill, and they need to be responsible with their minutes. It is fantastic to make calls for as little as 10c per minute so being in touch is convenient. Net10 has definitely exposed me to the joys of prepaid and I would never go back.

  4. CassieS

    Yeah, NET10 is a good alternative for kids but also for people not using their phone more than about 300-400 minutes per month. That is actually quite a lot of minutes and most people don’t use that much. So many people can benefit from using the NET10 service.

    They are also awesome in that they do not charge for roaming so it’s an ideal phone if you travel a lot. They have excellent nationwide coverage.

  5. I got Net10 because I needed a new phone. I have stayed with them because they are a great service. I do not talk to many people except my family and I save on minutes this way. I keep telling my older and younger sons to go with this plan because they like to text their friends a lot and at 10 cents a minute this saves them some money and minutes. They were a little jealous when I should them my upgraded phone. I am waiting to see if they break down and buy a new phone for themselves. Going to Net10 was great and I won’t change any time soon.

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