6 Great Back to School Deals and Promos

In the upcoming weeks, students will be scrambling from store to store looking for the newest and latest technology, clothing, backpacks and even pencils because in just a few weeks, they’ll be back at their desks, learning a variety of subjects.

Officially, back to school shopping season is eight weeks long.  It begins the first week of July and ends the first week of September and the age groups include everyone from preschoolers to graduate students.  In the spirit of back to school shopping season, we’ve compiled a wide variety of deals and coupons that should be able to save you money.  And if you need help with the cost of college tuition, make sure to check out the DoughRoller.net $2,500 Scholarship Giveaway!


Gabba Goods Kids Activity Tracker – A few years ago, I bought my wife a Fitbit and she’s gone off the deep end.  Setting her goal to 13,000 daily steps, you can generally find her downstairs at midnight walking around the house just to make sure she hits her number.   The Gabba Goods Kids Activity Tracker is a great way to keep your kids healthy.

Outside of simply counting steps, these trackers can provide hydration reminders, track sleep patterns and also set things like homework reminders and alarms for the teens who like to sleep in.  For a limited time, these trackers are only $29.99 (marked down from $59.99).

Beats Solo3 On-Ear Headphones – Buy an eligible Mac or iPad from Apple, and you’ll have the choice of picking from three FREE gifts.  Beats Solo3 On-Ear headphones (a $225 value), Powerbeats3 wireless earphones (a $200 value) or BeatsX Earphones (a $150 value).

The Beats Solo3 On-Ear Headphones advertise a 40 hour battery life, a new Apply W1 chip for seamless product integration (and Siri access) and includes a carrying case.  This back to school promotion is available to parents, students and teachers.  To quality, the Mac or iPad can be purchased online or at select Apple retailers and the promotion ends September 25th.

Logitech – For the next few weeks, Logitech is offering up to a 50% discount on select products.  I personaly use their wireless mouse / keyboard combination and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of either.  Some of the products available include:

  • Harmony Elite advanced entertainment home control – $299.99 (marked down from $349.99)
  • Orion Spark RBG mechanical gaming keyboard – $139.99 (marked down from $179.99)
  • Artemis Spectrum wireless 7.1 gaming headset – $159.99 (marked down from $199.99)

School Supplies

Staples School Supplies – From now until the end of August, Staples is discounting some of their school supplies for parents and students.  When shopping online, you’ll see red circular stickers showing the full discount available (as high as 95% for some supplies). From binders to markers to Microsoft surface pro tablets, I’m willing to bet you can find something necessary for the 2017 school year.  For an added discount, you can shop Staples.com specific product line.

Staples also has a unique feature that allows you to send a picture of a list of things you need for school.  They’ll take the list and compile your shopping cart for you to save time.  When your order is ready, Staples will send you a notification and you can review your cart before purchasing.  They promise to find you the highest rated, best priced options but always best to double-check their work.


Barnes and Noble – I can remember it like it was yesterday.  Going to my first round of college courses each semester, learning which textbooks I needed, then trying to be as cheap as possible in buying them.  Always ending up at the school bookstore for the last few, I dreaded buying new books in plastic wrap because the ones I always seemed to need were $150 or more.  Barnes and Noble is kind enough to offer a wide variety of used textbooks that are discounted up to 90% off.

In addition to buying new or used textbooks, Barnes and Noble offers a rental option.  You can rent for 130 days (and extend if needed) and can also purchase the book anytime you want.  Barnes and Noble will pay for your return shipping when it’s time to send the book back and if you end up dropping the course early, you can return your book for just a $5 rental fee charge.


Best Buy – More for the college crowd, Best Buy is currently offering up to 40% off on small appliances.  The majority of what Best Buy has on sale includes microwaves and small refrigerators but if you branch out from those pages, you’ll also find a lot of wireless electronics on sale too.

If you’re not familiar with Best Buy, they also offer a rewards program.  Points are earned on store purchases for every dollar spent and depending on your status level (basic, elite, eliteplus), you can qualify for perks like free 2-day shipping, extended returns and more.  All service levels include year round perks like set-up from the Geek Squad, and a 24/7 customer service line (dedicated lines for higher status).

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  1. Subscribe to Staples weekly ads. When the new ad comes out, check it for the $1 or 1 cent sales. Got folders for 1 cent each. Other items were also 1 cent with a $5 purchase, so the checker was nice to ring up only $5 worth of stuff and then 2 packs of pencils for 1 cent each.

    Have to be willing to spend 15 minutes in checkout but 2 kids school supplies done.

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