Best Websites for Getting Organized and Staying Focused

As my wife can attest, I have a touch of Attention Deficit Disorder. Hey look, something shiny. Where was I? Anyway, this month’s edition of ADDitude Magazine lists several great sites to help you focus and stay organized. Staying organized is particularly important for sound money management. Have you ever forgotten to pay a bill because it get lost under a sea of papers on your desk? I have. So if your life could use a little less clutter and a touch more organization, here are some websites that can help.

Uncluterer is a site devoted to home and office organization. The cite features tips, organization strategies, product reviews, and reader questions to help keep your life a tad more orderly. Here’s how Unclutterer describes itself:

Unclutterer is the website for home and office organization. It’s not just for the helplessly disorganized who would lose their head if it wasn’t attached to them, and pack rats looking to put their stashes on a diet, but also for obsessive compulsive neat freaks looking to squeeze even more order into their lives. We hope we can make getting and staying organized fun and informative.

Jott is just plain cool. Jott converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments. With Jott, you call its toll-free number and leave a voice message that is converted into text and sent to you or others as an email or a text message. You can, for example, have Jott send you an email and text message at a certain day and time to reminder you of whatever you need reminding. You can call in an email to yourself if you have something you don’t want to forget. You can even maintain lists on, and add to the list via a voice mail message.

Do you need to be hassled? For example, how about receiving an email every other day reminding you that you need to go to the gym? Or how about an email three times a day reminding you to eat fruit or drink 8 glasses of water? If so, then HassleMe is for you. You set the subject of the email and how often you want hassled, and HassleMe does the rest.

Do you suffer from famnesia? Famnesia is a condition that causes well-meaning moms and dads to completely forget about family events that have been planned for months. If so, Cozi may be for you. With Cozi, you can keep an online family journal, calender and lists. You can also quickly and easily send messages to any family member. Each family member is associated with his or her own color on the calendar, so that you can quickly know who an event is for. Sign up takes about 43 seconds, and the interface looks inviting. Cozi also has a PC version. Hey Cozi, what about Macs?

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  1. Hassleme sounds like a perfect fit for me. I’ve been thinking about a website that helps motivate and keep people on track for weight loss or financial goals. This would work great.

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