Did you ever receive a gift card to a store where you never shop? With the holiday’s behind us, you may be sitting on a lot of gift cards you may never use. One option is to re-gift them. But another option is to sell the gift cards online for cash.

Here are seven ways you can do that. If you’ve read our post, 9 Places to Find Discount Gift Cards, you’ll recognize most of these names. That’s because many of the same websites that sell discount gift cards also enable you to turn them into cash.

Also, only one of the services presented below is direct buyers. Rather, they are online platforms that enable you to either sell or trade your unwanted gift cards to/with other individuals. Think of them as something like an eBay for gift cards.

Best Sites to Sell Gift Cards Online


Raise.com claims that you can sell your unwanted gift cards in just 24 hours. They also enable you to sell store credits, which is a major plus if you returned an item and got a credit at a store that you don’t normally shop at.

Like other sites, you list your cards for sale, and you’re paid when the sale is completed. You can be paid by direct deposit, PayPal or a check.

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2. Cardpool

*Cardpool is no longer in business

One of the advantages of working with Cardpool is that they allow you to sell electronic gift cards, not just the plastic kind. Many sites don’t allow you to sell these. You can get up to 92% cash back by selling your cards through the site, and payment is sent within one business day.

Payment can be provided by either an Amazon eGift Card delivered to your email address or by a paper check mailed to you. But Cardpool has another advantage. They have physical locations around the country where you can bring your unwanted gift cards to exchange them for quick cash.

3. GiftCard Granny

You can buy discount gift cards through GiftCard Granny, but you also sell unwanted gift cards there too. In fact, GiftCard Granny gives you three ways to turn gift cards into cash.

The first is to sell it. You can use the platform to sell one or more gift cards through the top gift card websites on the web. You complete the screen below and then select the best offer that you receive on the card. They advertise that you can earn up to 92% cash back on the value of the card. This is also the fastest way to get paid for your cards.

The second is their Name Your Price option. You list your card on the site for a specific price and then await the buyer. This is a slower way to sell a gift card but usually results in the highest sale price.

Finally, the last option is to trade a gift card. Using this option, you trade the gift card that you have and don’t want, for another that you do. So you might trade the cash value of your card for Starbucks with someone else on the platform who is trading a Best Buy gift card with an equivalent cash value.


*CardKangaroo is no longer in business

CardKangaroo offers two ways to turn gift cards into cash. The first is to sell the cards on the site. They advertise that, like GiftCard Granny, you can get up to 92% of the cash value of the card on sale. Selling a gift card uses a three-step process:

1. List your gift card for sale, and get offers

2. Mail in the gift card using their free shipping label

3. Get paid within 48 hours of receiving your gift cards

The second way is to list your card for trade. You’ll determine which alternate gift card you want to trade for. Once you find someone who is willing to trade, you mail in your gift card, then wait 48 hours to receive the alternate gift card from the other party.

5. CardCash

Like the other sites listed here, CardCash enables you to list your unwanted gift cards for sale, to receive as much as 92% of the remaining value of the card. They also enable you to trade your gift cards, which they claim will result in 11% more for you.

6. ABC Gift Cards

ABC Gift Cards looks to be a sister site to CardCash, since they are identical in every respect, including the look of the website. The only difference between the two sites is the name of each.

ABC Gift Cards has the same terms for selling or trading gift cards as CardCash.

7. GC Spread

GC Spread is unique on this list because unlike the other sites, it’s not a gift card auction site. They actually act as a direct buyer of your unwanted gift cards. What’s more, when you offer your gift card, you set the price you expect to get.

The service will get back to you within 24 hours. If they don’t agree with your price, they will make a counteroffer. You can either accept or reject the counteroffer. If you accept it, you upload your ID and credit card details, then enter your gift card details electronically, or ship it to the GC Spread office in Chicago. Once received, it will be processed and paid.


So if you’ve received gift cards to merchants you don’t normally buy from, don’t throw them out or re-gift them. Instead, use one of the sites above to either get some cash on them or exchange them for gift cards from places you want to buy from.


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