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Growing up with a younger brother, I was on the better end of the “hand me down” rule in which anything I wore was filtered down the sibling chain.  My parents decided that two boys were enough for them, so once my brother had outgrown my old clothes, it was time to take a trip to the salvation army.  Being young, I had mistakenly assumed that the salvation army was the group that cleaned up after a war was over, so I wasn’t entirely sure why we gave them our clothes.

Now, fully understanding what the salvation army is all about, we try to visit our local store at least once a year with clothes and other supplies that we will probably never wear or use again.  After spending a lot of time cleaning out our closet yesterday, we hauled everything over to the salvation army, where I know they will be given a good home.  We are not in a financial position to give money to charity right now but it certainly doesn’t mean that we cannot contribute.  I would encourage anyone reading this to utilize their local salvation army and donate unworn (and in great condition) clothing, unused electronics and anything else you think can help.

Now let’s take a look at the top money articles for the week!

10 Ways to Save Money and Earth @ The Suns Financial Diary: Earth Day is April 22nd and what better way to celebrate than to find something fun to do that’s also Eco-friendly.

Games That Teach Kids About Credit @ Spend On Life: The earlier you can teach children about personal finance, the better.  The problem is holding their attention because the subject can be quite boring at times.  Here are a few great games that can help.

Are Automatic IRA’s the Answer for Low Income Workers Saving for Retirement @ GenX Finance: I’m not sure if it’s the answer for everyone but it’s a great opportunity to cut down on your income tax owed at the end of the year while saving for retirement.  As soon as I get my debt under control, I will be making regular contributions to an IRA.

30 Step Path to Financial Wellness @ Financial Literacy Month: Officially, April is financial literacy month although around here it’s every day.  Here you’ll find a 30 step system that can help you become financially independent and grow your wealth to the point where your money works for you.

Are Pest Control Services Like Orkin and Terminix Worth the Cost? @ Trees Full of Money: Last year, we had a terrible termite problem that simply would not go away, no matter how many times the pest control service came and injected the “solution” into the walls.  At one point, we were killing thousands of termites a day by leaving lamps on so they could fly into the light.  So happy to have moved out of that apartment!

Total of 158,000 Personal Bankruptcy Filings in March @ Dave Manuel: While you may see things slowly starting to improve around you, it’s not all good.  My home state of Florida is continuing to lose record jobs every month and as this report would indicate, individuals are having as hard a time as ever making ends meet.

7 Lies About Money That Can Kill Your Financial Future & Bible Money Matters: While I like this list, I have to disagree with number 1.  People always say that “money can’t buy happiness”, but I strongly disagree.  While money cannot buy certain types of happiness, any hard working American who lives paycheck to paycheck or is having trouble paying their debts will tell you if given money now, they would become much happier individuals.  The stress that money causes is like no other and one of the great feelings in life happens when you don’t have to worry about money anymore.  Ahhhh, to dream.

And this past week, we also participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance, Carnival of Money Stories and the Money Hackers Carnival.

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Peter says:

Thanks for the link to my post “7 lies about money”. I actually think that you don’t disagree with number one. It actually says in the post

“Studies tell us, however, that once you’ve gotten beyond a certain level of poverty and well being, having more money doesn’t contribute to increased happiness.”

So, as you mention, having money if you’re extremely poor or in dire straights can help you to find some increased happiness by improving your living situation and giving you the basics. But once you’ve found those basic levels of having the necessities, at that point having money really doesn’t increase happiness as much as you would think.


thanks again!