As of 2019, Netflix’s DVD rental business still had still has 2 million subscribers. With Blockbuster struggling to keep its doors open after bankruptcy, Netflix continues to develop new streaming technology that allows the company to produce higher than expected earnings each and every quarter.

The economics of Netflix is quite simple. The more DVDs you’re able to rent at a time, the more money it’s going to cost you. That said, I want to know which plan presents the best value regardless of how often you watch DVDs.

Netflix currently offers DVD plans at Presently there are 2 plan options: Standard and Premier. Here’s a look at how their pricing structure works for their DVDs by mail (as of 3.31.2022).

Standard Premier
Monthly Price 9.99 14.99
How many DVD rentals per month Unlimited Unlimited
How many DVDs at the same time 1 2
Free Shipping & Returns Yes Yes
Late Fees No No

Well looking at both of these plans on a consistent movie watching basis, the 2 DVD plan is the best value, depending on how you return the discs. With that said we can also make some other inferences about what you see above. First, if you’re not able to watch a DVD at least once a night, then the only plan for you is one DVD at a time. Any other plan will simply cost you more than the value you will receive so keep that in mind. Finally, no matter which plan you choose, try to pinpoint your rhythm of DVD renting early on so you can change your Netflix plan to suit your needs.


  • Rob Berger

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