When it comes to saving at the pump, it seems like there’s only so much you can do. You can drive less, sure. But you still have to get to work or run errands. You can shop around for lower prices but gas stations tend to swing up or down together.

One excellent way to easily save on the gas you need is to join a fuel rewards program, or potentially more than one. These programs are similar to store rewards programs. The more you frequent one particular gas station, the more you can save through points, discounts, or cash back.

Finding the best fuel rewards program can take a little digging. You need to be sure the program is worth your while and won’t cost you more than it saves you. You’ll also need to sign up for programs that work with gas stations where you often fill up your car. It doesn’t do you much good to sign up for a fuel rewards program from a gas station you only visit once a quarter.

Check out this list of the best fuel rewards programs we could find. Then choose one at a gas station that works well for your needs.

Circle-K Rewards

This excellent rewards program gets you 10 points per gallon at the pump plus 20 points per dollar spent on eligible products at the gas station. When you earn 2,000 points, you’ll get two dollars in cash back. The Circle-K Rewards program also offers other member benefits, like clubs and special offers.

Speedway Speedy Rewards

This program is similar to the Circle-K Rewards program. It gives you 20 points per dollar spent in-store plus 10 points per gallon at the pump. You can choose monthly perks each month, including coupons for food or drinks at Speedway. Points are also redeemable for Speedway coupons. You can sign up for this program here.

BP Driver Rewards

With this cash-back rewards program, you’ll get 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 you spend on BP fuel. The BP Driver Rewards program is flexible, too, because you can also choose to add the points to your MileagePlus miles. Plus it offers 200 bonus miles when you make your first transaction after you link your debit or credit card.

Shell Fuel Rewards

The Shell Fuel Rewards program is somewhat unique in that it has a tiered approach. The more you fill up at Shell, the better your rewards. When you have Silver status, you’ll save three cents per gallon automatically. If you shop more and get to Gold Status, you’ll save at least five cents per gallon. These savings apply to the first 20 gallons of fuel.

Shell also offers rewards for shopping in their stores and filling up or even buying gift cards online. But they aren’t completely clear on their website about how much each type of spending will get you. They say that each store can treat things a little differently, so this is something to be aware of.

Your Local Gas Station or Grocery Store

The above fuel rewards programs are all for larger national or semi-national gas station chains. But there might be local or regional gas stations in your area with even better rewards programs. It’s always worth checking out their websites or asking in person about the rewards programs they offer.

Remember to check with your favorite local or regional grocery store, as well. They often offer a pump in front of the store where you can use your grocery store points for fuel rewards. This can be a better deal if you don’t often stock up on gas station snacks but instead do most of your grocery shopping in one store.

Add in Credit Card Points, Too

The great thing about gas rewards programs like the ones above is that they aren’t typically tied to a specific credit card. So you can stack your rewards when you use a gas rewards credit card along with your chain-based fuel rewards program.

For instance, you might get 10 points per gallon from your fuel rewards program plus two percent or more cash back on your credit card. Those rewards can add up quickly, especially if you drive a lot or have a gas-guzzling vehicle. If you don’t already use a gas rewards credit card, check out our list of the best gas rewards credit cards.

One of the best options is when you can link your gas station fuel rewards program to your credit card. With some of these programs, you can enter your credit card information online. Then whenever you swipe that card at the appropriate gas station, you’ll get the points. You don’t even have to keep an extra rewards card in your wallet!

Use More Than One Program

Chances are you don’t fill up at the exact same gas station all the time. So the key here is to find two or three, or even more, programs that work well for your needs and habits. Since it’s free to sign up for these fuel rewards programs, you should sign up for any that you typically use. Then just remember to take the time to swipe that extra card before you fill up!


  • Abby Hayes

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