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These past few years have been hard on many workers.  The economy took a sharp turn for the worse, and that left a lot of people out of a job.

In an effort to find new employment, some people turned to employment centers, while others tried to tap into their network of friends and family.

However, in today’s world, more people turn to the internet to end their unemployment or find a new job.  This makes sense given that online social networks and the internet in general play such huge roles in our lives.  In this context, it’s important to know where to post your resume online.  We’ve sifted through the numerous online job sites to bring you details on some of the best places to post your resume.

Monster.com – This is the biggest and most well-known job website.  Over 41 million resumes are planted on Monster, and more than 1.1 million job postings are listed.  Monster also has some nice privacy features: you can block specific companies—like your current employer—from seeing your resume posting.

Last year, Monster acquired hotjobs.com (formerly Yahoo! HotJobs), adding to its online employment prowess.  The most common complaint from job seekers is that Monster sometimes requires you to view an ad before seeing your search results.  It also tends to have many “junk posts” that are designed to lead you to another employment agency or headhunter.  But none of these negative aspects prevents Monster from being the most popular online job site.

CareerBuilder.com – With over 20 million visitors per month, this is widely regarded as one of the best job websites. CareerBuilder pulls job listings from the pages of major newspapers.  This can lead job seekers to find distinct employment opportunities unlisted on other major sites.  CareerBuilder is also popular because it helps customers in other unique ways; for instance, it aids customers in finding apartments or freelance jobs.

Simply Hired – This site allows you to adjust several different variables—location, job title, occupation, etc.—and search job postings across many different sites.  Employers can’t post directly to Simply Hired, nor can job seekers post directly to the site.  However, you can send your resume out to five other job sites.  SimplyHired also allows you to connect your profile with Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn, which can improve networking and boost your likelihood of landing a job.

Indeed.com – Like Simply Hired, this site allows you to search many popular job search websites all at once.  Similarly, you can adjust different factors to conduct a search.  One neat feature is that Indeed gives you the option to save searches and have the results sent to your RSS feed reader or your email.  The only drawback that customers note is that you can’t search across an entire job category.  Thus, you have to have a fairly good idea of the specific type of job you are seeking.

As we previously mentioned, the online job market is inundated with various websites promising an easy path to a great new job.  There are several good, helpful sites, but there are also many poor ones.  You should search around for some niche websites in your field of work, but the list above should provide you a good starting point for your online job search.

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Hello Dr. Writer,

Well done article about the web’s currently popular job boards and aggregators. I particularly liked the fact that you went over some of the weaknesses (and strengths) of each particular website; most writers just gloss over each site in a general summation of their features…

If you’re going to update this article/list in the future or write an entirely new one, I’d like to suggest adding ZipRecruiter.com to the throng. It’s a job distribution/job search website that addresses all of the cons you list above while still keeping each of the pros. For instance, there are no Monster.com-ish ads sitting between you and your job search results. Both employers and job seekers can post directly to the site, unlike Simply Hired. And while Indeed.com doesn’t allow job seekers to search via job category, ZipRecruiter does.

http://www.ziprecruiter.com is definitely a website worth checking out for both employers and candidates alike!

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