Welcome to our week-long series on How to Earn Extra Income from a Side Hustle. In this third of five articles, we cover 75 ways to make a side income.

In yesterday’s article we looked a 5 resources for side hustle ideas. Today we have come up with a list of practical ways to make money on the side. Some of the ideas require specific skills, experience, maybe even a license, but others don’t. If you have the knowledge and drive you can turn your hobby, passion or expertise into dollars.

What side hustles have worked for you? Which side hustles haven’t worked out? Tell us what you have learned from your side hustle adventure in the comments below.


1. Shooting Lessons: I have a friend that makes great extra money offering kids basketball shooting lessons. You can make around 30 bucks an hour (maybe more) if you have the knowledge and skill set to teach. The main obstacle is finding gym time, so consider a rec center that offers cheap memberships. You could also partner with local coaches for help. If you have enough business, you could rent a court.

2. Hitting Lessons: If baseball or softball is your thing, then start signing kids up to take hitting lessons. Partnering with the local school coaches is a great way to develop business.

3. Referee / Umpire: Referees and umpires are always needed. You can stick with little league or go for adult leagues. It does require a class or two and you have to pass a written test. If you love sports, this is a great way to pocket some extra cash and it’s flexible because you choose when you work.

4. Coaching: There are plenty of coaching jobs that pay. Usually it’s at the middle school, high school or college level. But, if you love sports or you’re a former athlete, this can be an enjoyable and rewarding way to make some extra money.

5. Strength and Conditioning Training: This is a great side hustle for former athletes who have been through this type of training. You can connect with local school teams to get your name out there. Parents will pay for this type of training for their athlete and it’s a great way to be involved in the community.

6. Gun Permit Instructor: If this is an interest of yours then consider teaching the class and getting paid. The rules and regulations vary from state to state, so be sure to find out the process for your state.

7. Boot Camp Instructor: If you have a fitness background then try giving Boot Camp Classes. You can hold an outdoor class at a local park and not have any sort of overhead costs. Make the class fun and beneficial and people will be lining up to join.

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8. Substitute Teacher: Did you know in many states you only have to have a bachelor’s degree to be a sub? This would be a great thing to do if you have another job that allows you the flexibility to teach periodically. If you have a day or two off during the week, you can register with your local school system and let them know your availability.

9. Tutor: If you excel in Math, English, Science or any other subject, then try tutoring. Tutors are known to make between $25 – $35 an hour. You can give your name and number to local schools or your school district’s central office as a way to get students. Also, college campuses are a great source of potential students.

10. Resume Writing: If you have a knack for writing resumes, you can make some money on the side. There are plenty of ways you can advertise your service such as Craigslist. Plus, this type of side hustle doesn’t have any start up cost.

11. Term Paper Editor: If you are a good writer and you can edit term papers, you will find lots of students willing to pay for your service. This too has little start up costs and just requires time and effort to get started.

12. Translator: If you are bi-lingual you be a translator. You don’t have to go through a company to get work, instead you can reach out to companies directly that may be in need of a translator.

13. Sign Language: You can sign for extra cash or teach a sign language class.

14. Music Lessons: Consider giving lessons for whatever instrument you excel at. Even if you aren’t an expert in the field you can give beginner lessons.

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15. Movers: If you have moving experience or you are just willing to work hard, you can make good money on the side. I have friends who have used craigslist to find movers because they felt they could get a better deal than with a big company.

16. Painter: If you enjoy painting then you will enjoy getting paid for it even more. You can advertise on Craigslist or Facebook when getting started. Getting leads is your biggest obstacle. If you don’t have any experience giving estimates, you might want to consider partnering with a professional painter for some tips.

17. House Cleaner: It’s not easy work, but if you are dependable you can make some good cash. If you are good at this job then you will find regular clients that you can count on. You can also partner with real estate agents and investors who have the potential to send you a lot of work.

18. Hauling Service: Owning a truck can be very beneficial for a side hustle. For a fee you can haul off people’s junk.

19. Run Errands: Run errands for people while they are at work. Here are a few errands you could offer to complete: Dry Cleaning, Post Office, Grocery Shopping, Hardware Store, Office Store, Picking Up Supplies For Your Business, Garden Center, Walking Dogs, Giving Rides, Assembling Furniture (Desks, Beds, Tables, Chairs, Shelves), etc.

20. Delivery Person: Sometimes having the right type of automobile pays off – like a truck or van. I’ve seen many ads on Craigslist for folks who will delivery big items that can’t fit in a car. You could offer to deliver just about anything throughout your area or even state.

21. Power Washer: If you own a power washer you can make some quick money. My cousin struck a deal with an apartment complex and power washed all their awnings and made a few thousand dollars for a day’s work.

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In The Home

22. Babysitter: Babysitting isn’t just for teenagers anymore. As a matter of fact, there are many online sites, like Sitter City, that find sitters and perform background checks. You can sign up to be a babysitter and work when you want.

23. Sewing/Seamstress: Whether it’s altering school uniforms, making pillows or Halloween costumes, this is a side hustle to consider if you know how to use a sewing machine. You get to hustle from your own home and work while watching T.V.

24. Handy Man: Finding a good handy man isn’t always easy. If you have the skill then you might as well get rewarded for your abilities. Neighborhood newsletters are a great place to advertise for free.

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We Love Our Pets

25. Pet Walker: This really requires no skill set, just a love for our furry friends and the willingness to clean up their mess.

26. Groomer: Being a professional groomer requires some classes, but it’s a nice way to make some money. If you love animals then consider setting up shop at your home and working on the side.

27. Pet Sitter: Start within your community and offer to pet-sit while people are out of town. There is a woman in my town who provides this service and as a bonus she picks up and drops off your pet.

28. Pet Training: If you have a way with animals and a successful training background, you could get paid for your talent. You can also take some classes that will sharpen your skills and your credentials.

29. Pet Photographer: If you are good at taking pictures then put an ad out there for pet photography. People spoil their pets and will pay for good pics.

30. Aquarium Service: If you have ever had an aquarium then you know what a pain they are to keep clean. If you are someone who has this type of knowledge then offer to clean aquariums for people.

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31. Hair Stylist: If you are a former stylist that has another full-time gig, then consider picking your scissors back up and working from home on the weekends.

32. Hair Braiding: This is a talent that people will pay big bucks for. If you have this skill then try this for your side hustle.

33. Make-Up Services: If you are good at applying make-up then offer your services to the high school kids around prom time.

34. Modeling: If you have the desire to work in the modeling industry, now is the time to get started. Even local gigs pay very well and just imagine what your income will be should you sign with a national agency!

Use Your Creative Side

35. Photography: You don’t have to be considered a “professional” to be good at taking pictures. If you have an eye for capturing a special moment then start marketing yourself.

36. Logo Design: Those who have a creative side and can use programs like PhotoShop are in high demand on the web. Bloggers and businesses need logos designed and often have to hire someone for the job. Check out my favorite design site 99 Designs and choose your first project.

37. Video Production: You can produce and edit videos for business or bloggers. There is a huge online market for video production. You can make online commercials or YouTube videos to name a few.

38. Freelance Writer: There are numerous websites that can help freelance writers find work. The truth is you don’t have to have a writing background to be a good writer or to make money as a freelance writer. Start by checking out a freelance site or reach out to some of your favorite blogs and ask to write a guest post.

39. Caricature Drawing: You will be nominated as “most popular” at all the birthday parties if you have this talent.

40. Face Painter: This is another great skill to have so you can market yourself for birthday parties, school events or fundraisers.

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Computer Geeks

41. In-Home Computer Repair: Computers are foreign objects to many and having someone come to your home to make the repair is often worth the cost. Post an ad on Craigslist or even send a message out to all your FB friends offering your service.

42. Develop an iPhone game: If you are an iPhone and computer whiz, then take a crack at this because it can make you a quick fortune. Develop a game or application for the iPhone and sell it through the Apple store. You’ll receive payment for the license and royalties for each sale.

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43. Party Planner: Party planning is something you can do all year long. There are many sites that can help you get started by getting your name out there, like Best Party Ever.

44. Catering: If you feel you are talented enough at baking and/or cooking, the market is always in need. Start small by supplying food or baked goods for intimate parties, events or office meetings. If your services are well received and demand increases, continue to grow. In this case, what begins as a side job could become a lucrative career.

45. Band/Singer: You might not be the next Bruce Springsteen, but don’t be afraid to take a chance and get paid for what you love to do.

46. DJ: Offer to DJ parties, events, or school dances. When you are just getting started you can rent all the required equipment and build it into your cost.

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47. File Taxes: With tax season here there is no better time to get started. If you are a former CPA or have the knowledge needed to help people file their taxes, then pick it up as a side hustle. You can even consider starting your own blog that offers this type of information to people.

48. Accounting Services: Sometimes if you are just good with numbers you can get a side gig helping a small business or an individual with their books.

Automotive Jobs

49. Mechanic: My sister’s mechanic works on the side and he is completely dependable. So dependable, in fact, that he has even made house calls to make sure her car was safe to drive. He has picked up and dropped off her car for repairs, which is something you don’t get from the over-priced shops in her area.

50. Towing: If you’ve got the equipment then you might as well put it to go use. This doesn’t mean you have to own a tow truck, but there are many other things you can tow. Lawn equipment, boats, motorcycles, etc.

51. Car Audio Installation: The big stores like Best Buy charge a fortune for this type of service. Make yours affordable and you will beat out the competition. This would be a great side job for someone who used to do this type of work at one of the big stores.

Seasonal Work

52. Lawn Care: This is a great spring and summer gig and you have complete control over how much work you take on. Set it up so it’s a weekend or evening job. If you are a teacher, make it your full-time money maker in the summer.

53. Snow Plow: This is a nice way to make some money during the winter. It requires a truck and a plow, which can be costly, but can also bring in some good money.

54. Shovel Snow: It’s not easy work, but it’s cash in your pocket. This is a great side hustle for kids or college students who have the energy to get out there and shovel.

55. Lawn & Garden Clean Up: This doesn’t require much skill, which means anyone can give it a shot. With spring approaching this would be a good time to get an ad on Craigslist or a community bulletin.

56. Landscaping People pay big bucks to get their yard landscaped. This is a great weekend side job and you get to be outside and enjoy nice weather.

57. Clean Gutters: Cleaning gutters doesn’t take a special license or skill, just some hard work and no fear of heights. Homeowners pay good money to have their gutters cleaned by expensive roofing companies, so just make your service affordable and get paid for your work.

58. Tree Service: If you have the knowledge and equipment, then start up a basic Tree Service on the side. This would include things like trimming and deadwood removal.

59. Deliver/Remove Firewood: Deliver Firewood to folks or offer to remove wood they don’t want.

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Skilled Trade

60. Electrician: If you’re a certified electrician there’s a great deal of work available for you. This can be a great way to make extra cash in the evenings and on the weekend.

61. Plumber: Licensed plumbers can make excellent money, too, but even if you aren’t certified you can still do side jobs. Just be sure you aren’t doing jobs that required you to be licensed.

62. Siding Repair: If you are handy and can repair siding then market yourself as such. Often the big companies are too expensive and if you can work a deal out that is good for the homeowner and for yourself, then you’ve got a side hustle.

63. Brick Mason: This is a learned skill, but if it’s something you did at a previous job then consider making it your side hustle.

64. Bob Cat, Bulldozer, Backhoe Service: You don’t have to own this type of machinery, you just have to be able to operate it. You can offer your service and the client can pay you and the rental fee for the equipment.

Administrative Work

65. Social Media Guru: Not everyone knows how to connect with people/businesses on social media sites, but everyone knows what powerful tools they are. If you know all the in’s and out’s of the social media sites, then offer your knowledge to businesses or bloggers to get them up and running. Social media presence creation, updating, and responding are a few skills you can suggest.

66. Internet Research: Being good at online research can pay off in a big way. If you can navigate the web then offer to do research for people or businesses.

67. PowerPoint Expert: Get paid to create and update PowerPoint presentations.

68. Write/Create Newsletters: Many bloggers, businesses and organizations would love to have a monthly or weekly newsletter, but might not have the time or man-power to get it going. Search for possible leads online and then pitch your idea. There are many free online sites you can use to create newsletters.

69. Virtual Administrative Assistant: If you are reliable and experienced then market yourself as someone businesses can partner with to get things done. Consider all the tasks you could do online like Schedule/Calendar Management, Manage & Sort Emails, CorrespondenceForms/Documents, Word Processing & Formatting, Writing/Proofreading/Editing, Article Writing/Marketing Press Release, Writing/DistributionDatabase, Creation/Management, Customer Relations/Contact Management, Internet Research, etc. Being a virtual assistant allows you to work from home, too.

Online Gigs

70. Swagbucks: If you spend quite a bit of time online, you might as well make some dough while you’re at it. Swagbucks pays you in cash back or gift cards for filling out surveys, voting in polls, watching videos, playing online games and even shopping. It’s free to join so you might as well sign up for Swagbucks now!

71. Sell Your Stuff on eBay or at Consignment: eBay is an ideal place to sell old or unwanted items. As the saying goes, One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you have some relatively unique items that are easy to ship, eBay is a great place to make some extra money. Consignment shops are also a great way to get rid of old or unwanted clothes.

72. Sell Other People’s Stuff: You can always sell your own stuff on eBay, but you can also sell things for others. I recently met a lady with an enormous amount of antiques (3 barns full) stacked away where nobody can see them. I am going to get her up and running with an eBay store so the right people can see this jackpot. If you have the know-how you can help someone who already has the goods make some money.

73. Create your own retail website: If you’re already computer literate, use this knowledge to create a website to sell products or services. There are plenty of free online hosting sites, cheap domain name registries and oodles of places willing to stock your virtual shelves with inventory. Or better yet, use your artist abilities to create your own products and sell them on eBay and Craigslist.

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Work For Someone Else

74. Mystery Shopper: People who do the mystery shopping thing seem to have fun doing it. It’s a nice way to make some dough on the side and it sounds like a way to have some fun too.

75. Wait Tables or Bartend: These are the ideal side jobs for nights and weekends. The hourly rate is not appealing, but you can make some nice tips over the weekend. Most of the time servers and bartenders are required to have some type of previous experience in the industry, particularly to work at higher end establishments.

76. Deliver Pizzas: This is a sure fire way to bring in some extra cash. You need a reliable car and a good driving record. Usually, pizza delivery drivers make minimum wage plus tips.

77. Paper Route: At first you might think a paper route is just part-time job for kids, but think again. One reader told us her husband brings in at least $800 a month. This is ideal for those who have their early mornings open and don’t mind getting up extremely early.

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Additional Ideas

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