Do You Believe In Financial Miracles?

financial miracles

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the commonRalph Waldo Emerson

Have you or someone you know ever experienced a financial miracle? Do you even believe in miracles, financial or otherwise? I’m going to tell you about a financial miracle I experienced as a child; at least, it seemed like a miracle to me. It wasn’t a $1 million miracle. In fact, it was only a $5 miracle. But to a child of about 10 with very little money, the memory has stayed with me now for a very long time.

My Financial Miracle

I was about 10. On a summer Saturday morning my mom dropped me off at our church for the pinewood derby held by a group called the Royal Rangers (kind of like Boy Scouts). I looked forward to this event every year, where you race cars you’ve built out of a block of wood. Most boys would build their cars with their dad, who often times took more interest in the project than the child (I speak from experience now as a father). In my case, my step-dad took the block of wood and left the house for a couple of hours. When he came back, the block of wood had been transformed into an amazing looking race car. Not exactly a father-son moment, but I had the best looking car at the race (see picture below).

Anyway, my mom gave me $2 for lunch and left. Before the race began, a nice breakfast was provided to the boys and the fathers that were there. (I think my step-dad was fishing that day. I don’t actually remember that he was fishing, but that’s what he did most Saturdays.) During the breakfast, a speaker described a financial need that somebody in the community had. The need had to do with a child, but I don’t remember exactly what it was. For some reason, I felt compelled to give my $2 to help this person out. I knew I’d go without lunch, but something kept pushing me to give. So I did.

The Race

After breakfast, the race started. It was a double elimination with two cars racing at one time. Because there were a lot of cars entered into the race, it took all morning. As it turns out, my car was fast, real fast. I kept hearing all morning, “look at that orange car go!” And you guessed it, my car won the race.

Although I didn’t know this until after the race, the winner not only received a trophy, but he also got a $5 prize. I’m still not sure why they gave out money, but here I am holding $5 in the mid-1970s having earlier given up all the money I had.

Now some will think I’m absolutely crazy, but I believe that $5 was God’s way of acknowledging the financial sacrifice I had made earlier that morning. Now I know that it very well could have been nothing more than a coincidence. And I also know that life doesn’t always work out so well. But as Emerson so eloquently stated, the “invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”

And if you have experienced a financial miracle, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Oh, and here’s a picture of the car today. Originally it had about a dozen coats of beautiful orange lacquer, but it’s taken a beating over the last 30+ years.

pinewood derby car

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  1. Jeff McKinstry

    I basically experienced the exact same thing as you did.

    When I was about 13 or 14, I wanted a new stereo like nothing else in the world. Mom and dad said that I would have to save up for it. So, I cut grass and did some baby-sitting and leaf raking when the weather turned colder. One Sunday night at church, we had a special program put on by “Jews for Jesus”. They asked for a love offering at the end and I just happened to have a five dollar bill that I had not put in my saving stash yet. I thought about it for a minute and decided to put it in the offering plate – knowing that it was the right thing to do.

    I rode to church with a friend and when they dropped my at my house, I went into my bedroom and there was a new stereo sitting on my bed. My mom and dad came in and said that they had bought it for my Christmas present and they saw how much that I wanted one and how hard I was working for it and just decided to give it to me that night!

    There is not always as direct and tangible cause and effect, but that lesson has stayed with me for 30 or so years.

    Like my mom always says “God does not keep His checkbook like we do” and I firmly believe it!

  2. “I believe that $5 was Gods way of acknowledging the financial sacrifice I had made earlier that morning.”

    But if you hadn’t won, would that have meant that the Devil was after you? Or that your God hated you? Sorry, but this seems to be nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy…

  3. I have 2.

    First my mothers father did not pay any attention to me, he was one of those who only thought boys mattered.

    When I had my first son ( I am sure the fact that he was a boy helped) I had to make a tough choice. Medicine for my kid or gas to get to work to pay for the insurance my son needed so badly. So I picked the medicine, and thought I will figure the rest out. When I got home from work that day, there was a check for $1000 from my grandfather with a note telling me to buy the boy something nice. This was in April I still do not know how he knew where I lived.

    A few months later he died. Once again I was having a hard time, I had a find job but I had a very sick kid whos meds took up 25% of my paycheck. So one day, I was broke all I could be, another check arrived. This time from my Grandfathers sister, for $100.

    Not long after my son got healthy and I got a raise. Those were the only time in my life these people sent me money. I mean it, not on any birthday or xmas..only those two times.

  4. I had applyed to go overseas to study and was working as a carer for an elderly lady. I worked out I would need at least 3,000.00 to cover accommodation, food, transport etc. while I was away. I was about to tell the family of the lady I was looking after that I would be leaving within the month. But before I could they asked me if I would stay on until the lady passed away which could have been at any time.
    With a heavy heart I agreed to do this and contacted the college to say I was unable to attend that semester. I really didn’t have enough saved but felt that if I had been careful I would have been okay.
    The lady passed away a week before the semester started and the family gave me 700.00 cheque in thanks for all my help. That meant that I had the complete 3000.00 and the college was able to include me as a late passment so I went after all.
    Someone up there was looking out for me!

  5. I have 2 as well:

    Our church was rapidly expanding in membership and needed to build a new addition. They started a building campaign and my husband and I both felt compelled to give a much larger sum than either of us was comfortable with. After a good deal of prayer and soul-searching, we finally forked over a check for $10,000. Exactly two days later, my husband got a raise at his job in the amount of $9800.

    In 2003, we decided to adopt a sibling pair of girls from Costa Rica. We knew the process would be costly in terms of both finances and time lost from work, but we felt strongly that it was the right thing to do. With adoption expenses totaling around $20k, we ended up putting a lot of the final expenses on credit cards. Before the bills even came in, though, my husband’s employer gave him a bonus that more than covered all of the outstanding bills. He’s never gotten anywhere near that size bonus before or since. (And his company was not aware of the amount of our expenditures.)

    Coincidence? Possible, but I call them miracles!

  6. For two consecutive years, we have experienced a financial miracle. On both occasions we committed to donate $500 to a scholarship in memory of an immediate family member. Within 48 hours we won or otherwise stumbled upon at least $500 (and we are not big gamblers or lottery players). Call it a coincindence but we think differently.

  7. DH was diagnosed with cancer about 2.5 years ago and had to undergo a year of chemotherapy. Because he was only working sporadically during his treatment, we only had my $35,000 salary to support ourselves and our newborn daughter.

    After three surgeries, multiple consultations with doctors, and a year of chemotherapy treatments, we had racked up $96,000 in debt. While some of the of the doctors we owed money to were very understanding, others were very blunt about the fact that they wanted their money and they wanted it ASAP.

    The hospital where DH had recieved his chemo treatments was especially bad. We owed a $500 copay for each of his chemo treaments and they refused to consolidated them into a single bill. We were expected to pay a minimum of $50 on 17 bills every month. If I lost track of which accounts I had paid for the month and which ones were not paid, I recieved phone calls “reminding” me that we owed them money and that the debts would be turned over to collections if they were not paid on time.

    One day I went in person to the billing department in one of the hospitals DH had been treated in. I broke into tears, sobbing like a child, in one woman’s office. She asked me to come see her again in a week.

    When I came back, she told me that she had taken it upon herself to contact a charitable organization and that the organization had made arrangements to pay everything we owed to that hospital. Overnight, $32,000 of our debt had disappeared! I literally passed out on the floor of the billing department.

    While we still owe a very large sum, I thank God for that woman.

  8. In 2002, I was gainfully employed and had no debt whatsoever. In 2003 I felt led by the Lord to open my “in-home senior care” business with 2 times the recommend amount of money needed (per my franchisor) from getting a home equity loan. The business progressed nicely until 2005.

    Beginning in 2005, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent a mastectomy, chemo therapy, reconstruction surgery and continues on tamoxifin treatment causing severe female and emotional problems yet today. In the spring of 2006 I broke my ankle; and then in the fall, I was forced to have an emergency colon dissection and colostomy, which was reversed in 2007 (one week after my wife’s breast reconstruction surgery!). And, during all this time, our son who has severe bi-polar disorder, was “self medicating” with illicit drugs ending in an extended jail term and felony convictions (thank the Lord in 2008 he appears to be delivered from the problem with the aid of our pastor, a good therapist and doctor!). Now in 2007 and 2008 my brother-in-law, with whom my wife and I are very close, survived both stomach cancer in the fall of 2007 (he was the Indiana farmer that the CBS Evening News did a story on) and all during 2008 has undergone radiation and chemo therapy for brain lesions adding to our stress and concerns.

    While we had all this going on, my first priority and attention was focused on my family needs, contributing to the business stagnating. Also, since I wasn’t physically able to promote the business to generate the needed cash flow, I was forced to borrow money to keep it going while my wife and I were laid up. We were also forced to borrow money to provide for our son’s extensive legal fees. Servicing this debt has got me to the point where I am facing certain bankruptcy and will not only lose my business, but also my entire life savings and my home of 30 years without some sort of miracle.

    Even though the business has made significant improvement in 2008, since we got back on our feet, it has come as too little too late and we will soon lose everything. Besides the business debt, we have had to get into our IRA to pay nearly $40,000 in medical bills that our insurance did not cover of our total healthcare bill of nearly $200,000.

    It is important for you to know that through all this, we have never stopped our giving to our church, to the Gideons, to the Salvation Army, to the Cancer Society, to, and many other ministries. And, we have never stopped serving through our church, the Gideons, and Unfortunately, our planted “seeds” have not produced the “fruit” we need to survive financially. Many, many times I have written checks for giving when there was no money in the bank to cover it – I did so on faith that God would provide.

    These stories are encouraging but the bottom line still remains…where is my family’s deliverance? God is not supposed to be a repector of persons and yet still says he will bless whom he wishes and curse who he wishes. It really seems as if I and my family have been chosen to recieve the curse. Pray for my lack of wisdom, hope and faith -I’m tired and ready to give up.

    • I totally understand what you mean in your last paragraph, and believe I did not just stumble on this site. I too feel (at times) that He is only blessing certain people, but then a small blessing will come to remind me that He hasn’t forgotten me and that it’s His timing. I hope these will help you.
      The Lord will bless you according to according to these scriptures, as I have been believing Him for these myself. (I copied this from a large prayer request I had sent in to a ministry awhile back) Blessings to you and your family….
      I pray: :
      Bless me according to my faith in Him. Asking the Jesus and the Father in Jesus’ Name and it will be given to me or done for me.
      • Matthew 9:29, 35
      • Matthew 15: 28
      • Matthew 20:32, 34
      • Mark 5:34
      • Mark 9: 23
      • Mark 10:52
      • Mark 11:23, 24
      • Luke 8:48

      According to what He said that I can…“Ask Me anything in My Name”
      • John 14:13,14
      • John 15:7
      • John 16:23, 24
      • Matthew 21: 21, 22

      God will deliver me according to His Word
      • Ps. 119:170

      According to my faith and trust in Him. Let it be done for you according to your faith/ as you wish, etc…
      • Luke 18:1-8

      The Lord to rescue and honor me and set me securely on high
      • Ps. 91:14-16

      According to God’s great compassion, He will send deliverers (notice it’s plural) to deliver me from my enemies/oppressors:
      Nehemiah 9:27
      • poverty & lack (add yours here…)
      • health issues

      The deliverers He will send will be: “Kings and queens will serve you and care for all your needs. Then you will know that I am the LORD. Those who trust in me will never be put to shame.” Who can demand that a tyrant let his captives go? For I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children. All the world will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Israel.” (Provision, deliverance, salvation for my son, fighting on my behalf, God to receive glory.)
      • Isaiah 49:23

      Instead of your shame you will have a double portion,
      And instead of humiliation they will shout for joy over their portion
      Therefore they will possess a double portion in their land,
      Everlasting joy will be theirs.
      • Isaiah 61:7 (Read ch’s 60-62)

      God will afflict me no more; break their yoke from me and tear off your shackles.
      Nahum 1:12, 13

      The power to heal because of the faith in Jesus Name
      Acts 3:16

      God make a covenant and will perform miracles which have not been produced in all the earth nor among any of the nations; and all the people among whom you live will see the working of the LORD, for it is a fearful thing that I am going to perform with you.
      • Exodus 34: 10

      The Lord will perform extraordinary miracles through me
      • Acts 19:10

      The Lord will vindicate me and make up for all the years that the locusts (enemy/devil) has eaten/stolen and will have an abundance of food and never again will you be disgraced and His Spirit will be pored out.
      • Joel 2:23-29

      Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
      • 1 Cor. 12: 7-11
      (I would like all that the Lord would give me. I am saved but don’t feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit’s power relating to the gifts of the Spirit.

      After I have suffered a little while, the Lord will Himself will personally come to restore, support, strengthen and establish you. (I have suffered MORE than a little while)
      • 1 Peter 5:10

      God will bless me one thousand fold more than I am now. (If I were to work full time hours at the wage when the Lord revealed this to me, that would be $ 24,024,000. Thank- you Jesus!)
      • Deut. 1:11

      The Lord Himself will fight for me, as a mighty warrior providing victory.
      Deut. 3:22 and Zeph. 3:17

      Protection from all sickness and disease. Jesus healed all from their diseases and afflictions.
      • Matthew 9:35

      Blessings from tithing: Test Me in this… I will open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there is not room enough to receive it and rebuke the devourer for you, and you will be called blessed.
      • Malachi 3:10-12

      The Lord will give you—a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant—then when you eat and are satisfied, (I will not forget the Lord who delivered me)
      • Deut. 6:10-12

      For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land—a land with streams and pools of water, with springs flowing in the valleys and hills; a land with wheat and barley, vines and fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey; a land where bread will not be scarce and you will lack nothing; a land where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the hills. (however that applied to where I live) When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the LORD your God for the good land he has given you. When you eat and are satisfied, and when your herds and flocks grow large and your silver and gold increase and all you have is multiplied, don’t forget the Lord, that He gave you the power to get wealth. (I won’t)
      • Deut. 8:7-13
      • Deut. 7: 15

      Because I am obedient to the Lord and diligently seek Him, I can count on Him to have the blessings of the Lord overtake me in every area of my life. To make me the head and not the tail any loger, and I shall lend to many nations (especially Israel)
      • Deut. 28: 1-13

      The Lord will bless me to bless others.

      • O’How beautiful the scriptures that bring the truth of the LIVING WORD to life in our lives! Thank you for giving the seed of time and love.
        Now, to anyone reading these words. I feel compelled to share this with you. This website is very powerful/ It will show you how to retrieve what the enemy has stolen from you. You do not deserve to be robbed. I want to share right here in case you do not go to that site, please pray at midnight from now on. The midnight hour, like JESUS Himself prayed at the garden. Sprinkle the Blood of JESUS over my land. Say that right now! Also say this:
        No weapon formed or fashioned against me will ever prosper! Do not take this lying down. Stand up with authority and yell! The violent take it by storm. amen 1.) I call forth my blessings out of the water, the land and the air! 2.)I command the evil serpeant to cough up my money now and die in Jesus name! I will receive my miracles! My miracles will begin to manifest rapidly, in JESUS name amen. The curse is broken off my finances and off my health from my fathers house and from my mothers house! The arrows of poverty go back to the sender! The arrows of sickness go back to the sender in JESUS name amen. By the stripes on JESUS back I am healed. Start professing these and watch your life change! The devil is a liar and a loser! god bless you, marlene
        Anyone needing prayer please ask. My prayers are powerful!

        • Hi Marlen, I went to the website that you mentioned (thank you) and went to 17 miracle prayers that make you rich. Elisha lists 7 and states that for the rest of the prayers type in first name and email and he would send a response in less than 5 minutes to my inbox which he did. What arrived was the passion prayer not the 17 miracle prayer points that make you rich which was I had asked for. You see I am a independant salesrep for a cable company and each year for the last 3 or 4 sales dwindle around this time and I start using my tax money for me and my family to survive. I have been informed that I am supposed to go back into the same territory that i had previously finished and get more sales. How I don’t know and my bosses boss does not seem to care.The last 3 years I have not turned in taxes and took a payment plan to IRS to pay taxes. It looks like it is going to happen again this year if they allowe it which still puts further in debt because I Have to make monthly payments unless God intervenes on my behalf. ON top of that I have a 16 year old son that has ADHD and the medication is screwing up his body and he has to stop taking any medication for awhile until we see what the next step is.and this is not good, on various time he has run away from home without medication. I have tried to contact Elisha by email and the customer care rep to again request the 17 miracle prayer points that make you rich and to ask a few questions with no response. I am working with what has been sent to me.( passion prayer) and I was hoping that maybe you could answer a few questions for me.There are some prayers and prayer arrows that I am supposed to get aggresive and loud for. I asked my wife what this meant and she said get louder and louder until I am screaming at the top of my voice . Is she correct would you please clarify.Thank You PS Please pray for me and my family that the financial situation improves greatly, as does my son’s health and if you would please clarify about getting aggresive and turning up the volume.,Please respond asap.

        • Marlene,
          Please pray for my wife and I. We lost our jobs october 2008 and we are going to be in the street next week. If nothing is too big for our God, we need $200,000 just to bring us to 0. Then I will still need work. Thank you.

        • Brenda

          That was truly a blessing! I am believing God for a Supernatural financial blessing. Please keep me lifted in prayer for deliverance and divine supernatural financial breakthrough.

        • Marlene, i hope i find you in good health. i have a prayer request. i have for 7 months been trying to sell my vehicle and failing to get a good price for it. now i am in great urgent need of money i don’t want to find myself selling it for quarter of its value. Please pray that i manage to sell the vehicle at great price.

    • judith nita

      my dear friend, don’t give up. i was really amazed to hear you say that you
      continue your giving. does your giving includes your tithes. in your case i believe that you are a thither. the promise on being a thither is that God will rebuke the DEVOURER from destroying anything pertaining to your
      life and family. i have face difficulties to in my live and it felt like God disappeared but i also continued to give and i am going to continue trusting sames to me that you need wisdom in this situation, and i do understand that it is very challenging but God is kind and loving and he will never do anything to heart you or your family. curses does not come without a cause.if you are in Christ you are delivered from the curse of the law. and you have the rights to recieve
      all the promises off God if you are not receiving them don’t give up just do some adjustment. remember the spiritual law in mark 11:23 it
      says THAT WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL GET. my friend your words have power to manifest evil if they are not in line with the word of God
      if you have been missing it by what you have been speaking, then go back and speak life into your circumstances and don’t confess any thing else but the promise that is rightfully yours. remember the thief cometh but to steal kill and destroy,BUT HE CAME THAT WE MIGHT HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY. that is the kind of God that we searve he wants us to have life to the fullest and with just a little correction and knowledge it is yours my friend
      and i will continue to pray for you and you family. read Psalms 66:12

  9. Merry Lynn

    My situation is very similar to yours. I understand your stress, as I too am struggling with a small business and the immense debt load it is carrying. I am working long hours with no end in sight right now. I have prayed for you that God will give you wisdom and innovation to get out from under this burden right now. I just read in my devotions tonight that God is Al Shadai, the God of Plenty and that he is more than enough. Although we do not understand why things happen the way they do, just continue to stand on his word and his promises as I am doing right now. I believe God has allowed me to go through this to increase my faith and my prayer is that your faith will increase as well as you stand on God’s promises.
    Merry Lynn

  10. gertrude

    I do not have a miracle to tell but Ia m in the battling side too. I know GOD will answer all our prayers as HE has promised. HE said we should look up on HIM, lets do that and wait for his timing. He is ELshadai, He rules everything , no matter how the situation maybe, lets not loose focus as it hurrts HIM to see us loosing faith on HIM and trying to figure out things on our own. GOD bles and keep the faith, Oned day soon, I will have a miracle to tell, I know that.

  11. tom oteyo

    Dear God, I know you know what’s in my heart right now. God i am here asking again for an abundance of miracles to maintain my family stable in this home. God i don’t know where else to turn to for help. Dear God my family does not need to suffer for my selfishness. I have not been the full child of God i know you want me to be and i know i need to be. But, God i know you are a forgiving God and you will find it in your world to forgive me. Dear God there is a struggle, a struggle for peace in my family and in my life. I have struggled for so long, just trying to keep my family stable and my children in good, safe environments. Dear God i need you. I need a financial blessing as well as an abundance of angels to fall all over my house as well as my relatives, friends, in laws, neighbors, co workers and enemies. God show them your work and allow them to rest comfortably in your bosom. Lord the world is so cruel and everyone is struggling to keep their heads above the water. Deliver me from the murky waters of debts of USD 60,000 which may ruin me if not cleared by the end of this month. Amen

  12. I too am in a need for a major financial miracle of $7100 by April 8th. Time is running out and I am beginning to believe the answer from God is NO! I am sick on my stomach, can’t eat, sleep, or concentrate at work. I am asking in the name of Jesus for a miracle, and asking my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for me. I read all of your posts, some I am praying for, and others I rejoice with you. Thank you again, and God bless you all!


    • People people people. God is not a genie or your personal banker. We are suppose to be content in all things through him. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto.”

      It seems most people on here are counting on money to help them get out of trouble instead of God to help them. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

      But God doesn’t do “I need $200,000 by the end of the month.” You need to have peace and patience in your situation. “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

      “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

      Praise the Lord! God is not some side show magician ready to “bing” you people down money. If you lose your house, be content in that is the Lord’s will and stay faithful that he will bring you something else. If you have no money to pay your bills, stay thankful that he is still providing you with something to eat. If you have nothing to eat, be thankful that his word is nourishment for the soul.

      Pray and give thanksgiving more then complaining that God is not moving fast enough or has forsaken you. There is power in the Holy Spirit – use it!

  13. I have several but here is one. It was 1992 and I had given my life to the Lord earlier in the year. I faithfully attended my local church and gave offerings and tithes. I was in college at the time and working a part time job. However, I fell behind in my car payment (3 months). My natural father would not give me the money because he told me not to purchase a car in which I had to make monthly payments. Well, I fell behind in the payments and received a letter from the company stating they were going to reposses the car if the amount due was not paid by the due date. That Sunday, I went to church and my Pastor, stated God told him to ask for a Special Offering of $7 dollars; 1 dollar for each day. He stated God said someone would be blessed with at least $700 dollars for their sacrifice because they did not have it to give. I only had $13 dollars to my name. I gave the $7 to the church and placed the other $6 in my gas tank. I began asking God to bless me with large sums of money like $1400, $2800, $3500, $10,000 but then I realized it might have been someone with a greater need than my own. Thus, I simply asked God to bless the person real good. Well, that Monday I went to the Noonday prayer. It was just the Pastor and myself. After praying, he gave me $1 dollar and stated this is to start you. When, I arrived to my home, my mother stated an advisor from the school called and stated I needed to meet with her at 1:00pm on Tuesday. I went to the meeting and found myself in the room with 6 other students. The Career Advisor informed us we were winners of a scholarship; the Dwight Eisenhower Scholarship and would be splitting $95,000 dollars. However, they added 10 other students. So, I received over $5,588 dollars. Moreover, I receive half of the money a week prior to the repossession date and was able to make the necessary payments and more. Futhermore, I asked the Career Advisor, how was I selected when I did not even apply for the scholarship. She stated one of my professor nominated me. GIVING WORKS ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR HEART IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND yOUT MOTIVES ARE PURE!

  14. Here is another one. On 09/22/06 at 3:18pm, I received a telephone call informing me I was terminated from my place of employment. This occurred a week prior to my proposed closing on my house. I waited for my wife to come home to share the news. I broke the news to my wife and after discussion and prayer we decided to press forward with the purchase considering we could not get out earnest money back. Well our mortgage broker was able to complete the deal with my wife income. However, I’m worried about how we’re going to make the monthly payment with me being out of work. Well on the day of closing, the lady in which we purchased the home introduced me and my wife to her husband. At this point, we have been dealing with this lady for a month and have never met her husband. Her husband has his own counseling service. He gave me a small task (speak at a Career Fair) on the behalf of his company. I made $35 dollars for 2 hours but the Human Resource Manager from facility hosting the Career Fair noticed me and called me in for an interview. I got the job.

  15. BenjGen555

    WheWWWWWWWWWWWeeeeee! Abba/Daddy/God richly bless you all in the grace (unearned, unearnable, not deserved) favor and favors of our Lord Jesus Christ. This will encourage you. A friend of mine ( and a brother in Christ) sensed God told him to go on a mission trip to Africa (in 2008). He knew God told him to. This is (was) a staight lace/never show any emotion kind of hard financial advisor who oversees several billion dollars. On his trip many miracles happened but two stand out. He got very ill and couldn’t keep anthing down in the middle of Africa. That’s not a good thing if you think about it, with no medical care around you can end up..well it’s not good. The short version… After a several hour drive, he was brought to the pastor’s little bedroom and put on the bed and could see the bugs on the wall but didn’t even care because he couldn’t feel much on his body, he was in bad shape. 6 men, counting the pastor laid hands on him, annointed him with oil and started to pray for him in the Name of Jesus. Steve (my friend) said he felt a 7th hand on him and Jesus walked in that room. Within 2 minutes he got up from that bed completely healed and said, “let’s go worship” (that’s 2 miracles right there, healing and this guy saying “let’s go worship.” That’s a Baptist who found his Charistmatic side) He went and worshiped and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with 100’s of people, children especially. He had packed lots of little toys (like you get in a happy meal, or kid’s meal, to give to the children). He only had one of his bags, due to his luggage getting lost. This bag had maybe 150-200 toys. (this is a very detailed financial guy). He became very concerned because he could tell there was an estimated 300 kids. When he voiced his concern one of the men with him said “shhhhhoooossssh, 5 loaves, 2 fishes.” They gave each child a toy and kept sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus. Steve counted 200 toys left over in the bag.
    Here’s the application, when the pressures on and the billions you oversee are useless it’s tough on anyone. Those of you who are really struggling, we are praying WITH you and FOR you, you are our brothers and sisters and don’t you forget it! “DADDY, JESUS BLOOD PAID FOR ALL THIS, the enemy has no rights on any of us by that precious blood of Jesus, He was paying for our sins (not His own) and paid them, all of them, even the ones we might commit in the future!” The precious blood of Jesus makes you and me righteous and Jesus is by far an overpayment for all of our sins even financial and physical and emotional…
    Secondly “Feel the 7th Hand” on you and that’s the Hand of Jesus! It’s hard to understand how “The Great I AM” was willing to be beaten, have the skin torn from His back, and then nailed naked on a wooden Cross. Only the Love of our real Daddy in Heaven would endure that to protect us, His other children. He’s walking into where you are right now and putting His hand on you! Amen! How great is the Love of God that we should be called children of God. You last Name is God. The angels look at you and say, “what is it like for him/her actually being in God’s sons or daughters?” The universe itself knows it must serve you because your Dad is it’s master! Some of you have expressed frustration, which is good because it shows something inside is saying “hey, this doesn’t fit, I’m a son/daughter of the Most High God, I am rich.” Remember you are a king or queen and kings and queens speak and servants do what they say, period end of story. The servants don’t ask you if it’s okay, they just do it. If you’ve said the wrong things, thank Daddy/God for our forgiveness (don’t ask Him for it, that’s not good manners to ask someOne for something they have already given) The elements (including your feelings and money) are servants around you, so be careful to only say what you want. Look carefully and notice we consistantly get what we say and believe. God can not lie and we are His children, He spoke the worlds and this solar system into being. You now have those same abilities. I have never seen the term “God’s immeasurable power” use on anything concerning nature or creation in the Bible. I’ve been to Niagra Falls, The Atlanitic, Pacific, and Gulf Oceans. I personally would desribe Niagra as “great power” I’ve been in some nasty storms with what I would call “great winds.” I’ve seen lightning and heard thunder that I would call “great power” Yet I find that God says His great power is in us and more than great, so much so as to not measurable. Ephesians 1:19-21 “And so that you can know and understand what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us who believe, as demonstrated in the working of HIs mighty strength. Which He exerted in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His own right hand in the heavenly places far above all rule and authroity and power and dominion and every name that is named (above every title that can be conferred) not only in this age and in this world but also in the age and world which are to come.” My king brothers and queen sisters I speak to you in the area of that immeasurable great power of God in you to reveal youself to this age, NOW, as the Royal Child of God that you are in Christ! Amen! Amen! Amen!

  16. Motheba

    In 2006 i was admitted to Law School & had to pay $US10,000.00 which i completely did not have. I remember i used to cry feeling like there was no hope for me. Eventually i said “god i’m not giving up” and i cried and prayed day and night. 20 yrs ago my family in Africa welcomed a young Canadian couple in our home and lived with them as though they were part of us. I had not spoken to them in about 18 years and all of a sudden in the midst of my need we miraculously reconnected and they paid the whole amount for me. Nowdays when the devil tries to pin me down, i use that to encourage myself. Bless the Lord and may He bless that couple and their children as well as all of you reading this.



  17. I have faith, but it is very battered. I constantly ask why god whould want to beat me down. I am tired of hearing that god gives you what you can bear. As soon as I cope with one disaster he just sends another. Sometimes I feel that he has made it his mission to constantly kick me till I’m down. My family has been through too much. Every time we get back on our feet we come back altered and our soul’s fractured.
    Were never the same the years go by and all we’ve experienced of life is misery.

    Why doesn’t he help me?

    • Andy, if I had an easy answer, I’d give it to you. I’ve been through dark times in my life, but with God’s help have always managed through them. It sounds like as difficult as things are, you do manage to get back on your feet. Here’s praying you stay there!

    • Hi Andy, I can earnestly tell you that you need deliverence. Now, there is a curse if something keeps happening over and over to you. I want you to take a step of faith. 1. forgive God 2 forgive all that have hurt you, no matter what they did. 3. forgive yourself. Then, If you really want to be free as the Son sets you free, you must stand firmly on The Word of God and take authority over this curse. Name it and command it to leave your life in JESUS name. Now, also break all soul ties to it from your mom’s house and your dads house. (ancestors) Lord, erase the invisible handwriting off of Andy’s life by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT with the BLOOD OF JESUS. Amen. Andy, God wrote our instructions in His Word. Sometimes we don’t see them or understand them. I would like to hear from you as to how you are doing. I am praying for you to gain your victory! The Blood of JESUS sets you free! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed! I am a Child of the LIVING GOD! I will see my miracles! devil, get out of my way, cause I’m coming through in the Mighty Name above every name. The Name of JESUS! I will no longer tolerate this hindering force. Mountain, be thou removed and cast into the sea. Halleluiah!

      • Andy,

        Please don’t think of this as a curse. God constantly whips his kids to get them in line. He puts us through trials and tribulations. He never said our life here would be easy. As a matter of fact, he said we would suffer more as Christians. “Suffering is a tool God uses to get our attention and to accomplish His purposes in our lives. It is designed to build our trust in the Almighty, but suffering requires the right response if it is to be successful in accomplishing God’s purposes. Suffering forces us to turn from trust in our own resources to living by faith in God’s resources.”

        When you get back on your feet, do you go back to ways that are not pleasing to God? It sounds like you and your family are trying to do it on your own and are lacking faith. Please read your bibles and pray together as a family for strength and faith.

        “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.”

        “That ye be… followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”

        “Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.”

  18. Several years back, my family and I were financially tight. I was the only one with a job. My faith was running kinda low that time and I needed God to feed my faith so I reminded Him of His promise to give back a thousand fold, promise to take care of those who trust in Him. On the way to work that morning, in the bus, I told Him that if I ever get unexpected money that day I would give it back to Him a hundred percent. It was a promise knowing there is no source really. I was a 15-30, regular office employee. But God works in mysterious ways, in the afternoon before getting off from work that day, my boss suddenly gave me an equivalent of $20 (big enough for 2 expensive dinners where I lived…and during that time) out of the blue and said he is giving it to me so I could treat my girls out. I was stunned. Of course, I remembered my promise and went straight to church and donated the whole amount (even if it would have given us at least 2 week’s worth of groceries). I felt right about doing it. I felt happy…even proud. I felt like I really touched heaven that day! To top it all, and I had no idea at the start who was receiving me in the church office, no less than the Parish priest was there to receive the donation. He even asked me if I won in the lotto somehow and I said ” no father, God gave this to me to give to the church.”

    After that, I had to resign from work to take on work that would give me salary that is that 10 times my previous monthly salary.

    I know it is hard to believe when the bills are coming and your wallet/billfold is almost empty…but it is the best and most powerful thing we can do actually during those moments. God does not even care if we are sinners, luke-warm Christians, etc. All He asks is for us to ask and believe…and He is there with us.

    • God does care if we are luke-warm Chrisitans!

      “‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

      “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?”

      “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.”

      “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”

  19. God is so good, these accounts have been wonderfully encouraging to me. Our Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the hills beneath that cattle. He gives and takes away, but how much more He gives.

  20. prayer warrior

    I am a believer that God doesn’t let His children starve or begging for bread. We receive miracles in many ways . The most needed are the financial ones just to survive every day life. Money is needed in this world that evolves around money.I have asked God many times for financial blessings some to no avail and some that have been answered. I know that God is a GREAT,AWESOME BEAUTIFUL and UNCONDITIONAL LOVING CREATOR. Yes my heavenly Father who knows all things and how some prayers for financial needs are sometimes selfishness gone astray where many are sincere and absolutely needed.Thru it all GOD answers all prayers whether it be a yes,no or wait. I am so grateful to have a Father GOD who is there always an yet thru my fleshly imperfections i still can see the miracle worker always there listening to hear His children’s prayers for miracles. The Living GOD who still delivers miracles and who has given us the greatest miracle of all HIS loving SON JESUS the CHRIST. .May GOD bless

  21. This happened in 2003. My ex-husband and I were living in a tiny rv at the time, he was out of work and we had just paid our rent which took all of that weeks pay. I went in to use the restroom and when I came out, I looked down and found $23. I went outside and asked him if maybe he had gotten a side job and this fell out of his pocket. No that wasn’t it. Somehow this $23 just mysteriously appeared on our floor. Needless to say, we were both bewildered (why $23?) and excited about the gift. was it because my son was 23? This happened on one other ocassion. Same amount, same way. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  22. For me God has always been Jehovah Jireh my provider. When I first became a christian the first sermon I heard was on giving to the Lord. From then onwards it was always stuck with me that the money was never mine in the first place it was all his. I work for a charity and am a very liberal giver. My husband and I were walking past some beautiful multimillion dollar houses and he said to me that we will never be able to afford one of them as I will always be giving our money away to those in more need of it.

    Recently my husband and I went on a trip to New Zealand and Victoria and we were going to be going away for Christmas up north. We only had $20 to our name after the holiday and buying christmas presents. A friend of mine had a family member who passed away that day. God put in my heart that I needed to make them dinner. Dinner for eight was a bit of a stretch on our $20 when we needed at least $40 for petrol the next day. My husband had quit his job to start a job in the new year and we new we were only going to get a small pay. I knew and trusted God that he would provide so I approached my husband and he said I dont know how we are going to do this. And I said “has God ever let us go without what we need?” and he agreed that God was forever faithful to provide. So we got a couple of chickens and made salad for this family. The next day we had $80 in our bank account (I thought wow that is how God supplied) then a week later my husbands former workplace paid him out all his holidays plus an extra $500 that they pay employees. That week we received $2000 that was totally not expected (that is ten times the amount we had sacrificed for this family). Its amazing when you trust in God just how much he can move

  23. Mark 12:41-44 – Message Bible
    41-44Sitting across from the offering box, he was observing how the crowd tossed money in for the collection. Many of the rich were making large contributions. One poor widow came up and put in two small coins—a measly two cents. Jesus called his disciples over and said, “The truth is that this poor widow gave more to the collection than all the others put together. All the others gave what they’ll never miss; she gave extravagantly what she couldn’t afford—she gave her all.”

  24. Well folks, you’re not going to believe this but it happened AGAIN!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!! I was briefly telling the Lord that this week’s unemployment check is just so tight, after tithing and paying rent. Very little left for food and also it is my mother’s 70th birthday and I wanted to send her flowers. (She is in a religious cult that doesn’t celebrate anything, but I really wanted to send them to her, to show her honor as she enters this new chapter in life.) Would I be able to do that and if so HOW? I need your help, Lord. So, while I was getting ready for my son to come over, I needed to get my brush out of my purse and BAM!!!! There it was $23. Same amount as my previous testimony. I realized that 2+3=5 and 5 is the number of grace and favor. I truly believe that was the Lord’s funny little way of showing me that He hasn’t forgotten me. I laughed and laughed… He is so good. Now Lord…I am believing You for all the scriptures I listed above in a reply. Awesome!! Thank you Jesus!!!

  25. Well folks it happened again! God is soooo good!!! This morning while I was getting ready for my son to come over for a visit, I was going in my purse to get my brush when BAM!!! there was $23. Awesome!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I had just been telling the Lord a few minutes earlier that this unemployment check was particularly tight and I wanted to send my mother flowers for her 70th birthday on Friday. How was I going to do this Lord? Then that’s when I opened my purse. I laughed and laughed. I believe that is His way of letting me know He hasn’t forgotten me. Thank you Jesus!!!

  26. donna smith

    I’m in need of a financial miracle, that i prayed to god for the last several years. I feel that my prayers weren’t answer because I must be a bad person. But I am a good person, and thankful for whatever the lord provided for me and my family. I have faith in the lord,and keep praying. I”m about to lose my home if I don’t get my property taxes paid before feb. 19th. Its a large amount of over $20,000. I know I let them go, and its my own fault, but I went through years of feeling like i’m letting my family down and i was a failure. Ever since i lost my 6 year old son in 1993 to a tragedy and it envolved my older son who was 12 at the time. it was an accident that my young son died from a bullet wound, when my 12 year olds gun went off when he put the gun down.It was the day after thanksgiving when this happened.The police put him through a lot until he told what had happened. they put him in juvenile detention until his hearing. this was in nov. then 2 days after christmas my husband told me he was having an affair with his boss. he said she was there for him and i wasn’t. i couldn’t believe he was saying this. I didn’t leave i stayed because of my 2 sons that were young and needed me. In Jan, 2 months after my son died, i lost my father. i was trying to stay strong for my mother and my kids, and my husband continued with his affair. he still lived at home so the kids wouldn’t know. Then the following April, he told the kids that he was leaving me and getting a divorce. 2 days after that, i rushed my mom to the hospital. A week later on good friday my mom passed away. i was devastated. I was all alone with my boys. I have a brother, but he lives out of state and has his family to worry about. A month later my husband came to me, and wanted to get back together. Through all this I still love my husband very much. I live with it everyday, and dwell on it. I was in state where the only thing that matter was my family. I paid the bills with whatever money my husband gave me from his check, that i got into some debts, I worked for a little while to help out but it wasn’t enoigh. My younger son who is now 25 came to us last year and told us that girl he was with and then broke off the relationship because she is and alcoholic and a drug user, was pregnant and possibly could be his. I t turned out that he was the father and got custody of her last dec. He is only a part-time worker and trying to support her with whatever she needs. We do what we could but I don’t always have money either after trying to get bills and food. II can’t work at this time because i have a herniated disc that really affected my whole left arm, plus i take care of my granddaughter while her dad works. My husband is a diabetic with blood pressure problems and deterioration in his back and arthritis in his knees, and now being worried that he is having kidney failure. He still is working but not sure of much longer he can do this. he’s only 52 and i’m 56. I would like to get to work but don’t know who would hire me at this age, plus i also have arthritis in both my knees.
    So right now I really could use a financial miracle. I pray everyday, but maybe i’m not worthy of it.I cry everyday when i’m alone and blame myself for everything that has happened in my life. I cried to my son the other night telling him i’m not worth anything, and i am nothing but a failure to all of you. He put his arms around me and told me that’s not true.
    So if you know how a miracle could happen for me, i could sure use it now and quick. I always believe that miracles do happen. thank you ever so much for listening.
    With all my faith hopes and belief
    Donna Smith

    • HAZEL

      i was moved with your testimony, i will include you in my prayers, Ive been through a lot , i want to provide my kids what is best for them. i studied nursing and prayed a lot to Jesus so that i can get job abroad and pay our debts . And so Jesus answered my prayer by Nov.2007 ive got a good job abroad and was able to bring my husband also here , since i want to provide my family back home with all there needs , i end up taking credits cards, loans ,,, just to send money more than my earnings .So now im in debt and come to the point that i could not pay it anymore day by day i was struggling for money ,everyday everyhour i cried for HIS help,,, until just last two weeks i wasnt expecting this to happen i received phone calls from the police telling me that i have police case since i was not able to pay my loan worth 11000aed which is 2,899 dollars but i was late only for 15 days in payin to\ and the loan has not mature yet i cried the management why such things will happen since i was late only in paying 15 days but to no avail they force me to pay the whole amount,since i cant pay i put my passport to the police and they give me 1 month to pay .I was so upset and dont know what to do . All i knew is to TRUST JESUS. On the second day i recieved a phone call that from the govt hospital that id passed the interview and that they will hire , with a bigger salary compared to my previous work , so JESUS BLESS ME AND GAVE ME HOPE .And my husband seldomgoes to Church but since this incedent happened i feel the love of my husband , He was not like these before if if i have problems with money he will always tell that you can solve it, but now he is with me . only one week left for us to pay and yet we still dont have money to pay for that , we kept on praying now and we have faith in HIM .


  27. My first miracle was God fill me with the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues as
    the Spirit give utterence Baptis in Jesus Name. Amen. All thou I had manny others miracle in my life since the day I was born. I am the fifty child of my
    mother thirthteen children and the things I been through time would not aloud me to tell it all, I love you and God bless you.

  28. I was recently sent this in an email. Hope it helps.

    Father, in the Name of Jesus, bless me even while I’m reading this
    prayer and bless the one that sent this to me in a special way. Open
    Doors in our lives today, Save and set free!
    Give us a double portion of your Spirit as we take back everything that
    The devil has stolen:
    ****Emotional Health
    ****Physical Health
    I cancel every plot, plan and scheme the enemy has devised Against us in
    The NAME OF JESUS. And I declare:
    NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US WILL PROSPER. I speak LIFE into every dead situation. And, I thank you that nothing is over until YOU say it’s

    Speak prophetically into our lives and to our situations:
    ****our households are blessed;
    ****our health is blessed ;
    ****our marriages are blessed;
    ****our finances are blessed;
    ****our relationships are blessed;
    ****our businesses are blessed;
    ****our jobs are blessed;
    ****our children are blessed;
    ****our grandchildren are blessed;
    ****our parents are blessed;
    ****our siblings are blessed;
    ****our ministries are blessed;
    ****our decisions are blessed;
    ****our friends are blessed.
    ****Mortgages are paid and debts canceled; our hearts’ desire is on the
    Way; According to YOUR perfect will and plan for our lives.

    Say this prayer, and then send it to EVERYBODY YOU KNOW.

  29. pls pray for me. I need to pay for my school fees and my house rent. I need God to interven in my miracles. And God should make a way for me, in all my way, anything I lead my hand on, should proseper. I know God can do it that is why I come to him.

  30. Linda

    Hello all of you dear precious people…

    I want to share what has worked for me for years and still does. Standing on the Word. I did this years back with great success and again back in December, which brought in four incidents of increase to income the next January. A raise in pay for my husband which he was told would not happen and retro pay as well, (which he told me that would NEVER happen!). Also our house payment decreased and we got an unexpected check in the mail.This came WITHOUT tithing. Just as we can be healed, which I have been, we can also be blessed is actually already done.You do not have to pay God for your healing or the money you need and desire. Of course, if that is your belief then you may have to in order for your faith to activate…I understand that, was there at one time in my life too with that kind of belief. I do serve God in certain ways by helping others so I suppose I could say I get wonderful pay for wonderful work! :>) However, I know from experience I do not have to give money to a church in order for God to bless me. The blessings are already done! You simply need to ask, believe and receive!

    I know all four of those incidents mentioned above that happened in January were due to saying financial scriptures just before sleep each night.You need to get to a place of faith, that is exaclty how you do get there, by saying with your mouth out loud what has belonged to you all along. By the way, the booklet I use is small but powerful. It is by Charles Capps and is called ‘God’s Creative Power for Finances’. You can find that online for a few dollars at Amazon.Of course, you can look up scriptures to do with your financial blessings that are ALREADY done for you!
    Being truly honest here? Complaining & whining will not get you want you desire. Your words are powerful, be careful what you say…remember you are what you think and say..look that up in the Bible. In fact, you will have whatsoever you sayeth! If you speak defeat, you will have defeat…you will continue to create that over and over!!
    Make your claim BOLDLY! That’s okay, and in fact God wants you to stand up for yourself…to claim your good that He has already provided for you! Also that is great energy to put out to God and the heavenly forces that want to go into battle for you!
    Understand too that your subconscious mind works best at night, when your conscious mind (which is the logical part of you) is tired as you are and gets completely put of the way. Get connected to God through prayer and gratitude and then state your good that is already done, just before you go to sleep. You can also do this as soon as you wake the next morning..that too is another good alpha state of mind to give over to the subconscious mind your desire. Understand there can be prompters within your mind that block your good. This method helps remove those blockages..
    Find those scriptures which claim your prosperity, boldly shout to Heaven (not AT, but TO) claiming your good! I do that as well during the day. However, I always make sure I go to sleep with what I want..not with what I dont want!! NEVER do that, go off to sleep with woe on your mind! Use those financial scriptures at night just before sleep and you will find your faith begin to grow within.
    State your good each day in boldness, do not beg. Ask once and then state it boldly every single day as if done. Know too that faith is born of gratitude. Be grateful for what you have now and for those things you call out in boldness.You will realize your faith getting stronger with each passing day! Before you know it, you will catch up to your good that was there for you all along!

    Faith cometh and cometh by hearing the word of God. State boldly what belongs to you! God will honor that, He has for me every single time.
    Ask, believe and you shall have.

    Love, Linda

  31. Richard Cohen

    Hello I am in desperate need of a miracle. my story is to long to put into words here. it started in April of 2009 when my beautiful wife died. I am a 59 year old with a seven year old daughter. I have medical issues so i can’t work full time. my biggest problem is my house witch i probably will be loosing soon. because of what my wife did be for she died. My daughter and i have nowhere to go. I do not even know if i am in the right place. If i am can some one please contact me at 757 718 4427. i am a desperate man. I am also in a battle in court with my in laws. They are trying to take my daughter. If i am in the right place help. I have tried everything to save our house. even the Presidents programs did not even help I don’t know why.there is so much more i need to speak to someone please.
    Richard and Madison Cohen

  32. I know that God has given me many abilities and responsibilities which I accept including taking care of my elderly mother, disabled sister and my niece. I have had a double hip replacement surgery and do wonderful! so Blessed, God has given me the knowledge to have what will be a very financially sound humanitarian effort that would assist so many people. I feel that Satan is trying to intervene and stop me. It is so close yet so far, I have given all I have and stayed in prayer to keep this business moving forward I am asking God to send me the investor/financial means to keep the rent lights, water and phone in tact for 2 more months. It difficult and this Monday July 12 is critical..I believe were 2 or more are in agreement it will be done….I am in agreement with this prayers listed and those unspoken..I asking you be with me….God is with each of us…

  33. KyssMySoul

    Truly, I stumbled here looking for scriptures to speak with regards to receiving my financial miracle – Now. Psalm 118:25 “Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity.” Or did I ‘stumble’? It seems that God may have been answering an unspoken prayer from my soul.
    My soul – right now it is so valiantly fighting the grief and desperation that threatens me night and day. I admit, I am weary and really doing my very best not to give into hopelessness. Thoughts of suicide weave in and I send them right back out. I know that they are only fiery darts of satan who giggles at the thought of destroying me. I will stay his laughter and will not let him win this battle as I remind myself that it is not mine; it’s God’s.
    I found sadness here, yes. And am so sorry for all that you are all going through. But that’s the point, isn’t it? To go through!
    I also found some very bright lights of hope. God bless the Encouragers here! You have no idea what a blessing you are as I read with tears clouding my view and trying my best to contain Hallelujah’s and Amen’s. (I don’t have a home computer so I use one in a public setting.)
    My heart leaps at the reminders that we are heirs and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. We are redeemed from the curse of the law and therefore, among other things we are; the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath, the lenders and not the borrowers. (Deut.)
    Linda you are so right, we have every right to go to the throne of grace boldly! After all, Jesus paid a heavy price so that each of us could have that privilege. Shame on me for begging like a forgotten peasant. As a child of God, I am royalty.
    Be blessed by this pearl from speakfaith… Words: in the spiritual world they are containers of power that can change your life, direct your future, and allow you to get your life in line with God’s Will! Words can carry God’s Power to literally heal your body, bring financial blessing to your circumstances, and bring the promises of God’s Word into this natural realm to bless you and your family!
    The Word of God contains the power within itself to cause what it says to come to pass. If you believe God’s Word, and use it as God intended for you to use it, then the Word will begin to work in your life. You must act on the Word. Faith is an act! The best way to act on the Word is to speak it!
    I am praying and believing with each of you. Please add your faith to mine as I await the full manifestation of my financial miracle today.
    God Bless you all!

  34. LargestViolinPlayerThreeYearsRunning

    Violin player as in think of the worst things that could happen to a person and it has very likely occurred to me in the past three years. Not the frilly things. I am talking life’s real stuff: Spouse having an affair that hubby had no idea about, occurring less than year after adopting a newborn, leading to divorce and loss of first ever family at the age of later 40s *Home was a victim of the mortgage crisis, eventually was foreclosed on this year * Illness that just kept escalating year after year causing tens of thousands of dollars of debt, even though I had so called medical insurance * My passion for the need to help took brought me to the position I held the past ten years working for a homeless agency, which entailed a 30% DECREASE in annual income, paid my back by losing the position earlier this year….

    I could go on but you probably already have large doses of doubt about what you are reading, thinking NO ONE has this bad a two – three years! NO ONE! I admit I like to write or tell a story now and then, but, I am NOT THAT GOOD! Now, re-read what you finished reading and have a financial perspective when you read the pitiful story. It won’t take a Notre Dame MBA to figure out these events have caused absolute financial ruin! I mean NOTHING! I got settled into an apartment recently and have little. I have NO finances. I mean NONE! Barely met rent this month(August) and have no freakin idea how the utilities or Sept. rent is going to be paid.

    I’ll tell you what, I never thought it possible one could learn to play not just an instrument such as the violin so quickly, but learn to play one of the biggest one ever created! Again, in such a short period of time. Three years ago it was kazoos and the triangle, dancing like a kid. Now…you got it…BIG VIOLIN !!

    Now, go on to the next story and shake off this wiggers from this depressing and somewhat unbelievable sad story.

  35. My family had been struggling for long financially. at some point this year i had enough of it as i wondered why believers should be struggling while non believers were enjoying life. in faith i fasted(partially) for 40days and my prayer was that God would give me ksh10billion miraculously. on the last day of my fast, the miracle i had been trusting all along for came to pass in the most miraculous way. i entered my small room and right there on top of my bed were many notes neatly arranged. i was so overjoyed and happy. i just knelt down and thanked God. i kept my promise to him of tithing and contributing to the building fund of our church. from my own experience if you truly have faith as small as a mustard seed, then you will say to that mountain, move and it shall move. i am currently working on building a school to help orphans. GOD NEVER CHANGES. The same God who did miracles in the days of old is the same one we serve today. Right now am a billionaire from living a life full of struggles. in Jesus name. Amen.

  36. I have been praying for a home for me and my family. The 4 of us live in an old double wide that has mold, holes and bugs. It is the very best that we could do and it has gotten worse in the 5 years we moved in. (the seller lied to us about how bad it was and the inspector ‘overlooked’ issues) My mother told me that she would leave her home to me, but she was a very greedy (and abusive) woman and before she died she sold it for thousands less than what it was worth and even left us out of her will! Taking me and my daughter’s dream of being a homeowner away. Prior to this, my daughter and myself had suffered a lot from my mom (I had always give and bought for her until I had nothing) she kept telling us “If you don’t do so and so, you won’t get this house when I die and you’ll have nothing, like you do already!!” Now, I have seen and toured a home that I love and I pray that a financial miracle will come to us to buy it. We’ve never had nothing as big and as nice! I had a dream last month that an angel in a white robe dress was smiling over me and that I had ‘toured’ a house with a lot of doors and beautiful doorknobs. Please pray for me; maybe I will be able to write back and share a miracle story as well. I believe in the power of God and I believe in the power of prayer. I honestly believe, although everyone thinks I’m crazy, that I truly will get this home. Please pray that I have an answered prayer very soon.
    Love in Christ,

  37. hello, i need prayers because i am also experiencing debt problems. a friend betrayed me and she is cursing me because of the money she doesn’t want to return that she borrowed from my credit i’m in debt because of her..after an incident with her of cursing and swearing ..our house was robbed so now i feel that the world is against me and i have difficulty making both ends meet..i have two children to support..please help me

  38. To Marlene:
    Many people have said they went to the website you recommended – I’ve gone through the page and haven’t found it! What website were you directing people for prayer? I’ve been holding onto my Faith as if I was dangling on a ledge; it’s getting tough. It is said if you absolutely know in your soul that you will be helped – that you will be helped. I desperately need The Lord’s help! It’s also said Lord brings you blessings when His timing is right, but heavenly mercy I need, hope and pray blessings will come very, very soon!
    Thank you Marlene

  39. I know there are financial miracles. I once gave an old lade 5 pesos from my very small daily allowance when I was a kid and the following day, my father’s friend gave me 10 times as much. Now, my miracles have taken in a new form. I am financially struggling, struggling so much that it keeps me awake at night. I have been like this since my mom died. She died of cancer and that started my plunge into debt. I continue to put myself in debt to be able to pay my debts. It may seem like God has forsaken me. But everytime I feel like I am at the end, that I couldn’t carry on, a way shows up and while it was not the solution I wanted, still I am here, surviving each month in ways nobody can probably imagine. I don’t know until when I can continue living this way but I have no choice but to believe. Maybe when I am on my breaking point, God will show me a real financial miracle. I just hope I am strong enough to wait for that…Last month was the month that I have exhausted all that was humalnly possible to say myself from real trouble. This month, it’s all up to Him. I hope he intervenes as I have always had the feeling that He has a plan for me. If things go wrong, I hope my son will be ok. and that God’s promise will be realized in his life if it did not make it to me on time.

  40. I know there are financial miracles. I once gave an old lade 5 pesos from my very small daily allowance when I was a kid and the following day, my father’s friend gave me 10 times as much. Now, my miracles have taken in a new form. I am financially struggling, struggling so much that it keeps me awake at night. I have been like this since my mom died. She died of cancer and that started my plunge into debt. I continue to put myself in debt to be able to pay my debts. It may seem like God has forsaken me. But everytime I feel like I am at the end, that I couldn’t carry on, a way shows up and while it was not the solution I wanted, still I am here, surviving each month in ways nobody can probably imagine. I don’t know until when I can continue living this way but I have no choice but to believe. Maybe when I am on my breaking point, God will show me a real financial miracle. I just hope I am strong enough to wait for that…Last month was the month that I have exhausted all that was humanly possible to save myself from real trouble. This month, it’s all up to Him. I hope he intervenes as I have always had the feeling that He has a plan for me. If things go wrong, I hope my son will be ok. and that God’s promise will be realized in his life if it did not make it to me on time.

  41. Kitungano-Delvaux



  43. In your Holy Name, I pray. The need is great-I give it all to you Lord.
    Raise me up & allow me, by multiple blessings, to be the daughter you created me to be. To demonstrate, by my actions, all your splendor!
    Bless me, my only Heavenly Father…
    I sing your praises all the days of my life…
    I am inspired by your grace & know you will continue to bless me
    beyond my wildest dreams.
    I Love & Praise You. I eagerly await your gifts, so that I may give 100’s of gifts to those you pair me with.
    Love & Abundance flows to me & through me.
    In your Holy name I pray.
    Sisters & Brothers…Pray with me & for me.
    I call myself Pearl because I as raised bya wonderful woman who always told me…
    Pray for my financial Blessing.
    Thank You Lord.
    Thank you Sisters & Brothers
    God is Great & I am Blessed!
    Peace & Love to All

  44. Thank you all for your testimonies. I am in need of a blessings. I have sown, prayed and served. I just feel like God doesn’t care about me or my needs. My grandmother has/is a woman of great faith despite her becoming semi bedridden she still blesses God. Despite her needing help she still trust God. He brought her back from the brink of death and I praise Him for that but to see her in lack bothers me so. Yes, I have my own needs even now, I am getting.married in June. My fiancee and myself havebeen paying for everything ourselves. Well his assignment ended at his job and we are $ 4000 shy of what we need. I have cut the
    wedding down to the bare necessities. Yet I care more about my
    grandmother and my aunt, who is caring for my grandmother , than my
    own needs and desires. I just needed to see if God hears other people prayers. My faith in him is withering away. Please pray that my faith fail not.

  45. Barbertha



    Let me rephase what i said about never recieving a fianancial blessing i have recieve food when i hade none when my girls were little the church bless us with money yes those are blessing but now i stand in need of God’s devine mircle blessing that even the devil will have to raise his head up and say it was Jesus you know i have never stuggle so hard in life it’s let a cloud is over my head but i know God is able inspite of everything that going on in our life’s i still have faith in Jesus it’s the waiting but if there is anyone out there that know of any real charities that donate cars to people like us: A Few days agao to wake up to our car was stolen out are drive way as we slept that night before that morning was terrible we just got a new home just moved my husband is not able to make it to work all the time now because of the car and sometimes people are noot understanding when your going threw something i have never ask for a hand out i’ve always dependent on Jesus to see me threw but it’s like jesus is silent in this but i also no sometimes in the silent God is speaking pray that i hear what the lord is saying to me but if anyone out there know anyone who knows of a charity that donate cars please e-mail me are write me at 2625 brownell blvd flint mi 48504 if you think this is a scam or a joke please pray before writing or e-mailing i know people lie all the time but i’m not one of them you can see me anytime of the day and you will see i’m a child of child and a good person but this really cought me by suprise we speak to everyone even feed them if there hungry out of all the cars on our street they took ours and ours wasn’t the best looking one in one case but life is funny we only had the car for 6 month’s to buy it we stuggle saving doing without we were so glad when we got it we no longer had to ask anyone for a ride and see how the look at us,We were so thankful to God never having to go threw that we thought again we wasn’t proud with the car we still helped other’s because we remembered how it felt being said no to or looked down on as if we were dirt ,not were back in the same state now my husband is using his mom car and she’s 70 and said it’s stressing her out i don’t know what i’m hoping for but just keep us in your prayer as you go down on your needs to pray to our lord and savior jesus christ bring our name before him al& Barbertha thank you

  47. I do believe that it was God giving you a gift after you made that sacrifice. I also believe that it was the law of attraction at work. I have had times when money has shown up after I got some kind of inspired idea or like you I contributed in some way. I absolutely believe in financial miracles!

  48. I need a financial miracle, is been so hard more than six months, with out a decent job, our situation is getting dificult, we need $20,000 to pay all our debts, my husband he is retired and his benefits are not enough… I believe in supernatural miracles as I request for a miracle, I also pray for other in same circustances. God Bless all of you !!!

  49. Sufferer

    I am suffering like all of you. We have been suffering financially and in turn it cost us Our house.Our house was sold and now we have nothing at the make the matters worse my son has been accepted in a school in florida and they expect me to pay 42,000$ i don’t know where that is going to come from.i have tried commiting suicide many times we are now living on the edge we can barely afford groceries and clothes its a problem am watching my husband wither away slowly my son is suffering from depression.. where is God? Where is God? Where r u my father? We truly have been forsaken. If u feel u can help please write to me Grace wambui kimani P.o box 50790-00200 nairobi,Kenya if not continue praying for my family and others that are suffering.

    • Dear sufferer,

      Nothing is ever too much for God. No pain is ever too much for God to heal. Do not give up on God because he hasn’t given up on you.

      Psalm 9:9
      The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble

      Psalm 18:2
      The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the hornof my salvation, my stronghold.

      Psalm 22:24
      For he has not despised or disdainedthe suffering of the afflicted one;he has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help.

      1 Peter 5:6-7
      Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

      Cry out to the Lord and petition him with thanksgiving. Renew your faith in him and he will provide you peace. I don’t know if your story is true or not, I will pray for you regardless.

      Give it over to God, give it all. Go by your husband’s side with your son and pray together for God to give you peace.

    • Jacqueline

      Grace I want to encourage you by telling you that the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you that is written in the bible and it is so. I do not know if you have read the bible but the story of Job encourages me daily to trust more and more in the Lord our savior. It give me faith to continue.The bible says if you have faith as small as a sesame seed (which is very very small) you will be able to tell the mountain to move from here to there. Isn’t that amazing. the mountain the bible is talking amount are the problems, sufferings and pains we confront daily. Have faith in Jesus Christ he will help you always. He did it for me, so he will do it for you.

      God bless you,


  50. Please pray for me, I am deep in the need to have a home soon so that I can shelter of my family and children. I need 50,000 dollars. I don’t know where this money will come from but I know that I will not have to worry about my finances anymore like I do…

  51. Have faith as we did and thank our lord and savior for this financial miracle. In our time of need this came to us and now is the beginning of our financial miracle. Go to the website and request more information. It changed our life.
    THANKS AND GOD BLESS!!!! Our seed was planted and now its time for the harvest! PRAISE JESUS


  52. My family needs a financial Miracle ASAP. I’m living in fear and im so sick. If they don’t ext the unemployment we will have no money. I have been waiting for 14 months on my Social Security Disability and still have not heard nothing and I really need to hear from them. Please pray that something happens this month for the good. I have thoughts of suicide but I have my Grandson and don’t know what would happen to him.

    • Sujeet & Sheeba

      Debra I pray in JESUS MIGHTY NAME let this mountain be removed from your life. I command this spirit of discouragement to leave right now- by power invested in me by my lord i claim deliverence for you. No mountain is too big for me as i stand in GOD. What might seem will kill me or crush me JESUS IS STANDING OVER IT- RIGHT NOW. in jesus name i speak deliverance and healing to your mind right now. Devil you shall not come near our sister IN JESUS NAME. Dear Debra do not be discouraged our LORD will crush this defeat in your life. Have a blind faith- BELEIVE IN HIM. Read job 13:15.

  53. bob splittorff

    I need a financial miracle soon my job is no more my rent is behind my life is falling apart lord is there someone out there who can help me soon i pray you will send me a financial miracle lord . i thank you lord and i praise you lord i know it will be done amen.

  54. We like so many are struggling financially. I will continue to pray without ceasing for a miracle to ease our burden. Thank you for your article, everyday there are miracles (even though most people don’t see them). To anyone who reads this I ask you to pray for my family as we struggle not to lose the house we live in, to pay bills we have, and provide food for our children. And I ask the Lord to hear my prayer for you, even though we have never met…He knows us all and will answer our prayers. Bless all who call on Him and train their hearts to be Christ-like.

    • jakequlynn


  55. please help me I am in of a financial problem….. need the money by friday to pay off debt…….. please help me ….. dont k want to do at the end of the road

  56. David Soule

    Im so tired. Im tired of beating my head against the wall for my entire life. I pray for help, it never comes.

    I don’t need to be rich. just at peace.

    i can’t do this anymore.

    • Kookie

      I pray for you, my brother in Christ. Do not lose hope, do not surrender. Keep the shield of faith. Our God is the ultimate provider. Ask and you shall receive.

  57. theresa

    Please join me in prayer for a financial miracle. We are $80,000 in debt. While we have good jobs, good credit above 700 score, we are maxed out on all cc & loans & the interest rate is beyond douable. Everywhere I’ve tried to consolidate tells me our debt to available credit is too high so they won’t do it. We are middle class homeowners & as I struggle I can’t even imagine those in less fortunate situations than we are. We have a roof & food but the daily stress of worry of how to get out from under this mess is making me physically sick. I’m just praying that God the Father will find a way for us to be able to consolidate all the debt into one payment with reasonable interest. I’m not looking for the easy way out, we brought this debt upon ourselves & need to pay back every penny, but when the interest rate on all our credit cards is 29% it seems hopeless. I’m not going to file bankruptcy or debt consolodation I just want to be able to breath again knowing that we are actually making a dent in our debt & not just paying interest. Everyday becomes a struggle to just try to put my faith in front of my doubt. I need a miracle of God and so I put this out there asking others of faith to join me in prayer. Thanks be to God for all the goodness he is to bestow upon me and the miracles he is about to render in my behalf. Thank You Jesus.

    • Rob Berger

      Theresa, thanks for sharing your situation and faith in God. I’ve prayed for you and your finances and am believing in faith that God will see you through.

  58. I am in need of a miracle. I need funds to sponsor my studies in Canada. On my own there is no way I can raise such an amount and don’t have any one to sponsor me. Now I have fixed my eyes to God of Isreal to help me make this a reality. Please join me in prayer. I dont know how its going to come but I know God is able.

  59. We are praying that God will bless our church with a new building and debt free. We live by faith, trusting in God all the time so we are asking the people of God to have mutual faith with us for this need. God loves His church and will provide for her, Amen!

  60. kindly pray for me so that i can get a financial miracle i know and believe that gold and silver belong to Him and i still believe being His child i will not be disgraced by the devil, pulled down, demoted but instead He will prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemy so that the enemy will know that for sure I serve a True Living God who never lacks.

  61. I have been unemployed for a little over a year. I have been to numerous interviews but none have materialized into a job. Due to being laid off I have now developed anxiety and depression, making it very difficult for me to find a job now, I just feel useless. I have prayed many times for a miracle, but nothing has ever happened, now my unemployment benefits have run out. I have over $60000 debt, and it seems like I will never pay it. My only choice is to declare bankruptcy. I ask anyone out there to help me pray for a financial miracle, maybe with help God could see into granting my wish.

  62. To my Sisters and Brothers in Christ:
    I too am struggling financially not knowing where my funds are coming from. I’m a ten month state employee who is a single parent working below the poverty income guideline, hoping to go back to school; but in the meantime, GOD makes ways out of no ways. He has delivered me before and GOD will do it for you! There has been many days I didn’t know what to do, but HE came through. I’ve had my days and still do, but I know GOD is in control. GOD is no respecter of persons. I’ve been oppressed, but our pastor makes a good point: Sing praises to GOD whether you feel like or not, it confuses the enemy. Trust and believe that GOD will deliver you. We walk by Faith and not by sight. Try to focus on GOD and not your problems. Easier said than done, believe me, GOD is all I have to depend on. HE’s never failed me yet! Don’t ever give up on GOD! or harm yourselves in any way. HE loves you too much! Seek His face continuously, cry out to Him continuously, believe me, HE hears you. I love you, but GOD LOVES you more. Isaiah 41:30; Ephesians 3:20 and Jeremiah 29:11are some of my favorite scriptures. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  63. God is so good all of the time!

    While reading the many stories that a lot of us can share in one way or another, saddened my spirit. We must speak more about God’s promises instead of our circumstances. I know it is a challenge. But, you must seek first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all those things will be added unto you. (Matt.6:33). We must understand that God moves off of his WORD! If you are not spending time in the word to allow his word to get in your heart, then how do we expect for him to answer your prayers. God has given you all you need in your spirit to get the job done. He already know what you have need of. But, if you communicate the problem then it will never leave. Call those things that be not as though they are. Secondly, are you tithing? If you are not tithing then you are robbing God and the windows of heaven are not opening. We expect financial blessings from God. But, do not trust him with our money. God is raising up generals and we have to be able to know what to do in our time of need. 1. seek Jesus way of doing things first! 2. locate a scriptures in your bible in regards to your needs. 3. meditate on those scriptures day and night. (Joshua 1:8) 4. sow your material seed with your scripture of choice. 5. BELIEVE and SPEAK the scripture daily. (2nd Corinthians 10:5-13) 6. Praise and Thank the LORD for your breakthrough.

    Hopefully, this helped be Blessed!

  64. I have been struggling all my life. Married young to get out of an abusive house. Divorce a few years later with two children to support. Survived parenthood with the grace of god. Back in 2009 I had to quit my job when my father had a stroke to assist my elderly parents. He has since passed and my ability to find gainful employment again has all been in vain. I am back in credit card debt again trying to survive. I need your prayers that I will find employment soon to support my daily needs which are minimal. I have never had any material things so guess you don’t miss something you never had.

  65. Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

    I have so much faith in God and know the power of prayer is unbelievable! My family has been struggling due to many unexpected expenses and I could use every prayer I can to help me, please. I have just a couple of weeks to come up with tuition to keep my daughter in a school that she loves to attend. Please pray that $3000.00 will come our way soon. Thank you for your time and prayers!! And thank you Lord for the many blessings you have already given me!

    Have a blessed day : )

    • Christina Kajo

      Beloved brothers and sisters,

      I praise God for all of your lives, for we are worth more to Him than the birds in the sky, and our God provides even for the birds, though birds don’t do employment, mortgages, credit cards, investments or retirement plans.

      I have experienced numerous financial miracles in my life, too many to tell, but here is the general wisdom I’d like to share concerning faith that moves money mountains:
      1. Give Lord thanks always. When things are bad, especially. Cause if we don’t appreciate what we have, what is God’s reason to give us more?
      2. Never allow yourself to be in debt. Starve. Cry. Pray. But debt can never be an option, not even a tenner from a friend. We are the true heirs and not beggars in this world, the world cannot indebt us.
      God has never let me consider borrowing, because I promised Him I will never take one. In dire circumstance He would provide exactly the amount to pay my bills, not a buck more, to show me that the provision comes from Him. When I rely on Him, there can be struggle, but no debt.
      3. If you’re under attack, you’re on the right track. Also known as “it’s darkest before the dawn”. Be encouraged, beloved, when troubles come, cause if you didn’t trouble Devil, Devil wouldn’t trouble you. And if you are trouble to Devil, you’re a joy to God, and He will reward you soon.

      Especially you, Janet, when I saw your comment, Holy Spirit spoke to me and said: “Her wish I have granted. She will have no lack”. You are a real warrior for Christ. God bless.

      • Christina,

        I probably checked for a reply ten times a day for the first three or four days after I left a comment! I was hoping someone would have just read my wish and made it come true. But I figured God had another plan for me, so I moved on! I was all the sudden very busy getting house ready for company and etc. I’m going to try and make a long story short! The year of 2011 was full of unexpected expenses. I lost my job. Two stepchildren had brain surgery. My grandpa past away in Florida. My husband’s mom was in and out of hospital a couple of times. She lives in Evansville. We also put $2000.00 into a van that was going to cost another $800.00 to fix. Van sat in the driveway for months and then took a loss on that! Just get back on our feet and my daughter needed dental work. My son ended up with two small fractures in his vertebrate. That has been $30.00 every appointment since February. Sometimes twice a week he was at the doctor. I was in such a financial disaster and pulled our family through with Faith and Prayer. I talk to the Holy Spirit daily! God is my best friend. I thank him every day for all the blessings we received from Doctors. Good traveling for the trips that had to be made. Brother and Sisters, I was put on a time frame to come up with rent and my childs tuition. Yes, it would have been alot easier to let her know she had to attend a different school this year. But I had Faith! I heard the whispers and I patiently waited until my parents came into town. Even though they did not have any money after taking care of my Grandpa’s finances, I was being guided to them for help. My parents got in pretty late. The next morning we weren’t up a hour and my mom asked me how things were going. Do you know my mom paid my utility bills on her credit card so I could pay rent. She said she wished she could do more but could not help with tuition. Two days went by and I still new things were going to be o.k. but it was the day I had to be at the school with funds. At this time I was getting ready to walk out the door to go over and talk to business office. I said “God this is in your hands, if they can still work out some kind of arrangement to keep her in school, it was meant to be! I told everyone bye. As I was walking out the door, my mom said, “wait a minute and let me talk to your dad.” Do you know my mom went with me and put the tuition on another credit card. I have to pay them back but what a financial miracle!!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers, and I will continue prayers for all of you!! Keep your Faith strong and never give up!! And you are so right…….Thanking the Lord brings many blessings! God bless all of you! I’m so glad I listened to the whispers to check this website tonight. It was great to hear from you Christina. Want to hear something funny? My daughter attends “Holy Spirit” school and her name is Kristina. Thank you again Lord and please bless those that are asking for a financial miracle!

        Have a blessed week,


    • Christina Kajo

      Beloved brothers and sisters!

      I give thanks to God for all of your lives, for Bible says we are worth more to God than birds, and God provides for birds in abundance, although birds don’t get employment, mortgage, credit cards, investment opportunities or retirement plans.

      I have experienced numerous financial miracles, too many to count or tell, but I would like to share the general wisdom for moving the money mountains:
      1. Give God thanks always. Especially in bad situations. Come on, you ain’t starving, people! And if you are not grateful for what you have, why would God add to it?
      2. Never take debt for an option. Starve. Cry. Pray. Just don’t get into a debt, especially if you’re desperate. Because guess what, despair is an illusion. It is a lie, it is never true. Because it is NEVER God’s will for his heirs to be indebted by the world, and if you feel like debt is your only option – you are throwing away the freedom that Jesus has given you at the cross.
      3. If you’re under attack, you’re on the right track. If you didn’t trouble Devil, Devil wouldn’t trouble you, and if you’re a trouble to the Devil, you’re a joy to God, and He will reward you in His faithfulness.

      Especially you, Janet, as I read your comment, I felt Holy Spirit say: “I will grant her wish, and far beyond what she can imagine”. God bless you, you’re a real warrior for Christ.

    • Christina Kajo

      Beloved brothers and sisters!

      I give thanks to God for all of your lives, for Bible says we are worth more to God than birds, and God provides for birds in abundance, although birds don’t get employment, mortgage, credit cards, investment opportunities or retirement plans.

      I have experienced numerous financial miracles, too many to count or tell, but I would like to share the general wisdom for moving the money mountains:
      1. Give God thanks always. Especially in bad situations. Come on, you ain’t starving, people! And if you are not grateful for what you have, why would God add to it?
      2. Never take debt for an option. Starve. Cry. Pray. Just don’t get into a debt, especially if you’re desperate. Because guess what, despair is an illusion. It is a lie, it is never true. Because it is NEVER God’s will for his heirs to be indebted by the world, and if you feel like debt is your only option – you are throwing away the freedom that Jesus has given you at the cross.
      3. If you’re under attack, you’re on the right track. If you didn’t trouble Devil, Devil wouldn’t trouble you, and if you’re a trouble to the Devil, you’re a joy to God, and He will reward you in His faithfulness.

      Especially you, Janet, as I read your comment, I felt Holy Spirit say: “I will grant her wish, and far beyond what she can imagine”. God bless you, you’re a real warrior for Christ.

  66. dwight

    My fiance got diagnosed with breast cancer at 26 years of age, god is helping with the healing of it, but financially the cancer is winning, weand our only car is starting to fall apart, are now greatly in debt, the enemy is putting up a great battle with us but our faith can never be shaken, please pray for our financial miracle we need. And for people both below and above this message. May god bless you all and may your treasures in heaven be plentyful, may peace be with you al

  67. I am going through a divorce (spouse was unfaithful and emotionally abusive towards me), left with massive debt and two mortgages on the house. My children are with me most of the time. I am struggling with the possibility of losing my home, declaring bankruptcy and losing legal representation because I simply can’t afford this heavy load. Everyone seems to have their hand out. My family has helped as much as they can and the stress is getting to me and I am very depressed. I am mentally, physically and spiritually broken. I have prayed for some kind of miracle, even though I feel that God is not some kind of ATM machine. I just keep praying, yet I see no solution and my faith is threadbare.

  68. I am going through a divorce (spouse was unfaithful and emotionally abusive towards me), left with massive debt and two mortgages on the house. My children are with me most of the time. I am struggling with the possibility of losing my home, declaring bankruptcy and losing legal representation because I simply can’t afford this heavy load. Everyone seems to have their hand out. My family has helped as much as they can and the stress is getting to me and I am very depressed. I am mentally, physically and spiritually broken. I have prayed for some kind of miracle, even though I feel that God is not some kind of ATM machine. I just keep praying, yet I see no solution and my faith is threadbare.

    I know that my situation will enable me to help others get through tough times, if I pass this test of faith.

  69. ingrid

    I greet u all in the name of jesus. Plz brothers n sisters pray for me n my sister we r all unemployed bt we have diplomas our parents died. We nid miracles in our lives. God bless you all.

  70. I’m sitting outside a major grocery store using their free internet as I came across this site. Reading the posts of others I realize that I am blessed to have a job and a place to live. For those of you needing prayer, I have paused in the writing of this sentence to lift you up –for encouragement, for healing, for restoration. We know that our Lord God is unlimited in resources and able to deliver meals in the desert for His children. In the desert seasons of our lives I pray that we continue to humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from anything that would be offensive to Him. I ask that He provide miraculously for each of our needs so that we may be a witness to others and bring glory to our Father in heaven.

    As for me, I am needing an increase in income to keep my son in school where he has done so well. It has been difficult to keep going despite a death in the family and limited support due to the fractured status of our family prior to the death. I trust the Lord for wisdom to make it through this struggle which for me is a heavy burden, but not as heavy as some others are carrying right now.

    I offer this comment in the precious name of Jesus.

    • Hi John,

      I like where you pointed out that we need to turn from anything that would be offensive to God. That is so true!! He is not going to give us blessings if we pray daily and then go out to steal, tell lies, hurt others and etc. We have to live good lives and not hurt our bodies. Let’s pray for all of those that don’t know God like we do. Thank you for your prayer above. I’m sure it helped me with my financial miracle that happened the next day! : )

      I pray that you get a raise and can keep your son at the school he’s been attending. I know how important it is to you and especially your boy. When I told my daughter she might have to attend a new school, she cried. My daughter turned six in May. Didn’t understand why she couldn’t go to school where all her friends would be. Plus it’s been an awesome education program for her. My daughter and I prayed together alot about this. Maybe you and your boy could bring this financial miracle in together talking with God!

      Have a blessed week-end,


  71. Darlene

    Today I skipped worship service, I don’t like going to church without having money to put in the offering, I know it may sound silly but I didn’t attend. I only had $4 in my checking this week, I went to the store with the last $11 cash I had in my wallet. I started to check my balance over the phone while I was walking to the check out line, I could make out what the automated system stated as others where talking in the store and it was time for me to check out. So hung up and forgot to check my balance, I was just checking to see how far of a negative I would be in again before pay day. I just checked my checking and now it is $54 (not in a negative) in a positive. I pressed 0 to speak with the customer service rep who could not explain where the $50 came from, he didn’t show a deposit, he could only see the $54 positive balance. If God did that for me and He is still watches out for the sparrows in the air, what more will he do for us. Stay encouraged, Christian accross the world are going through financial woes right now. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to hold your head down about. If you could peak in your neighbors check book you may be surprised that you still have move than others. Be blessed, I truly believe help is coming. God Bless!

    • Hi Darlene,

      It’s wonderful when we get surprises like that! I do believe God has things happen for us. I have been in financial issues for awhile now. It seems like one thing after another happened in my life that occured unexpected expenses. We had been late on rent for several months. Our landlord wasn’t happy with us and told us the next month better be on time. Do you know that my husband got paid twice on accident. When he called to ask about the mistake. The office told him we can just skip next paycheck. What a blessing, rent was paid on time! And you are so right! Times are tough for alot of individuals, couples, and families in today’s world. We have to keep our head up, go after what we want, and don’t give up! Believe, Faith and Prayer is always an awesome start for anyone asking for a Financial Miracle : ) You are also right about checking someone else’s checkbook. I volunteer at church and make home visits to help people in need. There are so many people much more in need! Let’s pray for all of us!!



    • Hi Phyllis,

      You are in my thoughts and prayers! God will give you a favor and a job. Keep your Faith strong and don’t give up. Be sure to thank God for all of your blessings in the past! If you don’t already, continue prayer daily. It is so powerful and God doesn’t like it when we ask for something just when we need it. God wants to be in our lives every day. Watch for his signs and listen to his whispers. He is amazing!!

      May many blessings come your way,


    • Dear Solomon,

      I’m not sure the reasoning of not tithing, but God does see our situations. If you were in the wrong, ask for his forgiveness. You need to tell him you will be faithful. I don’t believe God would not give blessings out just because you don’t have money to tithe. You can give in so many different ways!! Blessings come from having Faith, telling Truth, Giving what you can (which could be clothes to the homeless, volunteer at church), Love to all, and Believing in Jesus Christ! I will keep you in my prayers.

      May blessings come your way soon,


  72. Riekie Nuses


    I just got married this year and I’m in financial problems. every where i go is money money and little we got is just going to the debt.
    We cannot even buy new cloths for us. The big dream i Have is God will give me a house. help me with my financial problems. He will never let me down or my family. we have three kids only girls. If you want to sent me a prayer sent it through my e-mail adress .

    thank you
    God Bliss!

  73. Tana Pierce

    The more I pray for an increase in our finances, the worse things get! My husband needs cataract surgery, I need a hystorectemy, the washer broke, the transmission went out of the car, I need 253.00 for medical tests. Why do things get worse?

    • Hi Tana,

      Hope things are going better for you! I have been in that same situation for over a year now. It’s not fun when one thing after another happens to stress us out! I believe times like this we are being tested on our Faith. You need to read my story above. I replyed to Christina on August 5th. No matter how hard the struggle is we have to Believe that God is with us. He will make it work. Money might not come when we think it’s really needed but it will when God thinks we need it. I will share a story with you on what happened to me just a couple of days ago. My husband got paid on this past Friday. I really don’t even have enough money to pay all the bills that are due. On Tuesday I was supposed to go out to lunch with a friend from church. I already cancelled on her twice! And my daughter wanted to go to the State Fair. Which on Tuesdays it was only $2.00 to get in, $2.00 food, and $2.00 rides so I told my daughter the week before we would try and go for a couple of hours Tuesday night. Not having the money I knew I should not keep these two dates. I didn’t give up, I thought I can have a garage sale Tuesday morning to make enough money to make these two dates. I had Faith and I Prayed. I thanked God for all the blessings I have had even though I’m going through these difficult times. I do this on a daily basis. I think it’s very important to keep God in the loop!! On Monday night we had back to school night. As we were leaving I ran into a friend from church. I watched her dog for a week back in May. I talked to her towards the end of June and we have been trying to get together because she had someting she wanted to give me for watching her dog. She says to me, “Did you get my note?” I said, “No” She had stopped by my house about a week ago and placed a card in our house mailbox that is not used. When I got home I had such a great note with alot of thanks and $80.00!! I had enough money to make lunch, go to fair, and make a small payment on a bill. What a Blessing! If I wouldv’e received that money back in May, Tuesday would have never turned out like it did. Gotta love God’s timing!

      I will you keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!

      Have a blessed week-end,


  74. Its amazing most of us are going through financial challenges. I also need a serious miracle financial breakthrough, the landlord has given us less than 14 days to pay or we pack out. There’s one song that means so much to me:
    I’v had my shares of ups and down
    Times when there was no around
    God came and spoke these words to me
    Praise will confuse the enemy
    So I started singing, I started clapping, I started dancing
    People were laughing
    Bcos, they knew my problems, they knew my pains
    But I know God will take them away
    Lets praise God in advance……………………
    Lets praise God no matter the situation, God will grant us our heart desires in Jesus Name Amen

  75. Hi Rob,

    I had an awesome experience a couple of days ago! I would like to share with you and all of those that have the blessing to come across this story. Two days ago I left you a note earlier in the day about how blessed I was to come across your website for not only financial miracles but spiritual ones. My experience Friday was a spiritual miracle hopefully leading into financial miracles. I have a friend that lost his mom about four months ago. I went over to his house that day to see how he was doing. I was standing there talking to him and I kept looking over at this book. I couldn’t see it very well. I finally went over to the book and it was his mom’s Bible. I proceeded to look at the Bible. There was a couple of pages crinkled up and sticking out a little bit. I wanted to read the first Bible verse that stuck out to me when I opened it. I believe there would be a sign that comes from it. Well it wasn’t hard to miss, it was highlighted. I thought ok this must be a Bible that has highlights throughout it. I flipped the pages and there was not one other highlight in the Bible. Of course I read that verse: Mark 3:29 But whoever curses the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. He is guilty of an everlasting sin.
    I believe the energy we get from the spiritual world, we can communicate with our deceased Brothers and Sisters. When I was in a bind for the school tuition needed for my daughter, I kept going back and forth whether I should announce this gift I have and use it. I was afraid people would think I was crazy!! Well, I believe the Holy Spirit is letting me know to go for it.
    After I wrote my comment about needing a financial miracle, I received a response from Christina. She had mentioned the Holy Spirit spoke to her. Then the Bible verse I ran across right after I left the comment for you saying I know financial and spiritual miracles would come my way using this website! Well, I also have said for the past five years, I was going to have someone write a book about all of my experiences. I was telling a another friend that night about my story and he proceeded to tell me about this book a couple he knew wrote. It was a spiritual book on God’s timing. I thought there you go! I can go talk to them! Hopefully, I will see two spritual miracles that will bring two financial miracles!! Please keep me in your prayers, as I start this new journey believing everyone should know how the Holy Spirit works! He gives us signs and whispers daily. : ) I will keep all of you in my prayers!!

    Have a blessed week,


    P.S. I barely remember but the first day I came across this website I looked at one other area. It was something about starting your own website business. I know nothing about computers but this might be something to look into. The Holy Spirit wanted me to mention this for some reason. Or maybe he is just telling me there could be a third financial miracle! I can’t thank God enough for his blessings, even when he gives me those hills and mounains to overcome. : )

  76. worried

    I worry a lot and pray a lot about money. Years ago I bought a house 70 miles away from work because it was all I could afford. I hoped the market would go up and I could move closer. The market tanked and the house is hopelessly upside down. On top of this misfortune gas went up to over $4 a gallon and they cut out all of the overtime at work. As a result I went into deep credit card debt I cannot get out of. Now recently my job cut our paychecks by $400 a month to cut costs to the taxpayers. Now I am in danger of losing everything. My spouse and I struggle to put food in the fridge with what’s left of the credit on the last not maxed out charge card. Our house at 1218 crescent rd in hagerstown, md is inrough shape. It needs windows, doors etc and there is no money.there is nextto no food in the fridge.I pride myself as a tough guy, but I hide from my. spouse and cry a lot. I don’t know what to do. I have prayed for help everyday. for years and things just get worse. I am scared can’t sleep and my faith is shaken.why does God allow us to suffer this way? Please pray for us

    • I am praying for you. God is amazing. I went through a rough financial time last year and almost lost my house. I have to say that God is faithful and even in the darkest hour, hold on. After months of back and forth with our mortgage company, they agreed to refinance us and lowered our mortgage payments. After that ordeal, I started to seriously look at our finances and how we were managing our money. I started to cut where I could and be more responsible with what God has given me. I tithe and give a little more to God than I ever have. It works. Give your way out of your situation. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but try it. Give more to God. Be a consistent tither and up your offering. It will change your life. It has changed my. I see financial miracles in my life almost monthly. God is faithful and he will owe no man.

  77. worried

    I worry a lot and pray a lot about money. Years ago I bought a house 70 miles away from work because it was all I could afford. I hoped the market would go up and I could move closer. The market tanked and the house is hopelessly upside down. On top of this misfortune gas went up to over $4 a gallon and they cut out all of the overtime at work. As a result I went into deep credit card debt I cannot get out of. Now recently my job cut our paychecks by $400 a month to cut costs to the taxpayers. Now I am in danger of losing everything. My spouse and I struggle to put food in the fridge with what’s left of the credit on the last not maxed out charge card. Our house at 1218 crescent rd in hagerstown, md is inrough shape. It needs windows, doors etc and there is no money.there is nextto no food in the fridge.I pride myself as a tough guy, but I hide from my. spouse and cry a lot. I don’t know what to do. I have prayed for help everyday. for years and things just get worse. I am scared can’t sleep and my faith is shaken.why does God allow us to suffer this way? Please pray for us

  78. I am alone in a foreign land, working and striving. I had my own share of mistakes and wrong decisions in life. I know God will restore my life soon and i completely put my trust in Him. I am drowning from debts and to survive is really not possible but i believe that in God all things are possible. I have been victimized by harassment from debt collectors and no one wish to help me as most people i know shut their doors on me. I need you to pray for me as well.

    In Jesus name, i am asking for financial miracle

  79. Wrong decisions and mistakes attributes to my current situation. People misunderstood and misjudged me but with God’s grace i know i can surpass all my adversities. As a single person in a foreign land, no one can survive the harassment of debt collectors and the daily stress of worry. God’s grace and unfailing love is the only weapon why i am surviving. I never stop hoping and i am asking for your prayer of financial miracle and blessing in order for me to end my debts. I want to pay all of them and i want to move on serving God without the hassle of worrying about my debts.

    God bless all of you

  80. Wrong decisions and mistakes attributes to my current situation. People misunderstood and misjudged me but with God’s grace i know i can surpass all my adversities. As a single person in a foreign land, no one can survive the harassment of debt collectors and the daily stress of worry. God’s grace and unfailing love is the only weapon why i am surviving. I never stop hoping and i am asking for your prayer of financial miracle and blessing in order for me to end my debts. I want to pay all of them and i want to move on serving God without the hassle of worrying about my debts.

    God bless all of you

  81. Please pray for my family. We try to catch up with our bills and some other situtation arises. Losing faith. Stress is breaking up our family. Very depressed and feeling loney.

  82. Please pray for my family. We try to catch up with our bills and some other situtation arises. Losing faith. Stress is breaking up our family. Very depressed and feeling loney.

  83. Nightwing

    Help me please. I need financial assistance. my so called friends left me in despair. i secured a huge amount of money for them but now i am broke and alone. I have a new kid, a one month old baby. and we are in danger of loosing our home. we’ll be homeless on monday with nowhere to go. Help me to get my kid out of the street. Im in debt of $1,000.00, that includes power, utilities and food for my wife and child. we live a simple life, but were facing this turmoil long enough. i seek help.

    please help me.

    here is my email [email protected]

    please help me.

  84. Please pray that we are able to keep our small hardware business going. We have 6 wonderful employees depending on us. We want to pay off all our bills and loans. We dont want to be rich, we just want to make a good living and beable to help our daughter go to college. Also, please pray for my husband. He is worried sick about all the bills and business. Pray that he finds some peace in his heart and soul. He works so hard (14-18 hr days) on our business each day. I hate to see him this way. He’s working so hard at the hardware store that he and his daughter are losing touch with eachother.

  85. I have gained renewed strength from the comments I have read. God is amazing and with faith in God, all things are possible through him. We should never stop praying and believing. God is so good and will send us miracles.

    I pray for all that are having difficulties with their finances. God will Bless You!


  86. My family has been in our deepest financial trouble yet. Bank representatives and law offices calling us day after day to collect what we owe them. I have been searching for an alternative job to my current one, so I can supplement what we currently have. My husband has been trying so hard, but opportunities are ever so elusive. Please pray for us in these darkest of our financial troubles, so I can pay my debts and finally send my child to school.

    May God bless you, as well. I pray that He listens to all of our collective prayers. God bless you all.

  87. My family has been in our deepest financial trouble yet. Bank representatives and law offices calling us day after day to collect what we owe them. I have been searching for an alternative job to my current one, so I can supplement what we currently have. My husband has been trying so hard, but opportunities are ever so elusive. Please pray for us in these darkest of our financial troubles, so I can pay my debts and finally send my child to school.

    May God bless you, as well. I pray that He listens to all of our collective prayers. God bless you all.

  88. I/we need a financial prayer. My husband works full time and runs his own business in the same field he works at. I work full time and go to college part time . We haven’t taken a family vacation in eight years. Around the time the market was still good. Anyway that’s not my issue…that’s the least of it….we are going to lose our home. My entire family has worked on this home….we kid and x say our children were born with hard hats…they know no different. Im scared please send a prayer. Thanks for listening

  89. Orinemi Micheal A


    First, I will love to appreciate the owners of this online platform. The BIG WHY is the fact, that they have created the opportunity through which lives and destiny’s could be revived, hope could be built while, our faith as believers could indeed be strengthen beyond words. All this, amount to the fact that today is my first day on this platform, and am already waxing in the miraculous.

    Secondly, we are in the year 2012, and sincerely with the ever increasing financial crisis, it is wise to note that, we as believers have the greatest weapon to overcome this obsession.

    Before stumbling on this platform, I read Philippian 2:4-10,
    These are the principles I learnt from this scripture.

    1). Verse 4: concentrate on ways to help others first, forget your needs and problems.

    2). Verse 5: This was also the life of our lord Jesus. He had problem first (bring souls to the kingdom), but the more he concentrated on helping others achieve there personal aims in life the more successful he became in his calling.

    3). Verse 6-8: know who you are, know where you going, yet humble yourself to serve all of mankind. Always remember, service isn’t servitude. But serve, follow instruction, work, learn, pray. Just. Take the next faith step. Ask for divine ideas, start working on all Holy spirit inspired ideas. Just Do Some Thing!

    4). Verse 9-10: Victory shows up and far more victories and success when you believe in the name of Jesus.

    Personally, I need $50,000 to embark on a business project which has been proven to bring forth 40% ROI, but I lack such a fund currently and I believe that in the name of JESUS, I can access this fund and even more, because if he feeds the ravens of the, he has all it takes to provide this and more for me as well as the execution of his holy spirit inspired ideas.

    But, I have limitations with the process of accessing this fund as well as getting an angel investor to release this amount.

    My country verification on Pay pal as well as major online payment platforms not accepting my country is another issue entirely.

    If you will be willing to help me access an angel investor for a $50,000 fund, I will be willing to give to the investor 15% ROI after total venture capital payment made. Payment shared into a duration of 36 months. While 5% of my firms annual profit this investors retains for a duration of 5years after full payment is made.

    You, that is linking me to the Angel, I will teach you practical steps online through which you can start earning money while working from home.

    At list $200 and more on a weekly base. Guaranteed. As this is what I’m currently doing. Working online as a free lancer using it to sustain myself and my off line business.

    My Contact:
    Orinemi Micheal A
    Phone: +2347035041294
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: mickyhandsome2010

    Expect to hear from you soon and I appreciate all you prayers in advance.

    God Bless you.

  90. Michael Lomuscio

    January this year (2012) my wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. she started chemo in February and it made her so sick that she could not care for our three young children ages 1, 3, and 4. Friends from church helped take care of them until my wife was better and could resume being a mom. that day never came. We were forced to let the families that were watching them adopt them. It was completely Gods Will. It hurts a lot to lose your family to breast cancer. Our 2 older boys are now back home ages 5 and 7 as they can help out more with their care and do not need to be picked up. Now after a double mastectomy and a bunch of infections my wife is in her 4th week of radiation. I had to take the better part of the year off from work to care for my wife and did just get back to work a month ago. We are behind on every bill and close to losing everything. I do not make a lot of money and we fall short of the bills each month. We need prayer for a financial miracle to save our home and catch up on months of debt that we could not pay. My wife could also use a lot of reassurance that she is not alone with her cancer. she has been depressed since this all began and I am failing at helping her out of her depression. Perhaps a card or letter of encouragement would help her. Her name is Emily and she is 36. If someone would like to send a card or letter our address is 1302 North Broadway Springfield Missouri, 65802 Thank you in advance for your prayers for God to help us financially to get out of thus debt so we can breath again and not be so stressed. God Bless ~Michael

  91. Dear god, you have giving me abundantly , and I was cocky and foolish, I neverf followed your orders. I ask you to forgive me, humble me, repair all my relationships. I believe you will restore me whole. I am facing eviction,I know you and believe you will walk me out of this situation. You have anointed my life and I refuse to follow your orders, please forgive me. I leave everything in your hands and I know you will use me as a vessel to proclaim your miracle.

  92. I have seen, and experienced the hand of God in my life and the life of others. There is no reason by man’s explanation that I should even be alive. Not from one incident but from several. I know that things happen by His will in His perfect timing. But right now, is a time in my life where I would really like to be there for my Child, to support him, not necessarily financially but physically by my presents. But due to recent finical difficulty in our lives, I may not be able to keep my promise to him. I am hoping that with your prayers that God will Send a tiny financial miracle my way. I don’t need anything big, just enough to see us through these difficult times. So brothers and sisters please pray for my family in these difficult times. I am one, I need others prayer, because as the Bible teaches in

    Mathew 18:19
    Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven.

  93. please pray for me i am in need of financial needs i am strugguling very badly i have to clear loans which are on very high rate of interest please pray for miracle in my life please pray i need your prayer support very much even please pray for court cases going on us

  94. Mahmood Khokhar

    I am born Christian.

    I am so desperate and dejected that I don’t have any hope.

    I just wrote on the Google Search , ( Jesus help me I don’t know what should I do ).

    And first address your occur in the result.

    I have gone thru your first page.

    And I confess I am sinner, I want to be saved , I want to re born.


    From Many years I don’t have any proper regular source of income, that’s why I cannot take care of my responsibility.

    Now from many month I don’t have any money , we are family of 7 members, we did not had proper meal from many months.

    Besides Food, all other expenses are not paid, like School Fee of my 5 Children, House rent ETC.

    Please pray for me , that Jesus forgive my Sins and provide me regular source of income.

    I Pray to you and Almighty Jesus Christ!


  95. I am in the midst of uncertainty of God’s blessing now. I know that God never forsake His children and He wants us to be well.
    I heard about how faith can moves mountains, and that we can surrender our life to Jesus for He will take care of all our needs.
    I am struggling with my financial now. I don’t even know what I should do. I practiced every thing they say on how to receive financial miracles. I prayed, I read bible everyday, I fasted, I spoke to my mountains, I thought positive thoughts, I rebuked satan, but nothing seemed to happen.
    I still struggle with money and I have a huge amount of debt (my father lost his job, my mother also don’t have any job, and I have 3 siblings who still need financial support), and I hate it because it makes me feel ungrateful and often blame God for this and I feel envy towards people surround me that seem so happy and have abundance in financial, and they didn’t even do those things I mentioned above. the worst thing is that, I feel so lonely because looks like nobody cares about me. I am so desperate.
    I know I have sinned for blaming God. Please help me…I really need some advice now. What should I do?
    Why would this thing happen to me? btw, I am still 21, last-year college student and already been forced to deal with these problems.

  96. Our family received a financial miracle recently. We needed to get our tires aligned, but didn’t have the money to pay for this. We thought we would have to put it on our credit card. We have daily family prayers and we have been asking that we would have sufficient for our needs.
    On the way to get the tires fixed, the car kept pulling to the right. When my husband got to the tire center, the guy there went to look at the tires and quickly came back and told my husband the tires do not need aligning. They are perfect. We did not get charged and the car no longer pulls to the right!

  97. A few years ago, my husband left me and 3 children for another woman. Things were tough, but I always paid my tithes, and always left with not a dime. I give my children herb tea and crackers. I went without. On the week of my birthday a neighbour visited me to give me a birthday gift, $600.00. Praise the Lord!! Added to that my son got a lift to school for 7 years free of charge.

  98. I am losing hope. I am 55 years old Filipino seaman who is unemployed for a year and a half. Because of my age I have a hard time looking for a job. I have a wife and three which I can not support now because of lack of money. I have plenty bills and credit to pay. Please help me.I need financial miracle ASAP to solve my problems.

  99. If you spend your time whinning and asking God for money you will wait until the soles of your shoes fall off and your soul sour’s. God gave you the mind to believe in what you want. Focus on what you need and nothing else. Keep your mind centered on this and nothing else until it is realized. Pleading actually makes things worse because you are telling yourself you don’t have what you need. Until you come to realize you are the zero point of your world and nothing outside you can provide for you then you will get it… get it? Otherwise you will ask and plead and beg until you hate what God has made and then your screwed. Rejoice now, be thankful now, be happy now and just believe no matter what you see on the outside until you are convinced on the inside that YOU MAKE YOUR WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. My husband of many years passed away. I am in the autumn of my years, and no one will hire me for a job, despite two degrees & a lot of former experience. I’ve believed & loved God/Jesus all of my life. I was a missionary, and through the years, gave to charities and others, even when I had little to give. Now I am near financial ruin… huge out of pocket medical costs for my husbands care while alive, mortgage, and credit cards I’ve had to live off of for the past year. All savings used up. I have little food left, and facing foreclosure and future of collection officers chasing me. At my age, I will never recover and will be destitute on the streets. Family whom I loved and helped in the past, live for the world, not God, and they always made me feel the outsider, and will not help me now… I feel they wish I were dead, and have literally thrown me into the garbage. I’m terrified, and have been believing and praising God despite it all, yet, after a year now, God is still silent, and I have little time left. I need urgent prayers from anyone, PLEASE! God knows my heart, and how generous I have always been in the past, in giving to others, and will do again, if God provides a huge financial miracle for me… over $200,000 just to pay everything and everyone off, plus a new vehicle, as my very old one, keeps breaking down. And that is not even the money amount I would need to live on, should I live another 20 or 30 years, which I hope to. I’m near 60 now, and so scared. I need a job, but for how long will they let an old timer work, should I finally get a job!? I sometimes beg God to just let me die now, but He keeps me around… living, though I am developing several stress related illnesses now.

    Thank you for your time and prayers.

  101. Linda, my heart is breaking for you. I just wanted you to know that I’ve just prayed about your situation and believe that all mighty God will turn things around for you.

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