Chess and the Art of Personal Finance

They say that Bobby Fisher could play a game of chess, and one year later, see his opponent on the street and recount the game from memory.

Warren Buffett has a phenomenal memory, too, and a mind for numbers that would marvel Deep Blue.

So that brings us to the feature articles I have planned for this week at the Dough Roller–Chess and the Art of Personal Finance. As an avid chess player, I’ve long realized the lessons the King’s game can teach us about money and investing. My mini-series this upcoming week looks at specific aspects of the game and applies the principles learned to personal finance. Here are the articles you can look forward to this week:

At the end of each article there will be a chess puzzle for you to solve if you’re up to the challenge. I’ll provide the answers to each puzzle at the end of the week. In addition to these feature articles, I’ll post daily links to other great articles around the blogosphere and will also publish other short pieces throughout the week to pass on useful or interesting personal finance items.

21z7ssendyl_aa_sl160_.jpgFinally, if you or somebody you know enjoys chess, check out Deep Fritz 8. This is the chess playing program that tournament players use. I own a copy and trust me, if you set this at the highest playing level, YOU WILL NOT WIN! Now, to kick of this week, here is an “easy” chess combination for you to solve. It is Black to move and win. If you think you’ve got the answer, leave a comment. And if you think this one is too easy, just wait. They’ll get much harder later in the week!


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  1. Well I seemed to have created some controversy here. Winning the bishop gives black a winning position, but it’s obviously not checkmate. I should have said something like “White to move and gain a winning position.” White to move and win is my shorthand, as opposed to White to move and mate. Sorry for the confusion. By the way, any doubts that Black has a won game following the combination?

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