8 Awesome Online Forums for Personal Finance and Investing

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on personal finance and investing forums. As a blogger, forums are an excellent source of information. They let you know what questions people are asking about money. And the better forums have really thoughtful answers and resources.

So I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite money forums. They can be a great place to ask questions, look for answers, and join a community.

1. myFICO Forums: myFICO has done a terrific job of putting together a great resource about credit scores. The community is friendly and replies to tough credit questions are posted quickly, thanks to a very active forum. The forum also covers a wide range of personal finance topics.

2. YNAB Forums: YNAB is the best budgeting tool you’ll find anywhere. I use it daily. The YNAB website includes a forum. It covers not only topics related to the YNAB software, but also more general topics on budgeting and personal finance. But if you are struggling with a budget, the YNAB forum is the place to go for help.

3. Morningstar Forums: Morningstar offers discussion groups on a wide variety of investing topics. From stock picking to investing in retirement to mutual fund investing, you’ll find a ton of great information here. It also has a personal finance discussion forum, although investing topics are what makes this resource special.

4. Reddit–Personal Finance: Anything goes in this forum. I find the questions and replies to be the most down to earth of all the forums. The forum also has a helpful search function to find specific topics.

5. Reddit–Investing: I’ve included this investing forum for one reason–it offers links to some interesting resources. Ignore the threads about whether a specific stock is a good investment. And if any thread predicts the future price of a stock, ignore it.

6. Bogleheads Forum: Named after the founder of Vanguard, Jack Bogle, the Bogleheads forum has great information on low cost, long term, passive investing. You can get your questions answered about asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing.

7. Fat Wallet Forums: This forum has a little of everything. From personal finance to lawn care, you’ll find just about any topic that affects your wallet. It also has threads with lists on everything from the best balance transfer card to the best online banks.

8. Bigger Pockets Forum: If you own rental property or are thinking about investing in real estate, the Bigger Pockets Forum is the place to be. Excellent resource for all aspects of REI.

So those are my favorite forums. If you have others, leave a comment below.

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10 Responses to “8 Awesome Online Forums for Personal Finance and Investing”

  1. This is a great list Rob. I’ve used Bogleheads extensively and some of the others on here more sporadically. A smaller one I actually like a lot is the “Family Finances” group on babycenter.com. It’s obviously geared towards parents, but there are a lot of very smart people on there. I think user forums like this are an incredibly useful way to get good, personalized information.

  2. izzy cohen

    In my opinion the Boglehead forum is a cult, and oddly one that it in time out of step with their demi-god John Bogle. For instance the Bogelheads eschew individual stocks, but John Bogle in his books does not and actually recommends a couple of individual stock approaches. The primary reason is control over taxes, tax efficiency, ability to tax loss harvest and lower overall cost. It is in his book common sense on mutual funds.

  3. camilaparker

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