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$100,000 BillWith the holiday season in full gear, saving money online is on the minds of every consumer.  With millions of websites available today, it’s important to identify the ones that are out there to help versus the ones that are out there to hurt.  Compiled below are fifty top-notch, high quality sites that can help you save your hard earned dough.  Feel free to add a comment with a site you feel belongs on the list.

  1. eBay.com – The largest auction website known to man, eBay is an excellent way to save money.  Why let the manufacturer set the price when the people that actually use the item can do it.  By far, I have saved more money on eBay than any other site in my lifetime.
  2. CraigsList.com – Just like eBay, Craigslist is a fantastic place to find merchandise for a discounted price.  In addition to tangible goods, you can also find employment opportunities, real estate and a lost and found section!
  3. RentOMeter.com – If you’re in the market for an apartment, or are a landlord looking to rent one out, then it’s important to know what other apartments around you are going for.  As a renter, you never want to overpay, and as a landlord, you never want to undersell.
  4. Coupons.com – Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a big time bargain grocery shopper and having printable grocery coupons is a big money saver.  Every day, hundreds of new coupons are available for print and are accepted by your local grocer.
  5. FatWallet.com – An all inclusive money saving heaven, FatWallet can save you money in a variety of ways.  Whats sets them apart from a lot of other saving sites are their forums in which thousands of people converse daily to help each other find the best deals available.
  6. CheapTickets.com – Travel comparison sites are a dime-a-dozen these days but CheapTickets has always stood out for me.  They were one of the first sites available that compared the different ticket prices between airlines and they have expanded to show cost comparisons for Rental Cars, Hotels, Event Tickets and everything combined.
  7. Mint.com – Mint has emerged into the one stop shop to manage your personal finances.  Being able to view your bank accounts and credit card accounts while managing your monthly payments is an automatic money saver.
  8. 01Insurance.com – Even with all of the comparison websites available today, it’s still really difficult to shop and compare auto insurance.  01Insurance displays a wide variety of auto insurance lenders after filling out a very short form.
  9. LowImpactLiving.com – This environment friendly site offers visitors a calculator that can show you ways to improve energy efficiency in your home and save hundreds on your utility bills.
  10. PaperbackSwap.com – Why spend money for books when you can swap the ones you’ve already read?  PaperbackSwap.com allows all registered users to exchange books they have for books they want.  The only cost is when you mail out your own books, not when you receive the ones you want.  Also check out swapacd.com and swapadvd.com
  11. Zilok.com – Whether you need to rent a plane, or a stroller, the place to find it is at Zilok.com.  So many people buy things they only use once, so next time, check out Zilok and rent it!
  12. FixItClub.com – Sometimes, fixing something is a lot easier than it looks.  Here you’ll find a group of professionals that can guide you through the steps of fixing things on your own.  Hiring a repair man can be pricey, especially if it’s a dishonest repairman.
  13. HeyItsFree.net – From coupons to deals to merchandise, this site posts daily offers for free stuff!  No gimmicks.
  14. TechBargains.com – A coupon site designated specifically to help consumers find better bargains on all kinds of electronics. From 40% off codes to free shipping, I know I have saved thousands from this site alone.
  15. WebMD.com – There are plenty of people in the world that hate going to hospitals, even when their sick but I would encourage anyone to visit this site when their off their game.  WebMD offers help on diagnosing almost every ailment in the medical profession today as well as resources to help you live a healthier life.
  16. FreeShipping.com – If you’re like me and hate to be charged a hefty fee for shipping, then this site is right up your alley.  With thousands of merchants involved in the freeshipping.com community, not spending a penny for shipping has never been easier.
  17. PriceGrabber.com – The be all end all of price comparison sites, pricegrabber.com compares retailers best offer for millions and millions of products.  Before buying anything, make sure to visit this site to locate the best deal.
  18. BillShrink.com – An up an comer to the personal finance world, BillShrink can help consumers save money on their cellphone contracts, find the highest rates for your savings and checking accounts and locate the cheapest gas stations on your commute.
  19. SuperCook.com – There are plenty of recipe sites on the web today but none of them like this.  SuperCook allows a user to input all of the things they have in the kitchen, then searches thousands of recipes to find which ones involve the ingredients you selected.  So if you’re like me, someone who lacks direction and has plenty of proteins in the freezer, this site is definitely for you.
  20. MyOpenBar.com – What if you could go out every night with your friends and not have to pay a cover charge and sometimes not have to pay for alcohol?  Well, if you live in Los Angeles, Chicago, Honolulu, San Francisco, New York or Miami, make sure you bookmark this site.  (But don’t develop a drinking problem)
  21. Chegg.com – One of the things I hated most about college was spending $125 for a textbook, only to sell it back to the bookstore for $20 at the end of the year.  The beauty of Chegg is that students can rent books for a fraction of the buy price and return them at the end of the semester, with the shipping already paid for.
  22. Kashless.org– The website name says it all as this site simply lists all of the things people are giving away for free.  It’s pretty much the countries largest garage sale of stuff, all of which can be arranged for free pick-up. Pretty cool.
  23. Priceline.com – You can’t have a list of money saving sites without Priceline.com.  Even though you aren’t bombarded by William Shatner as much, Priceline is still an excellent place to name your own price and save money.
  24. Amazon.com – Originally, I knew Amazon for their media sales (books, movies, DVD’s, that sort of thing) however they have developed into one of the largest online marketplaces.  With frequent free shipping and extremely discounted offers, Amazon continues to be one of my favorite places to shop.
  25. PlasticJungle.com – Only suckers pay full price for gift cards.  At Plastic Jungle you can buy gift cards to thousands of retailers for a significant discount and if you received a gift card and want cash, you use this site (or eBay) to unload it.
  26. Prizey.net – Wouldn’t it me nice if all the giveaways that bloggers offer are listed in one central location?  Well that’s exactly what the folks at prizey.net have done, listing all of the daily blogger giveaways.  If you own a blog and are thinking of giving away a prize, you can get some extra publicity by listing it at Prizey.
  27. GasBuddy.com – In addition to showing you an updated and detailed map of where to find the cheapest gas stations near you, GasBuddy has weekly prize giveaways for gas cards … sometimes for as much as $250.00
  28. UPromise.com – If you are ever planning to have children and would like to start saving a little extra for their college fund, UPromise is an excellent way to get started.  Many of the everyday merchants you shop at are enrolled in the UPromise program and in some instances you can earn 10% cash back on the purchases you make.
  29. CrossLoop.com – Somewhat unknown but very useful, CrossLoop provides you free help in fixing your computer problems.  They utilize a remote code that allows a professional technical to take control of your computer and fix it right up.  If by chance your excellent with computers, you can join the staff at CrossLoop and get paid to help others.
  30. TravelZoo.com – If you’re undecided on where you want to go on a vacation, or have a strict budget, then TravelZoo is the place for you.  Their one of the largest vacation comparison sites and offer an everyday newsletter that provides the cheapest travel packages available.
  31. Restaurants.com – Using this one a tone, I know I’ve saved hundreds in dining out meals so far.  Always having promotions where $25 gift certificates are $1, Restaurant.com is a great choice to save money and still life the life of luxury.  Just don’t be embarrassed as you whip out the coupon when the check comes!
  32. GoldStar.com – Sticking with the high life, this site provides reviews on plays, shows, movies, concerts and other events going on in your area.  In addition they are constantly offering half price entertainment tickets for shows in ever major US city.
  33. TheLaw.com – Before deciding on a lawsuit you might want to check this site out.  It’s loaded with free resources, including lawyers that will answer many of the questions you have.
  34. Woot.com – The depth of the website is lacking however they publish one deal per day which is waaaaay below retail value.  Generally once they publish their deal of the day, it sells out quickly so make sure you get there early!
  35. Hulu.com – Cancel the cable subscription right now because you can watch most of your favorite shows at Hulu for free.  If the alien commercials during last years Superbowl didn’t get you, I hope this does.
  36. Crackle.com – Like Hulu.com Crackle provides users free T.V and movies.  While the depth of titles is not as great as Hulu, Crackle fills in a lot of the Hulu cracks.  (Combine the two and you will never leave your house again)
  37. Good-Tutorials.com – This site provides detailed directions on thousands of way to touch up photo’s, design layouts and other things to help the graphically challenged.
  38. MissingMoney.com – I just tried this and I actually found unclaimed property belonging to be grandparents!  Apparently they have $310.00 owed from an unclaimed investment company.  Huh.
  39. BabySitterExchange.com – An invaluable resource to a mother and father is having a trustworthy sitter on Friday and Saturday night.  This site can help you find babysitters in your area, specifically ones with an impeccable reputation.
  40. WiFiFreeSpot.com – If you travel with your laptop then you know that sometimes finding a WiFi connection can be an adventure.  This site will allow you to plan ahead of time so don’t look like a fool holding your computer above your head, looking for a weak signal.
  41. Careerbuilder.com – I’ve been lucky enough to find two jobs using the free service offered by Careerbuilder.  While Monster.com may be the choice for come, the number of jobs uploaded daily at careerbuilder is staggering and reason enough to check them out.
  42. Mozy.com – Consider this an insurance policy on your computer.  Most people don’t back up their files and when the day comes that their computer has been eaten alive by a virus, they lose everything.  For a nominal fee, Mozy makes sure that all your files are backed up properly.
  43. SeatGuru.com – Ok, so this one might not actually save you any money but it certainly will save you a ton of aggravation.  SeatGuru shows you all available seats for a flight you have selected as well as where the TV’s and powe ports are located on an aircraft.  Pretty nifty.
  44. LastMinuteTravel.com – If you’re looking for a cheaper vacation, this site can give it to you, with one catch.  Before you book, you don’t know the name of your hotel!  Sure they provide you with all of the details you would want to know about it, except the name.  Consider this site to be the social experiment of modern travel comparison.
  45. Intellicast.com – An all in one weather site, Intellicast not only provides you the daily forecast but also uses statistical analysis to predict if you will be delayed at an airport, stuck in traffic, or have your boat capsized by unruly winds!
  46. SoYouWanna.com – If you’ve ever had a crazy idea, chances are you’re not alone.  This site can provide you details on how to do those crazy things as well pretty normal things from people that have already done them.
  47. FatBurgr.com – Eating healthier should be on everyones mind as not only will it save you thousands in future medical bills but it will help you live longer.  This site allows you to enter in all of the food you ate or plan to eat when dining out, so you know just how “healthy” it is.
  48. HowCast.com – Sometimes, people learn how to do things better if they can watch someone else do it first, then try on their own.  HowCast does just that, as it provides thousands of “How To” videos to help consumers do everything from “Make Eggnog” to “Celebrate the Holidays with an Interfaith Marriage”
  49. Investopedia.com – I dare you right now to turn on CNN and write down all of the investing definitions you’ve never heard of before.  Once you have that 80 page list, you can go to Investopedia and let them explain everything to you.
  50. GetHuman.com – One more of those time saver sites, GetHuman provides tens of thousands of phone numbers for large corporations that allow you to skip the robot phase and talk directly to a customer service representative.  Before pressing 87 digits on your telephone keypad, check out this site.

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This is an excellent list. There’s quite a few sites I had never heard of that I plan on checking out thanks to your list! Just to pay it forward, I’ll add a few that I also think would compliment your list!

– bing.com/cashback :easily earn cashback through your online purchases that partner with Bing
– bagborroworsteal: rent designer bags to complete your dress for success look should you be attending a crucial job interview or gala
– groupon.com: offers competitive 50-90% discounts off activities/ restaurants if enough people opt to participate (probably best offers in cities)

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On a side note, Amazon.com is a good website too and I usually buy stuff like book, CDs and DVDs from there. The shipping has always been quick and prompt.

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Thanks a lot………. I just found some unclaimed property.. woohoo…

I love mint.com! I use it to keep myself on budget and control my spending. I will say however that mint.com alone has not been enough for me. I need to keep written reminders and a weekly budget check to make sure I stick to what I have planned on Mint.com.

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A great way to save your money is in hard assets. Many dentists are actually buying futures contracts for silver to hedge themselves against the rising cost of precious metals!

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