The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (2011 Celebrity Apprentice Edition)

It’s no secret that I live and breathe the 80’s and two of the main reasons why are the creative works of Meatloaf and Gary Busey.  If you haven’t seen movies like Lethal Weapon, Under Siege or Point Break, then you probably  aren’t a Gary Busey fan.  Likewise, if You Wouldn’t Do Anything For Love, and haven’t experienced Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, Meatloaf isn’t your cup of tea either.  I encourage you to read up on both artists however, you’ll really like what you see.

That said, tonight is the night where Meatloaf attempts to murder Gary Busey in Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.  Until Trump launched the celebrity version of his popular Apprentice show, I wasn’t a fan, but after watching the likes of Rod Blagojevich and Gene Simmons, I’m hooked.  This season has been pretty solid so far, with the two previously mentioned as my favorites, and Mark McGrath as a distant third.

It’s always interesting to see how celebrities not known for their business prowess acclimate themselves to the Donald Trump world.  Meatloaf, truly one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet (pun intended) appears to snap at Gary Busey, one of the craziest people you ever meet.  Should the men lose the competition this evening, I have no doubt that Gary will be heading home and my life will certainly be less eventful without my weekly two hours of Mr. Busey.  So for my sake, please root hard for the mad genius who nearly won the academy award for best actor in 1978 by portraying Buddy Holly, William Gary Busey.


Now to the best money articles from this past week.

5 Airline Fees We’d Happily Pay For @ Main Street: Can you imagine if airplanes had buffets?  I wouldn’t mind a six hour flight every once in a while.  And those times when you’re ready for take off, only to taxi for an hour?  Sweet!

Which Type of Investor Are You? @ Cash Money Life: I’m not any type of investor right now but when I do have the money to put toward my future, I will be the safest investor known to man.

Medical Expenses You Can Write Off @ Go Banking Rates: If you haven’t filed your taxes yet this year, you’ll want to consider reading this article up and down to see if you can write off a few of your hospital bills from 2010.

How To Win the Lottery: Grab a Snickers! @ Five Cent Nickel: This is a cute little anecdote about a man who’s chocolate craving ended up winning him the lottery.  Don’t get any crazy ideas about doing the same though; you might need an Almond Joy to close the deal.

And this past week, we participated in the following carnivals:

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