Motivation and Money Tip # 8: Listen

Struggling financially can be a lonely business. Often times we don’t want to tell others about our financial turmoil. Even husbands and wives sometimes won’t talk to each other about a money problem, particularly if the other doesn’t know about the $500 that was charged to the Visa credit card. And eventually, we can convince ourselves that nobody else has money problems this bad and that all is hopeless. This is when we need to listen to others. Listening to others who are or have been in similar situations helps us realize two important things:

  1. Others have been through similar financial struggles, and probably even worse
  2. Others have pulled through, and so can you

So let’s listen to what others have to say about their financial struggles. Check out The 100 Most Inspirational Personal Financial Turnaround Stories Online @ Credit Card Lowdown (My turnaround story is # 34).

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