Motivation and Money Tip # 2: Remember the Future

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Why are we moving toward Financial Independence? It may be because we want to work less. It may be that we have a dream retirement home we want to build. For some of us it may be a desire to have more financial security. In the article on Financial Independence, recall that we define Financial Independence as the degree to which money enables us to live life as we chose. So it may be that Financial Independence will enable you to help others. A former colleague of mine achieved Financial Independence and then moved to Central America to work as a missionary. Whatever your dream, if you’ve begun your journey toward Financial Independence, it is critical to know and remember where you are headed.

In his bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey describes this principle as “Begin with the end in mind.” We can’t get there if we don’t know where we are going. Here is how Mr. Covey describes this concept:


“To begin with the end in mind means to start with a clear understanding of your destination. It means to know where you’re going so that you better understand where you are now and so that the steps you take are always in the right direction”

Because Financial Independence is not a one-size-fits-all concept, what it means to one will be very different from what it means to another. So identify what Financial Independence looks like for you, and then create or get some tangible reminder of your goal.

If it’s having the means to quit your job and work with a charitable organization that’s meaningful to you, get a brochure or picture of the charity, and keep it in a place where you’ll see it everyday. If your goal is to spend more time with your family, keep a picture of your family on your desk as a constant reminder of your goal. If your goal is to spend more time fishing, keep your favorite lure handy to remind you of your goal. When you’re tempted to make a poor financial decision, pull out the picture or lure or whatever, so you can Remember the Future. It just might help you make better decisions today.

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