Dough · roll · er (noun): A person who rolls around in $100 bills. A person who builds wealth by doing smart things with their money.

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Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

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Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency are continuing to become more popular. Trading Bitcoin has been increasing in prevalence, and people want convenient ways to spend it. Unfortunately, it’s not…

Current Visa Debit Card Review

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What is the Current Visa Debit Card? Current offers debit cards and personal checking accounts for those who are interested in a simple product that allows them to work toward…

How Much Car Can You Afford?

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Buying a car should be a calculated decision. It’s a major purchase and for many it’s the next biggest purchase to buying a home. There’s much more to consider than…

Best Auto Insurance for Seniors

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Paying for auto insurance is almost always a balancing act between getting the coverage you need and the best deal possible. As you age, this remains true. In fact, in…

I Stole $45 from Costco and I Feel Terrible

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I decided to do something I always thought of as financially irresponsible and sign up for a Costco membership at my local store. Roughly 10 miles from where I live,…

LifeLock Alternatives

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Protecting your identity is incredibly important. If someone steals your personal information they can do a lot of financial harm to you, including opening credit cards or getting loans in…