LendingClub’s LendingMatch: An Easy Way to Invest in P2P Loans (Video)

With interest rates so low on CDs and savings accounts, I’ve been more and more focused on investing in p2p loans on LendingClub. Starting this month, I’m adding $100 to $200 a month to my account, and investing it in new loans. To make this process simple, I use a LendingClub tool called LendingMatch.

LendingMatch is an easy to use tool that enables investors to quickly create a portfolio of notes to invest in that match the investor’s tolerance for risk. To show you how it works, I’ve created the video below showing how I used LendingMatch to quickly invest in some LendingClub notes earlier this month.

And if you are interested in becoming a LendingClub investor, check out the link below the video. Here’s the video:

If you’d like to become a LendingClub investor, you can sign up at www.lendingclub.com.

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