Zap Trade Launched By Zecco

Update: Since this article was published, Zecco has been acquired by TradeKing.

For the last ten years, making trades online has been the same old story.  You set up two browsers, one for your online discount broker and the other to check news on the stocks you’re researching.  After finishing up your reading on one browser, you log in to your discount broker with another and execute your trade as fast as possible.

Today, Zecco has forever changed the way that trades can be executed with the launch of Zap Trade.  Zap Trade allows all Zecco account holders to download a Firefox plug-in that is compatible with many stock news and research sites.  This plug-in will create a pink “Z” next to stock ticker symbols, allowing the user to execute a trade without leaving their current browser.  After downloading the plug-in, the entire process from click to execution takes less than 10 seconds.  Here’s how simple it is:

  • Click on the Z located next to the ticker symbol
  • Receive a real-time quote
  • Complete the trade ticket
  • Place the trade with Zecco without leaving the current page.

The next valid question is “How much does this cost for Zecco users?” and the answer is nothing.  This tool is 100% free and the plug-in only works in Firefox.  After spending 30 seconds downloading the Zap Trade plug-in, I tested it out for myself.

You can see from the screenshot above that I am on and am looking at a quote for Blockbuster (BBI).  If you’ll kindly shift your eyes to the bottom right corner of the page, you’ll see a very small pink box with a “Z” inside.  After clicking that box, the Zap Trade ticket launches in the center of the browser which can be moved anywhere you want.

For a closer look, If I input the ticker symbol BBI, you automatically see a live quote for Blockbuster, which differs from the 15 minute delayed quote E*Trade is showing.  Going the distance, I can fill out the ticket order, submit it and watch Zecco execute my trade.

This technology is super awesome when you consider just how simple trading has now become.  That little pink Z follows me wherever I go and it’s so small and out of the way that I applaud Zecco for getting this done.  Adding in the ability to earn 10 free trades per month and having an already low $4.50 commission, Zecco should turn a lot of heads with this launch and generate a lot of new business.

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